“Tax exemptions for churches are vitally important, because it doesn’t make sense to penalize organizations that help serve the community and that don’t exist for profit. That’s certainly true with this church,” Stanley argues. “The taxing authorities in this case determined that the facilities were not integral to a religious purpose of the church, but the government is ill equipped to determine what is and what isn’t a legitimate religious use.”–Eric Stanley of the ADF

Tax exemptions for church is not vitally important. It’s a business and should be treated like a business because: A) they pay their pastors to lead the church, B) church funds are raised by tenets that expressly force the parishioner to give 10% of their yearly income to the church, C) they continuously gift monies to lobbyist entities, legal entities, and political candidates in order to press Christian issues and morality on the public at large. In essence, the church does make money and spends that money on things that affect local, state and federal law while habitually protesting and paying for “tea party” transportation to protest events. Other “churches” (coughcoughcoughChurchofScientologycoughcoughcough) use their collected sums for the hiring of nuisance reporters, lawyers to litigate, private investigators, and equipment used to capture video to annoy perceived threats or trouble sources. Other churches use their money to manufacture tracts and other literature which serves as a product. They provide services for fees. That is, by the barest diction possible, the definition of a business, not a “not-for-profit” entity. By “divine decree”, Christians press their beliefs into state, local, and federal law as well as public school curriculum, feeling all the while that is their right to do so even though there are specific Constitutional amendments that divides church from the state. There’s more hypocrisy on the way:

Article: “The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently refused to address the constitutionality of James Corbett’s comments made in an Orange County high school regarding Christianity and creationism. In a lawsuit filed by Capistrano Valley High School student Chad Farnan and his parents regarding the statements, the court ruled that the teacher had the right to verbally attack Christianity in his advanced placement history class.”

“I think this is a perfect scenario for the court to be able to address a very serious question of hostility toward religion in the public school classroom in particular; and … as the court said, there are very few cases addressing hostility cases in the public school context.”–Robert Tyler, with the AFF.

The redefinition of the Freedom of Religion Amendment by Christians is that they are immune to criticism, “verbal attacks” and any kind of speech that sheds a negative connotation of their religion, thus “rightfully” limiting the Freedom of Speech Amendment. Yet, when their language is clearly bigoted against people who support LGBT rights, are LGBT people, support evolution, and are basing their conclusions that “creationism” is mythical on science; one is supposed to turn away and remain complacent to their oppression. One cannot challenge their opinions and outdated morality, because they feel that they are entitled to it and that it is immune to scrutiny for that is exactly what has been afforded them for last two thousand or more years. It is expected that atheist and other deists quietly respect their religious views while they are permitted to trumpet loudly against atheists and other deists for being sinful, unnatural, or blasphemous. Resistance against them is supposed to remain quiet, as they are the authority of all things “spiritual” and political, moral and just, and right and wrong; they hold all the answers to the “creation” and the universe, and they are the ones destined to rule the planet. All the while they ignore Jesus when he said that the meek shall inherit the earth. They are everything BUT meek.

One cannot have their cake and eat it too when it comes to non-profit, tax exempt church designation. You affect politics, lawmaking, and public school curriculum using money donated by your parishioners; you are litigious actively to press ancient, obsolete morality and tenets using funds “donated” that are in fact mandated by doctrine; you produce products such as tracts and the “holy bible’s” multiple ridiculous translations to be consumed by the parishioner as well as the subtle “push” for others to follow your creeds, doctrine, and tenets; you hire expensive lawyers to forward your agenda; you place countless advertisements on television, internet sites, radio, and other media outlets for your church’s services; and you are quick to manufacture ridiculous websites that plea for money to keep whatever Christian organization you use to forward your agenda as well as using media to manipulate minds unwilling to research the truth in your articles written to sensationalize the subject of the day, week, month and year. Any business you can point to in America does exactly the same thing. If it walks like a duck, quacks, and has physical characteristics of a duck, it is a duck. What was the comment? I know: “You can put lipstick on a pig and it’s still a pig.” It applies here.

Churches do not stay out of the business of the state, they do not recognize the division between church and state, and they constantly overstep boundaries set up by those who do not wish to be oppressed by a theocracy to preserve the secular nature of state and federal laws, mandates, or Constitutional freedoms. Some are supportive of Dominionism, which is a nice way to describe a theocracy, though they have since jumped off the wagon when the average public found out about it. They want all laws to reflect the laws of the Bible, even though the whole of the biblical law is ignored by most. Now that they have their corporations protected from their obligation to pay taxes, the use their funds to keep “the little engine that could” of Christian Right Wing oppression, bigotry, and prejudice chugging up the one of the various “Mountains” they choose to take over. (I will make a post later today explaining Dominionism to you in short form.) Acting like a corporate duck immune to taxation, the abuse of the separation of church and state is so violated by the Right Wing is so egregious even the layman can see it, feel it, and know it because their rights are slowly being eroded away in favor of the biblical “cherry picking” morality and law set forth by the “imaginary friend” of millions of people. Not only is it ridiculous, it is a frightening concept to imagine life under the thumb of this type of religion’s oppressive thumb.

The Moral of This Post: Be very careful who you vote for and churches are businesses not charitable non-profit tax exempting entities.