I read this PDF and was subsequently appalled.  Then I realized something.  Something that maybe kept my blood pressure down, but it really made me see something extraordinary.

Religions manipulate their followers using 3 things.

  1. Fear: Fear of the unknown, evil, hell, the paranormal, possession, angels, demons, and punishment that will last forever whether it is in the media, using hell, manufacturing lies to defame or deface people who are able to use free thought, independent thought, and wake up to the manipulation of religion and speak out against it.
  2. Tenets: Tenets that are pulled from archaic texts such as the Bible, the Qur’an, the Bhagavad Gita and the Mahaburita, the Torah, Talmud, Kabballah, and other texts that are related to it.  Tenets can also be determined by a guru and newer written texts as well as word of mouth traditions steeped in mechanisms that create a restrictive, intolerable, elitist mindset or causes a culture that is intolerable, insular, and rigid in restrictions of dress, speech, and behavior.
  3. Societal pressures to comply with the tenets using excommunication, disconnection from family and friends who do not subscribe to the tenets, discrimination, bigotry, inflexible traditions that do not grow with the modern world around them, insular culture, elitist culture, manufacturing a sinful or suppressive societal group and/or specific people and places, and prejudice manufactured by the leaders of the group.

If you look at the PDF, it touches on every push button that religion uses to manipulate and control its masses.  It uses words to force people who are fearful of change or modernization or the unknown to make the conclusion that a group of people are putting them at risk. It manipulates fear in them that homosexuals are a threat to their very lives and are responsible for some diseases.  It uses the manipulation of tenets, from archaic texts that are inflexible to becoming modern to point out who the bad people are.  It uses societal manipulation to promote the insular, discriminative nature of the group to rise up against those they consider to be enemies.  The real problem here is that the enemies and evil culture of death and destruction is completely manufactured by their delusions.

Religion is the murderer of free and independent thought.  One sacrifices the ability to do both when they are indoctrinated as children, which is nothing less than child abuse.  If they are not indoctrinated then, they chose to relinquish it later in life to exchange it for delusional surreality that makes little to no logical sense.  C’mon people, a talking snake in a garden of indescribable beauty convinces a woman to eat the fruit that has the power to give her knowledge between good and evil that grows on what tree…the one tree that “god” said not to eat from.  Really?

I am probably going to hear about how I, the terrible atheist, infernally pick on Christians.  You’re right.  I’m picking on them because they are the ones that have it out for me, have called me evil and perverted, and have taught their children–who don’t have the right to decide for themselves what is right and wrong–that I am evil, perverted and/or horrible because I’m a lesbian.  You are handing them the fruit that distorts what is really good and what is really evil.

No Buddhist has done that to me.  No Wiccan, Pagan, Witch, or New Ager has ever, ever told me that I was evil, perverted, or sick.  The Independent Scientologists welcomed me with open arms, as a matter of fact, they respect me and my opinions when I respond to posts within their forums.  I know a man who is Vodoun that loves me like a sister.  It’s extremist, fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, and Jews that want me to die, die in a fire.  So, it all actuality, they are asking for it.  Discrimination is discrimination no matter how you pump it up, paint it up, and spice it.  Lipstick on a pig is still a pig, and aren’t you people not supposed to eat them?  Those who are with you are not against you, but I bet you missed that part of your holy text.

This whole entire PDF is full of lies, half-truths, manipulations, bigotry and ridiculousness that enables extremist Christians to stand on their soap box.  Once there, they wail on about how wronged they are, how America is a Christian nation, how they need to retake control of the wheel.  When they were in the driver’s seat, we all suffer underneath the yolk of their oppression.  One step forward is two steps backward.  Trillions of dollars in deficit.  Delusions, deceptions, and outright lies abound about anyone who opposes them.  How long before the next witch hunt?  It’s happening now, just no one is burning.  We are losing our rights which are supposed to be inalienable.

Look at the Treaty of Tripoli, enacted in 1797.  We are not founded as a Christian nation.  It’s a lie.  It’s more manipulation against the inevitable: Joining the world in the twenty first century.  It’s not going to happen with the Christians at the wheel, spouting hatred, bigotry and discrimination in the name of a god that doesn’t exist.