We are going to go through the article written by Bryan Fischer and learn something…maybe.

“First Law of Thermodynamics. This law (note: not a theory but a scientific law) teaches us that matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. In other words, an honest scientist will tell you that there is nothing in the observable universe that can explain either the origin of energy or matter. By logical extension, then, matter and energy had to come into being by some force outside the universe. What this means, then, is that science simply has no explanation for the most basic question that could possibly be asked: why is there something rather than nothing? Creationists and Intelligent Design advocates have an answer to this question; evolutionists do not. When you see a turtle on a fence post, what’s the one thing you know? Somebody put him there. When you see a world hanging in space, what’s the one thing you know? Someone hung it there. It’s futile to resort to the big bang theory, as some evolutionists are wont to do. They say they have an explanation for the origin of the universe: it began when a ball of incredibly dense matter exploded and flung the universe into existence. Okay, fine. Now: where did that incredibly dense ball of matter come from? Even Aristotle saw that behind the existence of the universe had to be what he called a Prime Mover or an Unmoved Mover. If everything is the result of secondary causes, nothing would ever actually happen. Some great power had to be a primary cause of life, motion, energy, and existence. If you walk into an office and you see one of those toys with the steel balls swinging left to right, right to left, virtually endlessly, the one thing you will know for an absolute certainty is that some force outside that toy had to start the whole thing by lifting the first ball and releasing it to clack against the others. The process you observe could not possibly have started all by itself. Creation Science and Intelligent Design theory offers a Prime Mover, evolution does not.”

Since the only thing Bryan can read is the bible, he totally misunderstands the first law of thermodynamics. The law is, briefly, that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Matter is not a part of that law. Matter is created by atoms joining with other atoms, creating a thing, person, or place. Atoms can be taken away from the molecular construction, such as water, and make something new, hydrogen and oxygen. That matter has existed in the void of outer space since the very beginning. No one created it, it is a element that has always been around. Using Aristotle as an example of scientific proof of the acknowledgement of a god is completely silly and so incredibly laughable one wonders if you are Googling the same Google I am and if you can read Wikipedia. As for the force necessary to make the balls bounce back and forth is the conversion of energy. It moves endlessly because of the amount of energy that is used to get them started. It is interesting also to note that, if you want to make an intelligent argument using intelligent means, understand what you are talking about before setting your fingers is motion because if you don’t you look like a moron. Frankly, Bryan is a moron.

“Second Law of Thermodynamics. This law (note: not a theory but a law) teaches us that in every chemical or heat reaction, there is a loss of energy that never again is available for another heat reaction. This is why things break down if left to themselves, and why scientists tell us that the universe is headed toward a heat death. This law teaches us, then, that the universe is headed toward increasing randomness and decay. But what does the theory of evolution teach us? The exact opposite, that the universe is headed toward increasing complexity and order. You put up a scientific theory against my scientific law, I’m going to settle for the law every time, thank you very much. us, this teaches us that the universe had to have a beginning. If you see a watch winding down, one thing you know with absolute certainty is that somebody wound it up. Intelligent Design theory offers not only a Watchmaker but a Watch-winder; evolution does not.”

Walk up to anyone on the street. Doesn’t matter who, just walk up to them. Ask them to rub hands with you, your hands to their hands. The friction causes heat. It is two systems working to make heat. Now imagine two stars. They get close together and start a relationship with one another. They share heat and microbial matter (sometimes) between each other, often causing the heat or energy between the two to be wasted. Sometimes the waste of energy is reversible and sometimes the energy is irreversible. Once the two get over their honeymoon, they begin working together which can cause needful energy to pass between them. Sometimes it causes them not to get along and waste all their energy, preventing them from working the way they should together, even though they are mutually working together. It does not mean that heat can “never again” be available, it totally depends on how much entropy (measurement of unavailable energy) occurs. As for Bryan settling “for the law every time”, one needs first to understand it and be able to work it out with some logic instead of doses of religious natter. The universe coalesced by atoms coming together and energy reactions that flung them into movement, causing thermodynamic responses across the universe in a ballad of scientific beauty. The same exact thing occurs in supernovas which cause some destruction but ultimately forward the evolution of space. The watch does get wound by a human, this is a fairly poor comparison. One suggests “something powerful and godly” is behind the nature of the creation of the universe because one is unwilling to succumb to the fact that there is a purely scientific explanation that murders the possibility of a god created universe.

