“Chaz Bono is not a ‘he’, Chaz Bono is a ‘she’. She is a ‘she’ in every single cell of her body, and will be until the day she dies. Her DNA from the moment of conception was indisputably female, and it will always be female.” (Emphasis added.)

The searing ignorance and stupidity of the statement in bold above is so mind-numbingly idiotic that I cannot properly conceive that someone alive today and speaking to the public is so ill-informed. What is completely startling is there are millions of people that are just as ill-informed, ignorant people nodding their heads in agreement upon viewing this commentary. There are people out there so incredibly stupid that they would never research for a real and scientific information on the subject, but instead continue to view the world through christ-colored goggles with their god-powered, holy, self-contained breathing apparatus moving through life surrealistically presented to them by the filters they employ. The mindlessness of such a statement is not only appalling, it is incorrect and woefully lacking intelligence and thought. Why?

Every fetus, at conception, is designed as female until fetal development later in gestation determines the gender of that fetus. This is why males have nipples and do not develop mammary glands equal to a females or develops testes, scrotum, and a penis instead of ovaries, uterus and vagina found in females. There are fetal developments that produce medically asexual identification, resulting in a infant that has both gender’s genitalia and or ovaries, testes and the potential to pubertal maturity of both genders. Until recently, many parents of asexual presenting infants choose the child’s gender which is “corrected” for either male or female designation. Information can easily be found with a few moments of research that produces studies of children not assigned by parents choosing their own gender within pubertal years, the parental cue is taken from the natural leaning of the child. Surgery is then opted for that “corrects” the gender that the child most identifies with naturally, allowing the nature of the child to be the true meter of identity instead of parental preference.

“This kind of schizophrenia is certainly a sign that Chaz Bono is not the only one with mental health issues. Our entire society is suffering from a severe mental disorder on the whole subject of human sexuality.”

A child, who does have a uterus, ovaries and vagina or testes, scrotum, and penis who is naturally uncomfortable in the gender that they are born with are not schizophrenic, as the definition of schizophrenia cannot possibly identify these individuals with any symptoms classically attributed to that mental illness. If one would apply symptomatic presentation of schizophrenia upon those practicing theistic subscription rightly presents delusions, hallucinations, and misappropriation of reality manifests clearly. I will post later about the truths of schizophrenia later. Right now, let us focus on the mental illness Gender Identification Disorder (GID) which tortures those who suffer from it. If one could understand GID on any level without suffering from it, one could observe that unhappiness and discomfort with one’s gender is so horribly weighing on every aspect of life that menstrual cycles and erections are so abhorrently viewed that it is traumatizing. The societal pressure to ignore such natural feelings as being uncomfortable in one’s skin causes even more trauma which can develop into deep psychological issues ranging from suicidal to acute clinical depression. When one comes to the realization that naturally one is not the gender as assigned by birth, it is a painful and yet rewarding psychological journey through therapeutic psychiatric treatment. That treatment can lead to psychological realization that one is not an aberration, but instead suffering from GID. Surgery to correct the gender is performed and one can lead a very fulfilling life once unfettered by disorder or self-image issues that led to self-degradation, disgust, and unhappiness. Again, if properly researched, such information can be easily accessed from any search engine employed by any one, save those in Jesus Goggles and SCBA.

Returning attention upon the first quote listed: Chaz Bono is a man. He has testosterone levels indicative of a male, he has features of a male, and he identifies with being a male. The colossal prejudice Mr. Fischer demonstrates in his article and the bigotry it promotes leads to societal manipulation using societal consequences unwarranted but acceptable to Christians like him. Even though evolution of ideals has rendered such discrimination as inappropriate, the Christians like him struggle with keeping their stranglehold on the ignorant and ill-informed. It is perfectly acceptable for them to be judgmental, yet, the rest of society has graduated well beyond the obsolete text they tout as unprovable truth. The fact that the rest of the world has exceeded their development does not enlighten them enough to form cognitive opinions grounded in reality. Thus, those that awaken from the nonsensical fiction written in the Bible are able to easily rationalize and use informed reasonable thought to cerebrate independently of the “hive” mind, if you will. Yet, Fischer will continue to spew forth diction “salad”, “dressed” with dogmatic ignorance, and force feed his illogical ramblings down your atheistic throat because one is “evil” without god. However, if one would be able to deduce intellectually as opposed to dogmatically, the society in which we live would be improved exponentially. Until then, tolerance in demanded by the intolerant in the name of Jesus, God, and the holy spirit; primitive reality applied to the technological, modern society at large.