“In her letter, Herrod argues that the current regulations adequately protect students, and she assures that adding gender identity to the protected class is unnecessary. She says the proposed change is ‘extremely vague’ and will likely place the colleges in a position to violate the federal and state constitutions and the state’s protection of students’ religious liberty and freedom of speech.”

I’ve said it before, Onenewsnow is an internet tabloid rag of the caliber of the print tabloid rag, The Enquirer. I should expect flaming bags of poop to arrive on my doorstep via this internet trash mag, but this one is just so widely absurd that I had to address it head on and with some rather colorful disgust. In the article, Center For Arizona Policy urges the Maricopa County Community College to not list “gender identity” as a protected group from discrimination. Cathi Herrod, who is president of the “research and education for the family” non-profit organization, expresses that “gender identity” is not a “class that really qualifies for protection in our discrimination laws or policies of a community college”. She comes to the conclusion in the quote above at the end of the article. There is a link in the article that goes to Center of Arizona Policy’s website. ( On the “About Us” page, the following gem appears: “The Center is part of a state-based family policy council network. The councils are independent entities with no corporate relationship to each other but their purpose is uniform: to serve as a voice for the family and to assist advocates for family values in recapturing the moral and intellectual high ground in the public arena.” I find it interesting that most Christian conservative/extremist organizations are always mentioning “the moral and intellectual high ground” when relating to the goal of the not-for-profit organization. All of it begs the question: Why should “gender identity” be a protected class?

The “moralistic and intellectual high ground” taken by such organization relates directly to the immoral and illogical values constructed by religious faith. Regardless of the “morality’s” actual usefulness to the survival of human beings, which is absolutely counterproductive to societal cohesiveness that encourages community togetherness as their faith dictates, the ancient tenets fail to progress the human race as a whole. Its “cherry picked” functionality is elitist, therefore failing to include people who are productive members of society from entering the “sacred circle” of those espousing the “moralistic and intelligent high ground”. It is ridiculous at best to say that Christian biblical morals are “intelligent” as that would denote that thought was a factor in founding them. Intelligence plays no factor in pointing to a religious text’s verses that say “homosexuality” is immoral and that “gender identity” (men as women, women as men) is also a sin, when later in the text it details how one should beat their slave and that adulterers should be stoned. The failure of “intelligence” doesn’t stop there. The fact that no thought whatsoever was ever invested into deciding what verses in the tome should be heeded and what verses should not. The action relies totally and completely on convenience and not any rational forethought. When one subscribes to such idiocy and is asked to subtract the tenets and then give an adequate reason “gender identity”, “homosexuality” and “same sex marriage” should not be permitted; one is stared at in disbelief. The subtraction of ancient, irrelevant moralistic values from forming intellectually independent thought usually equates to deer caught in headlights and unable to tear themselves away from the light of reason.

Gender identity should be protected from discrimination because it is a natural state of being. A woman who cannot find happiness in her body psychologically and physically was born that way and did not ask or choose to be unhappy. The same applies to a man. Because of this terribly unfair struggle, many who have questioned and disputed their gender are literally fighting for their lives. Just because they struggle with the unhappiness, get help, and eventually change their sex if at all possible, does not make them freaks or ineligible for human kindness, love and support. It is a very difficult time in their lives, staying the gender that they naturally don’t feel is their own does more harm then it does good. Based solely on the “morality” identified with Christian conservative extremists, their acceptance as the correct gender after surgery and hormone therapy is limited or refused. These people are not animals, sick, possessed, or influenced by “Lucifer”, “Satan” or “demons”. They were born in the wrong body and have suffered tortures that can only be imagined by those of us who have not experienced it. The only reasons they are not accepted and welcomed is because primarily stupid people masquerading as “intelligent and moral” have abandoned logic and reason for irrationality and thoughtlessness. They have self-determined that their opines should surmount any other elected morality that is sane, intelligent and progressive. They superimpose these antiquated, delusional “morality” indignantly upon the world as they are righteously afforded to by a god written by imagination of creative men looking for a way to progress their agendas on generations and generations of people locked into intellectual slavery. People who are going through transition or have transitioned have the same rights as anyone else to live productive, responsible lives in peace without threat of discrimination at the hands of ignominious zealots.

A man or woman that dresses like the opposite sex or borrows their fashion from them without wanting a transition to the opposite sex should also warrant protection from discrimination. The religious emphasis placed on the necessity of “gender identification” is no longer relevant to the happiness, cohesiveness, and collectivity of society. The requirement to “dress like a man” if you are a man and “act like a lady” if you are a woman is no longer necessary to the progression of society. The choice of what to wear comes from individual choice not “moral” prescription. If I desire to dress in a three-piece suit complete with matching shoes, tie matching to my breast handkerchief, and suspenders, I may. The only thing stopping me is the religious natter and the fact that I obviously need a matching fedora. The same goes for men, who I think project grace and dignity, who choose to don make-up, wigs, and beautiful gowns as a woman. The only reason why it is “sinful” and “immoral” is because drag queens look and act better than most real women and their taste is not only in their mouth. They deserve protection from discrimination because they are pursuing happiness as their Constitutional right.

Then the weary argument from the Right is: “Well if that is legal then why isn’t pedophilia/beastiality/polygamy/polyandry/poly-whatever just made legal too because they aren’t different” always gets punted into play. Flag on the play, unnecessary ridiculousness and stupidity by the offense. Two thousand year penalty to the past so you can evolve into the reality the rest of us live in.