“Fossils. Realize that the fossil record is the only tangible, physical evidence for the theory of evolution that exists. The fossil record is it. There is absolutely nothing else Darwinians have they can show you. As Yale University’s Carl Dunbar says, “Fossils provide the only historical, documentary evidence that life has evolved from simpler to more and more complex forms.”
But if Darwin’s theory is correct, that increasingly complex life forms developed in tiny little incremental and transitional steps, then the fossil record should by littered with an enormous number of transitional fossils. Darwin himself said, “The number of intermediate and transitional links must have been inconceivably great.” But, sadly for Darwinians, after 150 years of digging in dirt all around the world, there are still no transitional fossils at all, not one! The most famous paleontologist in the world, Harvard’s Stephen Jay Gould, said, “The extreme rarity of transitional forms in the fossil record persists as the trade secret of paleontology.” (Note” “extreme rarity” is Harvard-speak for “nada, zilch, zippo.”) Colin Patterson of the British Museum of Natural History agrees with Gould that “there are no transitional fossils,” not even a single one “for which one could make a watertight argument.” In other words, people who study fossils for a living know there are no transitional forms but they don’t want you and me to know it, ’cause it might prompt you to stop imbibing the swill of evolution. Gould developed an absurd theory called “punctuated equilibrium,” a theory that evolution happened so fast, in such rapid bursts, that it left no trace in the fossil record. Imagine that: the only evidence he has for his theory is the total absence of any evidence whatsoever! And this guy taught at Harvard! What the fossil record teaches us, in contrast to the theory of evolution, is that increasingly complex life forms appear fully formed in the fossil record, just as if they were put there by a Creator. This is especially true of what is called the “Pre-Cambrian Explosion,” the vast, overwhelming, and quite sudden appearance of complex life forms at the dawn of time. Evolutionists are at a total loss to explain the Pre-Cambrian Explosion. The biblical record indicates quite clearly that all things, including increasingly complex life forms, came fully formed from the hand of God. Thus the fossil record is a powerful argument for the existence of a Creator or Intelligent Designer while at the same time being fatal for the theory of evolution. Creation Science and Intelligent Design theory have an explanation for the fossil record; evolution does not.”

In Pennsylvania, one plants a sage plant in their garden. A mild winter happens and the sage plant survives to the summertime, where it grows healthy and robustly. Then a harsh winter comes and kills the sage plant. The plant died because of an event that it could not adapt to. While not being able to evolve to survive the cold, the plant simply could not survive the harsh conditions. That could be the best explanation for mass destruction or extinction. What about transitional fossils? There is enough weighted evidence that evolution is a correct form of a theory. There will come a time where such fossils are found, however, pointing to that as being a proof that god created beings is not only ridiculous but whiny. In “150 years” evolutionists have dug and found no answers. That doesn’t mean the theory is disproved or invalid. It just means that those who wish to poke holes in the theory are grasping at straws in order to eclipse scientific facts. What about the Pre-Cambrian Explosion? A mild winter saved our sage plant. Environmental factors that caused it to be healthy and robust were friendly to the plant. Environmental factors that caused the death of the plant were unfriendly to its survival. So shall environmental factors play a role in the boosting or ebbing of a species as it evolves along through time. The Pre-Cambrian Explosion is a mystery that will eventually be explained by science as methods of understanding what exactly happened are made available. While it would be nice to find comfort knowing a god interjected and created life, it is highly more probable that the environment at the time was friendly toward life as this is a constant truth in our modern world.

“Genes. The only mechanism — don’t miss this — the only mechanism evolutionists have to explain the development of increasingly complex life forms is genetic mutation. Mutations alter DNA, and these alterations can be passed on to descendants. The problem: naturally occurring genetic mutations are invariably harmful if not fatal to the organism. Rather than improve an organism’s capacity to survive, they invariably weaken it. That’s why the phrase we most often use to refer to genetic mutations is “birth defects.” If scientists are some day able to engineer beneficial genetic mutations in the lab, that will simply prove our point: we told you it takes intelligence and design. these two quotes. First, evolutionary microbiologist James Shapiro of the University of Chicago: “There are no detailed Darwinian accounts for the evolution of any fundamental biochemical or cellular systems, only a variety of wishful speculations.” And this from University of Bristol scientist Alan Linton: “Throughout 150 years of the science of bacteriology, there is no evidence that one species of bacteria has changed into another. None exists in the literature claiming that one species has been shown to evolve into another.” (Note: “none” means “none, nada, zilch, zippo.”) And if it’s never been observed in the simplest of all organisms, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s never been observed with more complex forms. Says Linton, “There is no evidence for evolution throughout the whole array of higher multicellular organisms.” (Note: “no evidence” means “no evidence, nada, zilch, zippo.”)”

The complexity of genetics and what DNA is can be made simple by simply reading some material on the subject. Bryan doesn’t understand it because he wants mysteries of the explained to happen so he has cause to point at the loopholes and fill it with god. Naturally occurring genetic mutation is NOT harmful to organisms but is instead mostly beneficial to them. The change of the DNA in adaptive modifier is a change that happens over generations, flexing to become the best it can be. The map of the DNA of humans and other organisms is still occurring with great advances of science. “Bacteria hasn’t evolved,” says Bryan’s expert. This, categorically, is a lie. New bacteria emerges all the time and viruses constantly change for the ability to survive. New mutations of atypical pneumonia became the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, also known as SARS, which caused a pandemic. Evolution does not take place to change an organism to a new organism overnight. Linton, that Bryan quotes, is a biblical scientist who carefully disassembles real science in exchange for proofs of god.

“So honest Darwinians will tell you that evolution — by which we mean the transition of one species into another — has never, not ever, been observed by anyone at any time. In other words, they believe in something that nobody has ever seen. Hmmm. And they accuse us of a blind leap of faith!”

The creationist lie, echoing from the verses of the bible, repeats this little lie every time they can as a method of explanation to those who are not well read. Sadly, people will read this article and nod off on it, saying “Look at these facts! Creation was god’s doing!” instead of actually Googling the subject on their own and learning something. Blind leaps of faith, indeed.