The enemies of America’s conservatives are those who think for themselves and strive to rise above the ridiculousness of religious dogma.  The enemy of any church that strives to control the masses is independent thought.  Especially when applying it to the drivel being shoveled by religious bigots.  There is a certain amount of fear of free thinkers…ultimately because they bring about change.  Change, another enemy of the dogmatic.  Why?

It comes down to two things actually: one is the absence of blind faith and faith that might be overwhelmingly controlled by someone else, the second is more and more people are awakening to the truth no longer masked as sinners, suppressive persons or heathens.  As more people are willing to go on a search for the truth, the more dogmatic people feel the need to inject the truth with “lies” in order to reel in the more dogmatic, i.e. stupid, to force feed them the “truth”.  The biggest fear being that the ranks of the dogmatic are slowly eroded by the truth exposed on the internet in a variety of mediums.

People who seek to control the masses are the loudest criers of “lies” and often spend a large amount of time discrediting those who are brave enough to call them on being full of shit.  It’s like this: more and more people who search for the truth find that the truth is what set them free.  Free from control, manipulation, and the coercion to divide people from their own hard earned cash.  Folks, when it all boils down to it, the dogmatic are all about the money and what you can do for them, not what they can do for you.  Remember that whenever approaching someone swimming around in the dogma pool–they really don’t want you.  They usually only want your money.  Of course, they sell you on pet projects or elevated status if you donate.  The only thing I have to say to that is: If money is going to make me more important in the eyes of a spiritual leader or god, perhaps that god or spiritual leader is taking me for ride.

Don’t be stupid.  Your hard earned cash is yours, not anyone else’s.  If they want to separate you from that, think to yourself: What am I REALLY buying?  What is the real value for my money? Is there something I could do with this money that would further advance the goals I have set for myself?  Where is my money REALLY going?  If you can’t answer any of these questions with a degree of honesty you deserve to have with yourself, it’s very possible that you are giving your money to the wrong people for the wrong things.

Think for yourself.  Stop letting others think for you.

If you want to give money to the poor, I’m sure if you look around you, you will eventually find someone poor enough to deserve money from your hand to theirs.  If you want to help the world, look around you.  There are people honestly helping the world who really deserve your cash.  Stop giving to the black hole of “need” and start giving directly to the needy.  It’s really rather simple.

Do you know what it’s like to go hungry?  Try fasting for a couple of days or more that you can safely do with all health concerns in check.  If you see someone starving, buy them food!  It is not a difficult concept.  If you come across a family struggling to make ends meet and are going hungry in the process, help them.  It’s not hurting you and you’re cutting out the greedy middleman that wants to use a percentage of your donation as pay for their “volunteers” or “dogmatic representatives”, for private investigators to seek out people who really no longer need to be followed, or for spending at their own bequest doing something silly with your money like buying two matching Harley motorcycles for themselves.  Don’t be stupid.  Be proactive.

Be careful not to give your money to those who depend on you for their living.  A spiritual leader looking to be paid by millions of donations given by the gullible is taking you for a ride.  You shouldn’t have to purchase “freedom” or “salvation”.  Those things are supposed to be free.  You shouldn’t have to pay for people to “save the world”.  You should be doing that on your own.

The unmistakable enemies of schemers are freedom of thought, individual thought, and the eradication of the invisible needs they depend on in order to get paid.  If you aren’t getting out of something as much as you put in, you are being taken for a serious ride.  Stop it.  It is no longer worth it.  Free your mind to the truth, which is available at the click of your mouse.  Do it.  Today.