David Barton says that spirits have a dark principality over education, business, and government. He claims that he can “feel” the difference crossing from one side of the Capitol Building to the other. It will never be right until one realizes that “it’s a spiritual thing”. That the principality causes people to “think goofy”, sitting over “households”. “It’s a spiritual battle and we will never win if we don’t understand that.” David Barton founded WallBuilders which is evangelism for “Christian heroes and history” in America. He is also the former co-chair of the Republican Party of Texas. He has written some books and is an American Evangelical Christian minister.

He is depending on inducing fear and hysteria related to the “dark spirits” or “dark principalities” in his viewing audience. Of course, the majority of viewers are in fact mainly unthinking masses who look to “men of God” to lead them to salvation, Christian dominion, and tell them how to live their lives in accordance with the “goofy” three ways to manipulate and control people. Fear, tenets, and societal consequences for failure to tow the line are employed by people like him. How many people out there really believe “spirits” control things? You would be amazed. The New Age movement is heavy on paranormal concurrence, many Christians mandate demons or spirits possess the body, Judaism names them and so do some Christian sects (Who can forget the gem of Jerry Falwell: The Demon Tobac.), while Islam lumps them all as D’jinn or Al-Iblis (Lucifer). Every religion focuses somewhat on the existence of spirits of some form, from Neo-Pagans to Evangelicals, all the while actively seeking to explain the unexplainable with stories, half-truths or outright lies. Some claim to exorcise demons and spirits from their members, their members’ homes, cars, dogs, cats, birds, trees, objects…anything that you can think of has a spirit which needs to be properly filed away in the black and white boxes of “evil” and “good”. There are even people who go to school for instruction on how to be a paranormal investigator, shoveling thousands of dollars onto courses which could better be spent subscribing to cable and watching SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters” series and learning from the skeptical mind how to approach such entities.

So, according to the last several seasons of “Ghost Hunters”, most hauntings can be debunked via high electromagnetic fields which can negatively affect the body, environmental factors, geology factors, and by simply discovering the rational and reasonable explanation of some spiritual activity. However in watching the show, there is evidence that cannot be explained in accordance with scientific measurement devices, simple digital recorders, video evidence, and personal experience of the skeptical mind. Does this prove that there are spirits that are both malevolent and benevolent possessing homes, places of business and places of interest? Does the show provide enough proof to support hauntings and the existence of spirits? It does have some compelling evidence, and in having a paranormal experience myself, I am able to reason that there is no scientific device yet invented that can debunk or explain random movement of stationary items caught on film, actively explain where hauntings come from or why they are there, and effectively explain why some things move seemingly on their own. I have seen evidence supporting malevolent activity as well as benevolent or benign activity. Does that mean Demons exist? No.

There is no way to prove, beyond reasonable debunking or through the skeptical eye, that a malevolent activity is a Demon. There is no proof that escapes proper skeptical investigation that proves it is a Demon or even that they exist. The spirit that is malevolent, under close observation outside the eye of Hollywood producers or the director of an entertaining haunted house, could be an anomaly but proof in demonic possession of a home, car, animal, etc. can be easily seen as the manifestation of delusion as well as the factors I have mentioned above. Mental illness cannot be ruled out as a factor for the person who is possessed, however, there is quite a mystery surrounding the Catholic Church and its methodology in dealing with demon possession and the amount of witness who have been willing to step forward and tell their stories. This cannot be used as concrete proof, so I am willing to lend it the colloquial term “theory” in approaching this type of evidence. There will come a time where science and skepticism will meet and actually lend explanations of such occurrences. Until then, I am not going to call a demon a demon without resounding proof. I do not support the idea that paranormal activity that is unexplainable must fit into the file of “good” and “bad” or to adequately explain any activity as “bad” without having reasonable and rational proof to fit it into a box.

I do not, as a matter of course, view other paranormal shows because most of the investigators are biased, use their proofs as explanations without scrutinizing them, and are just plain mind-numbingly idiotic. I find it difficult to tolerate people that do look into the fact the door might seem to open and close itself due to poor insulation, ineffectual hardware, or because of the manner in which it has been constructed. I also completely fail to believe that shadows in a background cannot be explained without due diligence, proper investigation or scrutiny measured by the skeptical eye. These paranormal shows depend on ratings alone and as most shows designed to manipulate fear of the unknown, their appetite for the dramatic or sensational keeps them on the evening line-up because some people enjoy that type of entertainment, would rather someone introduce them to their thought processes rather than independently thinking, it supports ill-conceived notions, and it makes for better television than the skeptics debunking as they go along.

To say there are dark principalities that rule over homes, Congress, the House of Representatives or my cat Athens is ridiculous at best and only serves to instill fear in the followers of a particular religion who already see shadows surrounding liberal, free thinking, independent individuals. The person who is independent and thinks outside the box of dogma is feared or labeled “evil” because that is the enemy of the “good”, blinder-wearing, religious people controlled by the dogmatic practicality of their lives. I seriously doubt that further investigation into the entities claimed to be “dark” in the Capitol Building and other political places, educational facilities, and places of business with a skeptical mind and the ability to debunk the ridiculous will yield very little results that support the “dark principalities” designation assigned by Mr. Barton. I am fully willing to concede that he sees a great many things that aren’t there due to his religion-tainted glasses or religion laden delusional conclusions. I am most sure that he does “speak in tongues” when he’s “feeling the holy spirit” in his place of worship because that is an acceptable way to manipulate the masses for their 10% of their yearly income. How else would he afford that nice tie and expensive shirt. Of course, “God” wants him to have these things because he’s his representative. I am sure the days are counting down until the day he is found with a Rentboy, a 17 year old prostitute, or something equally as telling that he is not as special as all his followers make him out to be.

In the meantime, I’ll be raising my skeptical eyebrows over my skeptical eyes while debunking his little fantasies, delusions, and paranoid episodes.