Onenewsnow article quote: “Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council says the school is treating those who identify themselves as homosexual as a privileged class. ‘As though they consider that a desirable characteristic, like playing the cello or … being a good basketball player. [They’re essentially saying] if you’re LGBT, that’s a special talent we want represented in our student body.'”

Yet, that is not what the college is saying.

Quote from Elmhurst College: “‘We took this step in an effort to better serve each of our students as a unique person,’ says Elmhurst President S. Alan Ray. ‘It also allows us to live out our commitments to cultural diversity, social justice, mutual respect among all persons, and the dignity of every individual. These are among the core values of this institution. They provide the foundation for all of our academic, student and community programs.'”

Not once in the article on the Elmhurst College website does it mention treating them “as a privileged class” or that “if you LGBT, that’s a special talent”. What the article does mention is that the college invites diversity on its campus and recognizes the LGBT community as providing some diversity. Onenewsnow, infamous for misquotes and only telling half the story, then spinning it to conservative extremist viewpoints has done what it always does, promotes the bigotry associated with values and ideas of that conservative viewer. It speaks volumes toward igniting fear, bigotry and discrimination for LGBT people in accordance with the religious belief that LGBT people are unnatural, sinners, and perverts. It perpetuates the bigotry and encourages outrage at the college’s procedure of adding the “optional” question to the admission process. Note that the question is optional, leaving potential students with option of not answering it, because that’s what optional means. Not surprisingly, Onenewsnow took the opportunity to fail to mention the question as optional. Why?

As a conservative, living in your religion-created insular world, you are perusing the news. This article is not designed to provide you with information. It is designed to piss you off so that you write Elmhurst College an angry email that they are seemingly (according to the article) taking into consideration the status of the sinner LGBT persons over those who are godly and religious. It is designed to sensationalize the subject and act as both sandpaper and salt for the wound. This story will get more people upset and more people outraged enough to react instead of act, thus achieving the paper’s goal to keep bigotry alive by providing misinformation and working the ignorance of the reader. If the article said “optional”, less people would be upset and less people would react. They are depending on the reader’s trust that the article is true and accurate so that they do not go searching for the truth at Elmhurst College’s website. Why? The flames of indignation must be fanned in order to keep the bigotry alive, to keep people angry with LGBT people, and to keep the insular followers of their religion focused on the agenda of smashing LGBT rights as human beings. It’s what religion does: manipulate people using fear, societal consequences, tenets to control their grasp of their minds.

Onenewsnow is a sensationalist internet rag tabloid, not any different from the printed rag tabloids on newsstands at the grocery check out. The reason why rags sell or attract readers is because they have a tendency to make mountains out of molehills. You’ve heard the saying: “A thousand prayers can move a mountain.” In this case, it’s three paragraphs and an inflammatory quote to move the mountain of the religious bigotry emails into the Elmhurst College inbox. People get interested in sensationalism because it’s what media outlets that are not reputable have done for decades. Someone is always stupid enough to believe Michael Jackson was sleeping in a hyperbaric chamber to remain young instead of to treat the massive amount of burns on his head and neck after being burned during the shooting of a Pepsi commercial. Someone is always stupid enough to think that Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt are on the verge of breaking up. Someone is always stupid enough to believe that a college would actually especially admit LGBT people on their “talent”. These rags depend on stupid, gullible, and ignorant people because that’s how they make their mark. They aren’t there to report something that may be important to note, they are there to keep the fires going on the torches of the angry mob banging on the door of the castle to call out Dracula.

The conservative extremist megachurch evangelists make their money on Sunday morning by pleading with the gullible to give them money so they can continue. News outlets that are conservative extremist run are there to forward the agenda of religion taking over and building a theocracy. As I have written before, there are people out there that are gullible enough to buy the story they read without ever having to check out the facts. These are the same types of people that blame video game violence for violent people, television shows for forwarding that “it’s okay to be gay”, and “liberal media” for misinforming people of the ever evasive “truth”. All the while, these same people watch the “700 Club” to get “spiritually” in tune, watch Fox News distribute misinformation meant to inflame, spin real stories into yarns, and downright fail to deliver the real news, and get their information from the FRC, Onenewsnow, and CBN. They all believe the earth is coming to an end because of sin and is evidenced by a mild earthquake and category one hurricane. They also still believe in talking snakes, miracles, and the holy spirit. They judge everyone else with a pointed finger, waiting impatiently for god to destroy their enemies and deliver them to “heaven”. All because they live in a world where books are right, preachers are right, and sources dependent on god are right. The truth will always allude them because they are delusional and actively share their delusions among themselves. It’s all so sad actually, if you sit down to think about it.

Elmhurst College will suffer the wrath of the stupid, all the while learning that the “delete” key is a good friend for dealing with them and their outraged email.