Read and decide for yourself. (IMPORTANT NOTE: The Independent Scientology movement as well as the Free Zone have all welcomed me and my wife to their fold and has never said homosexuality was an aberration. EVER.)

“The sexual pervert (and by this term Dianetics, to be brief, includes any and all forms of deviation in Dynamic Two such as homosexuality, lesbianism, sexual sadism, etc., and all down the catalog of Ellis and Krafft-Ebing) is actually quite ill physically. Perversion as an illness has so many manifestations that it must be spread through the entire gamut of classes…He is very far from culpable for his condition, but he is also so far from normal and so extremely dangerous to society that the tolerance of perversion is as thoroughly bad for society as punishment for it…Hence the pervert, containing hundreds and hundreds of vicious engrams, has had little choice between being dead and being a pervert. But with an effective science to handle the problem, a society which would continue to endure perversion and all its sad and sordid effects doesn’t deserve to survive.” Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, Pages 125-126

Email: “Dear (name removed) , Thank you for your question. What it says in Dianetics is what it says – it is what the author says. However I also want to let you know our views on Homosexuality. The fundamental belief of Scientology is that man is a spiritual being and lives lifetime after lifetime. Our views are all based on that principle of Scientology and not on the sexual orientation of a person’s body or the body itself. Because of this, sexuality is not widely debated in Scientology and we do not participate in the public debate about sexual orientation. We also do not discriminate against parishioners because of their sexual orientation. All who seek spiritual enlightenment are welcome. By way of a longer answer, in Scientology we know that be increasing a person’s spiritual awareness, by increasing his ethics level, he will then make decisions that are more beneficial to all. As an individual progresses in Scientology he increasingly thinks and acts in terms of the greatest good for the greatest number, rather than just for himself, and he learns for himself that the more responsible his decisions are the better and happier life becomes. He learns that there are wrong ways to go about things and right ways to go about things. This is what Scientology addresses. We do not hold that moral choices can be enforced by dictate or decree. We hold that the condition of the individual can improve so he makes the right decisions. The Scientology marriage ceremony is traditional and addresses a union between a man and a woman. In today’s liberal society, the Church encourages ethical relationships. Let me know if you have any questions. Regards, (name removed)”

Paul Haggis Letter To Tommy Davis (Exerpts) “Tommy, As you know, for ten months now I have been writing to ask you to make a public statement denouncing the actions of the Church of Scientology of San Diego. Their public sponsorship of Proposition 8, a hate-filled legislation that succeeded in taking away the civil rights of gay and lesbian citizens of California – rights that were granted them by the Supreme Court of our state – shames us…I called and wrote and implored you, as the official spokesman of the church, to condemn their actions. I told you I could not, in good conscience, be a member of an organization where gay-bashing was tolerated. In that first conversation, back at the end of October of last year, you told me you were horrified, that you would get to the bottom of it and “heads would roll.” You promised action. Ten months passed. No action was forthcoming. The best you offered was a weak and carefully worded press release, which praised the church’s human rights record and took no responsibility. Even that, you decided not to publish.The church’s refusal to denounce the actions of these bigots, hypocrites and homophobes is cowardly. I can think of no other word. Silence is consent, Tommy. I refuse to consent…But I reached a point several weeks ago where I no longer knew what to think. You had allowed our name to be allied with the worst elements of the Christian Right. In order to contain a potential ‘PR flap’ you allowed our sponsorship of Proposition 8 to stand. Despite all the church’s words about promoting freedom and human rights, its name is now in the public record alongside those who promote bigotry and intolerance, homophobia and fear…The fact that the Mormon Church drew all the fire, that no one noticed, doesn’t matter. I noticed. And I felt sick. I wondered how the church could, in good conscience, through the action of a few and then the inaction of its leadership, support a bill that strips a group of its civil rights…And in it I saw you deny the church’s policy of disconnection. You said straight-out there was no such policy, that it did not exist. I was shocked. We all know this policy exists. I didn’t have to search for verification – I didn’t have to look any further than my own home…To see you lie so easily, I am afraid I had to ask myself: what else are you lying about?…You even felt free to publish secrets from the confessional in Freedom Magazine – you just stopped short of labeling them as such, probably because you knew Scientologists would be horrified, knowing you so easily broke a sacred vow of trust with your parishioners. How dare you use private information in order to label someone an “adulteress?” You took Amy Scobee’s most intimate admissions about her sexual life and passed them onto the press and then smeared them all over the pages your newsletter! I do not know the woman, but no matter what she said or did, this is the woman who joined the Sea Org at 16! She ran the entire celebrity center network, and was a loyal senior executive of the church for what, 20 years? You want to rebut her accusations, do it, and do it in the strongest terms possible – but that kind of character assassination is unconscionable…Frankly, I had to look no further than your refusal to denounce the church’s anti-gay stance, and the indefensible actions, and inactions, of those who condone this behavior within the organization. I am only ashamed that I waited this many months to act. I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Scientology.”

So there you have it. Tommy obviously has interesting ideas of what “ethical relationships” might be, but carefully worded his response to Paul Haggis with the telling ring of silence. Do you really want to be a part of an organization that if you piss them off, they will publish your auditing records for the whole world to see? Do you really want that for yourself?

Link to Paul Haggis full letter of resignation: