The article pulls apart what candidate Mitt Romney said at a forum in North Carolina that he would not dispute Roe vs. Wade with the 14th Amendment that says: that no state shall deprive life. The article goes on to site that Personhood USA was offended by what he said and further added that “pre-children” should be identified as a person. The are referring to this part of the amendment: “Section 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Let’s define person: noun, 1. a human being, whether man, woman, or child: The table seats four persons, 2. a human being as distinguished from an animal or a thing, 3. Sociology . an individual human being, especially with reference to his or her social relationships and behavioral patterns as conditioned by the culture, 4. Philosophy a self-conscious or rational being, 5.
the actual self or individual personality of a human being. So why can’t a fetus or in this case “pre-child” be a person? Well, there are many reasons why. A fetus cannot live outside the mother’s body on it’s own. While a woman is pregnant, the fetus acts and responds in the same manner as a parasite. Before you get your panties in a passel, a parasite is something that cannot live without gaining nutrients from the host. It is completely true that the fetus in unable to survive own its own without its host. A fetus does not have brain activity other than that which controls the machinations of the body such as a heartbeat, as its brain is two small to function as an individual or a person. The heart beat is an autonomic system function, which the body does on its own without conscious thought. A heartbeat does not a life make, it is simply a function a body must do in order to survive. A person who is brain dead, being kept alive by machines, is unable to make the heart beat on its own much less breathe on their own. Just as it is a painful decision to turn off life support for that brain dead person, it is equally as agonizing to make the decision to abort a pregnancy.

A baby, even after birth, is unable to cognate beyond “pretty colors” or “neat noise”. A baby is unable to feed itself and remains completely dependent on a parent for all of its needs in the same manner animals in the wild are unable to function on their own until a certain point. The decision to have a baby, or two, or three, or whatever, is a lifetime commitment. Even after the child hits 18, they are still dependent on their parents for guidance in various aspects of their lives. Some people, when faced with the prospect of parenting, fail to realize that being a parent is a lifelong job. The child, even as an adult, will depend on guidance from parents about various aspects of their lives. The monumental decision to become a parent is not something that should be made lightly, as some parents are woefully prepared for the work required to make a responsible, rational, and contributing adult from a tiny baby. One can subscribe to every parenting magazine out there and buy every single book on parenting and still fail to properly parent a child. Mistakes are made, of course, as there really is no proper handbook for raising an adult no matter what the latest guru, doctor, priest, pastor, psychologist, psychiatrist, self help idiot says to the contrary. One passes on one’s own parenting to their children, whether unhealthy or healthy.

Foster homes and adoption homes for children are filled with children that are unwanted, abused, used, and neglected by their natural parents in such a terrible manner that the social service took these children away from them. Every day, children with special needs are neglected because the parent or parents acknowledge their existence as a check every month and not a human being with real needs, real wants, and real feelings. Thousands and thousands of children are babysat by television and video games, instead of parents taking an active role of hand-on parenting. There are children left in the care of a church to raise the children, instead of allowing them the time to figure out what they want to believe on their own. Then there are the children who are not wanted outright, who came into this world because their religion and/or culture make it impossible for them to use birth control and seek out an abortion because they are not prepared to be loving, proper parents. Even Pope Benedict whatever-number-he-is condemned the use of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS in favor of abstinence which has been proven time and time again to be a failed method of birth control. In Texas, where abstinence is taught in public schools, has the highest teenage pregnancy rate. It doesn’t work because the human nature to reproduce is strong, the cultural message of having sex and societal pressures to do so in teenagers is strong. The failure to treat sexual activity as a healthy and normal urge and not something “dirty” is an American anomaly. Not teaching teenagers how to use a condom and giving them information about various other methods of birth control is also an American anomaly. Not teaching proper parenting skills and self parenting skills woefully causes our next generation to fail at being responsible parents and being good parents.

There are women out there who seek abortions for other reasons that will be denied their right to do so because of Personhood USA. Some women who are raped and become pregnant do not wish to carry the child to term or keep it or adopt it out. Some women, who are victims of incest and get pregnant do not wish to continue with their pregnancy for various reasons including physical impairments that result from such a union. Some women, myself included, are unable to carry pregnancies due to a physical defect and doing so will mean either the mother dies, the baby dies or both die. How is it fair that we make women, who have these issues, carry their pregnancy to term against their will? This is where the 14th Amendment comes into play: the denial of my life, at the cost of a pregnancy that threatens my life is protected under this Amendment. If I was forced to carry a pregnancy that will probably kill me to term by people who believe a heart beat constitutes life, that directly violates my rights by the definition herein. Quite personally, I would like those people who are pro-life to stay out of my uterus, stop touching my ovaries with their inane morality, and allow me to choose what is right for my life and my future children.