No matter how hard I try, I simply cannot bring myself to believe in any kind of higher power.  I have tried to and I continue to fail at doing such.  There simply isn’t a god, higher power, creator, whatever.  If there were such a thing, wouldn’t only make sense that suffering would be curbed, wouldn’t it make sense that the things you ask for actually do happen?  If this being was most gracious and most merciful, wouldn’t that actually be shown in the world?  Would it make sense that all the cruelty of nature would be curbed into being somehow less cruel?  The reasoning I hear is that this being can’t be troubled to do this and when it does happen, it’s to “make us stronger”…which is the biggest yarn of bullshit I’ve ever seen.  If my house floods because of rain water, god is not most merciful, most compassionate, and most gracious.  That’s called a natural disaster and they happen because of nature, not because some god is calling the shots.  If there were a god, what great works he could have done to prove he’s not an asshole than to prevent them from happening?  Doesn’t happen because there is no god.  If you reach for that truth, the life you live is much easier.  And I don’t have to get up at 6:30 in the morning to pray to someone that doesn’t exist.