The latest insult meant to tear down enemies in the vocabulary of people who struggle to retain their bigotry is the word “Nazi”. It is thrown around willy-nilly, used to insult and hurt, and it is used to categorize any enemy in which one group of people or singular people wish to remain superior over. It is an ugly word. It is meant to instill fear. Once “Nazi” is used, inaccurate comparisons are often made to “Hitler” usually heavily laden with misinformation about him being an atheist. However, the word “Nazi” is the focus of this post. The reality of what Nazis are and were is also going to be brought to light.

What is a Nazi? The word Nazi comes from the first syllables of the German socialist party name “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” which means in general: National Socialist German Workers’ Party. It was NOT created by Adolf Hitler, but instead it was created by Anton Drexler. The party’s early mechanism was to foil communist uprisings in Germany after World War I, also called The Great War. Naziism supported the superiority of the Aryan race, depending on racial purity to solve the issues with the nation. Therefore they sought to exterminate “degenerate” and those who proved to be “averse or asocial” such as: Jews, homosexuals, Romani (gypsies), blacks, the physically and mentally handicapped, Jehovah’s Witnesses and political opponents.

Nazism promoted an economic “Third Position”; a kind of managed economy that was neither capitalist nor communist. It officially promoted a form of right-wing socialism. This economic system that did not support equality and instead supported a tier type of economy with classes based on merit and talent, retaining private property, and promoted the creation of national solidarity; one that did not have class distinction, but did have economic status distinction. The economy was secondary to the needs of the Nazi party. It was to provide to members of the Aryan race: economic security, a fair wage, honor for workers’ importance, and prevent capitalism from mucking the whole thing up.

The Nazi party pushed strongly for rule that would protect the Aryan race and be dominated by one person, the Fuhrer. Adolf Hitler became the Fuhrer, disposing of the left wing followers of Naziism called Strasserites and set in place his belief that democracy supported liberals and minorities voices in politics, which he found to directly endanger the Aryan race. His book, Mein Kampf, was a letter of intent as well as a biography. Naziism is a kind of fascism. The Nazi party embraced Martin Luther’s ideal written about in the treatise titled: “On The Jews and Their Lies” written in 1530. Thus began the Holocaust which laid in secret until the invasion of Germany in World War II.

Calling gays “Nazis” is a huge misnomer. If any LBGT person was actually a “Nazi”, they would be vehemently against themselves. It makes no sense. However, the people calling gays “Nazis” do it as an insult, comparing them to to fascists that destroy their “critics” and label anyone who is not standing toe to the line with their ideals as the enemy. First, the term “Nazi” is overused right now by people wishing to insult and depose of their own enemies. So, really, that’s the pot calling the kettle black. Second, the term is used so loosely taking on a meaning that is alien to what a Nazi really is. It’s the American way of “cherry picking” definitions of things to mean what they want them to mean, changing real definitions and making up new ones as they go along. It’s what we are used to doing, we do it with everything. From the bible to the Constitution, people who want things to remain “traditional, purist Christian” do it to twist anything they can into a prop for serving their “morals, values and ideals” “cherry picked” from their religious text. When they call someone a “Nazi”, they are pointing out that they too want to depose their enemies and take over. It is the pot calling the kettle black.

Pot: You’re black.
Kettle: Yes, but I am a sleaker, purer, shinier black than you are which makes me superior to you.

Evolution of ideas, values, and morals began when humans were little more than clans seeking to survive. The morals of the clan, prehistoric clans mind you, were steeped in necessity to survive and common sense. The need of survival was hindered by murder and theft, since the needs of the clan as a group supported surviving as a group. Moralistic gauges were born then, out of necessity, not out of the “word of god”. Religion, as a probability, developed as a means to control large masses of people, define the unexplainable at that time, and populate the world so that the religion would live on and gain in control and status. If we subtract the religious texts of the religious, morals are the backbone of survival of the people as a unit. The morals integrated by religion were in fact natural morals used since clan times with new, religious ones added. At the time, these morals that surrounded procreation were designed by religions to weed out anyone that was not producing babies to make new religious people that would ensure the religion’s survival. The switch from clan survival to religious survival came about as a means to conquer and control. Religion was a necessity because it created a comfortable reality of absurd explanations for what they could not explain. (Such as: why do women get a period became the story of a talking snake and a tree who’s fruit produced the knowledge of right and wrong. It’s like the “Addams Family” movie when the little girl finishes her explanation of where babies come from, Wednesday says: “They had sex.”)

The definition of Nazi to some Americans falls short of the actual reality of the Nazi party and it’s terrible crime against people of color, gypsies, Jews, homosexuals and any dissenter among them. The term “Nazi” remains an insult, a demeaning way of subjugating opponents, and is used to describe those who dissent a particular group of people. It is incomparable to associate this type of group with a group as destructive to freedom and equality between all people as the Nazis actually were. Perhaps, the stark reality of the Holocaust alludes them; preventing the logical part of the mind from associating Nazi with the Holocaust. There are Nazis still around who believe that Aryans are the master race, that Hitler was right, and that all other people and people who disagree with them deserve an alternative fate that may not include death, but certainly includes prejudice. Perhaps a lesson from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. or their website might bring to light how no one who opposes you or demands rights and equality or calls you a bigot is equal to being a Nazi in any definition however “cherry picked”, twisted and manipulated.