“Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin (USA-Ret.), an original member of Delta Force and author of Kiloton Threat, is not confident that President Barack Obama would use the U.S. veto to block a Security Council resolution declaring such a state. William Boykin ‘I think that the [Israeli] Knesset and Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] are very much aware of the fact that they cannot rely on America to stand with them,’ says Boykin. ‘I would hope that America will vote ‘no’ on this. But I think there’s also a great possibly that America will abstain, which is essentially a ‘yes’ vote.'”

In 1948, the state of Israel was acknowledged by the UN. The land was effectively stolen from the Palestinians, who have peacefully lived there for centuries and centuries. Israel was invaded by Arab countries in defense of the Palestinians, and did so again in 1967 as land grab six day war. Since then, Israel has remained oppressive toward Palestinians who do not wish to live under Jewish rule. The lands left to the Palestinians, much the same way reservations were designated for Native Americans, were the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights areas. For the last several decades, Jewish settlements have been established in these areas, thus pressing the Palestinians out of their home altogether. The US, since the formation of Israel, has supported Israel’s right to exist, ignoring the rights of the Palestinians to their homeland, and has often supported Israel’s violent reactions to suicide bombers, a cowardly action made by a desperate people. Right now, in the UN, Palestinians have made a motion to have the land known as Israel divided fairly between Israel and Palestine. In the world stage, there are many countries backing Israel’s right to occupy the land wholly while many others support the partition for Palestine. Since 1948, Palestinians have been forced from their homes and not compensated, there have been wars to reclaim the land, and there are many Palestinians who have been forced to become immigrants in other Arab countries. The reason why Arab countries so dislike Israel is due in no small part to the manner in which Palestinians were squeezed out of their homeland by people they viewed as being invaders. Many Christians support Israel’s right to exist as it is due to the fact that they view the land as the “holy land” and some Jews share the same opinion.

The right to exist of Israel is based mainly upon the religious tomes of two of the main Abrahamic faiths. Their tomes describe present day Israel as the “land of milk and honey” that they were led to after many years of wandering about in the area allegedly thousands of years ago. The sheer ridiculousness of this claim is so painfully obvious the substantiation of the claim so terribly idiotic that one quizzically reduces the claim as feeble and weak. Judaism and Christianity coincide that Israel is the rightful “homeland” of the Jews and uphold this “right” as though it was given to them by “God” and base this on geriatric texts and faith in “God”; but according to the Qur’an, Mohammad the “Prophet” ascended into “paradise” in the exact location of the Al Asqa Mosque in Jerusalem, defined as the “fartherest temple” which can easily be defined, along with other texts, to be fallible. According to the mishmash faiths, everyone has a claim to the land inhabited by Israel. This is, categorically, an erroneous pretension improperly presented on both sides as it is based on the “fact” of “historical scripture” attested by the parties in question.

If we were to subtract “faith” from the pretension, the land is rightfully the Palestinians as their country was usurped by the UN in 1948 in favor of the Jews without the consent or knowledge the Palestinians may have had of the body of the UN. In other words, Palestinians did not get the memo that the UN existed and therefore had no recourse in claiming their rightful land via the authority of the UN. Since Israel’s formation, dissenting Palestinians were ejected from homes and exiled; having been forced to the terribly small areas of the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and Golan Heights. In an attempt to grab all the land, Israel has significant amounts of settlements in these areas, none of which are protested by the current Prime Minister Netanyahu. The Palestinians desperately fight for their right to exist, in a homeland rightfully theirs, against the odds of every country that supports them. The fear of the Christian supporters remains, with undue deduction, that the US will take a secular position in response to the Palestinian’s proposal for UN declaration as a state. Christians and Judaism cannot separate their “faith” for an equitable, equilateral border for Israel and Palestinians. The UN, which is clearly an international organization, remains balanced toward cultures in a manner that is secular; for the UN is unburdened by “faith”, fictional religious texts, or any corresponding bias. The fear clearly remains, once stripped down to logical and rational ideology, that the “faith” of many “believers” is no longer the deciding factor in the world view or the manipulation device employed by those striving to maintain adequate control of international functionality.

While I support a Palestinian state, I abhor suicide bombings used as tactical warfare. The term “martyr” is an inappropriate label for those willing to destroy in the name of religion or to the effect of gain. While I understand that inherent nature of all beings is to survive, I find that is difficult to apply the nature as a reasonable propellent for suicide bombing. I do not support the irrationality nor its exaltation among Palestinian culture. The election of the terrorist group Hamas to positions of political power within Palestinian government is abhorrent, yet there are clear ways that this government does react to Israel by employing more rational means of warfare; that is if one can apply rationality to the war in any real and logical method. The treatment of Palestinians regarding their homeland by Israel is deplorable and such cruelty often forces one to make rash, ill-conceived decisions; which is absolutely inexcusable in any context. The decision to employ suicide bombing is irrational, destructive to the evolution and perpetuation of a people, and nonsensical on various levels of appropriate behavior and the primal instinct to survive. I do, however, understand the individual need to fight for one’s country as noble occupation; but not in the application of comparison to suicide bombing, but instead the military service of an individual. The need to defend one’s own homeland is another primal instinct, but it becomes tainted when suicide bombing reactions are glorified instead of militaristic action. Though lending to the “success” of suicide bombing is multiple failures of militaristic actions of the past is ignorance of the unacceptable degree.

Israel’s inability to share with Palestinians has created a culture of violence even though the violence is perpetuated in inexcusable manner. I refer one to my previous post about applying kindergarten exercises to foreign policy. The ability to share is one of the elementary lessons that carries on throughout one’s life and is a positive mannerism in practice. The failure of the state of Israel to share with Palestinians, who were there first, displays as a minus mark in the box of their report card in the effect of: “Does not play well or get along well with others” which is a primary foundation for anyone willing to mature into a responsible adult. It is not a difficult lesson to comprehend, but apparently it is difficult to practice. I am not saying Israel should be denied its right to exist, I am saying sharing promotes peace and good will.