The majority of Scientologists in the Church of Scientology don’t know about it. The public responses of the Church are carefully stated to decry the action of “Fair Game”, yet at the same time they invent new ways of exacting this policy they like to claim LRH repealed, yet it still goes on. The newest and latest form of “Fair Game” is going on in Ingleside on the Bay, Texas. The Church has launched the “Squirrel Busters” who wear silly shirts and record immature videos to designed to make Marty Rathbun, the former Inspector General for the Church working directly for David Miscavige, look like an idiot and crazy man. I have linked their latest video below:

As you can see in the above video, the “journos” really are the Squirrel Busters, obviously intent on harassing him. If you’ve watched the Bert Leahy videos talking with Marty, you will learn that their sole purpose is to harass him and his neighbors and to make life for Marty a living hell. Might I remind you that, obviously, the journos here is not the Village Voice or the Corpus Christi Caller. It is the Squirrel Busters themselves. Viewing several “episodes” they have online, they all have the same gist: Marty is a psychopath, a dangerous man, and squirreling LRH techniques by practicing independently of the Church of Scientology. Marty is continuing to audit people and has often proclaimed his affiliation with the recently born Independent Scientology movement, which to the Church is “squirrel” which is a type of heretical label. They actively print information in FreedomMag, the Scientology journos rag, that disclaim Marty’s work and actions. Why the preoccupation with Marty? Why the preoccupation with Mike Rinder, once the spokesman for the Church of Scientology?

It’s simple. The current head of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, disposed of the people LRH wanted to lead the Church in the event of his death. He crawled to the top on the backs of those he ruined to get there. Now there, David Miscavige’s total goal is to replace LRH with himself (David Miscavige is Scientology is a vicious lie, designed to create a formulated base that believes he is actually getting auditing and has reached a high status in the belief’s Bridge to Total Freedom, which he has not.) and take over the religion to make more money from members than ever before (by creating “corrected” technique and books), to have the followers revere him as leader (because he is a little man with a big ego that needs to be fed) and has been known to get violent with his support staff on many an occasion as told by many, many, ex-Sea Org (Scientology’s inner circle) members who have loudly left the group. It is what the Church of Scientology doesn’t want you to know; that money is filtered from the religion to pay Miscavige enough that he owns two Harley Davidson motorcycles that are custom made launching their price into the tens of thousands of dollars while Sea Org members eat beans and rice, that tens of thousands of dollars are spent on private investigators like David Lubow (The founder of the Squirrel Busters who uses the shield of “filming a documentary” to harass Marty Rathbun because he can’t practice as a private investigator in Texas), funds are further funneled into operations that show any detractor of Scientology is a criminal (just peruse the internet sites willing to give you a background check for $19.95 or more), and thousands more are funneled from the coffers donated by people who want to be on the Bridge of Total Freedom to making life hell for the enemies of David Miscavige, NOT the Church of Scientology as a whole. What they don’t want anyone to know is that daily, they are devising new ways to ruin people’s lives who are leaving the church by finding and manufacturing stories about them to make them look bad in the eyes of neighbors, family, and friends.

Yet, the truth is out there. In the information age, there is one thing that foils Miscavige’s plans every time: The Internet. Doing a Google search, one can find sites like Operation Clambake that speaks up and has a wealth of information about Scientology, Marty Rathbun’s blog “Moving Up A Little Higher” where he often calls out Miscavige on his misappropriation of Church of Scientology funds and Miscavige’s violent nature and inflated ego, and Tory Magoo who left in 2000 after 30 years and speaks out daily against the Church of Scientology. What the Church doesn’t want you to know is that they have an internet filter used by people still in the Church of Scientology that filters out any negative information about it. What they don’t want you to know is that thousands of people are worked for long hours with little pay in order to keep them dependent on the Church of Scientology. David Miscavige hopes that his operations to discredit those who speak out against him and his lowlife tactics to keep those silenced who might speak out will be the fail safe measure to keep his seat of power and control over so many people. The truth is that people are being declared as enemies of Scientology during Miscavige’s reign are usually people who have a problem with him.

Most of the people in the Church of Scientology never know about the truth because Miscavige has them believing that he is right and all the detractors are wrong. They don’t know how dangerous the man is, most people in cult-like religions don’t know how dangerous someone really is until they set fire to the compound, spike the Kool Aid with cyanide, or tell little girls to marry men ten times their age. The idea that those things are wrong don’t enter the mind of the submersed, because they are believing that the end is near, earthquakes are signs from god, hurricanes are designed by god to punish the infidel, and terrorists attacks are the responsibility of people who support abortion, are feminists, are homosexual and other such rubbish. They can’t see the illogical flags that something just isn’t right. When they do, most people in cults risk losing all of their friends, family members, and societal comforts that keep them from thinking on their own. It is a method of control to have everyone who knew Person A to “disconnect” from them, but in this information age one can find support just a click away. The support for every person that leaves the cult is out there, in droves, waiting for you to get away and wake up. Going from sinful to sin free is just a click and double click away.

If you are in the Church of Scientology and are reading this, it is important that you leave. The cult has wasted years of your life and sucked you financially dry for David Miscavige’s own interests. There are people in the Independent Scientology community to welcome you. They are waiting for you. There are people like Tory Magoo who provides daily support to those who no longer believe in Scientology to become free of it’s confines. There are a multitude of sites, with people just like you, who want to be out. Take the time to consider what the Church has given you in return for what you have given to the Church. Think about how many nights you have spent sleeping under your desk or worrying about that second mortgage taken for the Bridge. Think about leaving that culture and finding a new one, full of information, full of love, and full of respect. Imagine being free and being welcomed with open arms into a community that accepts you for just who you are, not what you can do for them or how much money they can make for you. Free your mind and free yourself. We are waiting for you with open arms.