From my previous post, I quote Bryan Fischer from

“This kind of schizophrenia is certainly a sign that Chaz Bono is not the only one with mental health issues. Our entire society is suffering from a severe mental disorder on the whole subject of human sexuality.”

Mr. Fischer has once again demonstrated his ignorance and inability to accurately define real, substantial issues from the imaginary, surreal, delusional cocoon he has encased himself within. By all means, Fischer uses the term “schizophrenia” to hype his followers and like-minded ignoramus audience to the sensational land of confusing diagnosis he in not qualified to conclude. Also, in the imaginations of the willfully illiterate, “schizophrenia” is a frightful word, a connotation to induce fear and ply his manipulative works of fiction. Without due diligence, Fischer’s literary work is comparable to the thrashing of fish hoisted out of the water and flailing about in attempt to survive. Fischer also likes inflammation of the facts into obviously manufactured fiction in order to achieve his well-earned title of Comical Christian Commenter or CCC for efficiency. So what is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a mental illness which presents in males during one’s late teens and early twenties or in females in one’s late twenties or early thirties. It presents itself as: failure to think clearly, disorganized behavior, flat affect or inability of facial expressions of an appropriate kind, failed management of emotions, making appropriate decisions, relating to others, visual and auditory hallucinations, delusional thought, and the inability to live to one’s potential. Schizophrenia effects 2.4 million adults in America. With proper medication and psychosocial therapy, one who suffers from schizophrenia can lead productive and satisfying lives as well as being productive to society. “A Beautiful Mind” is a movie that portrays the life of a mathematics professor who is afflicted with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is often misunderstood to be a dangerous illness, as there are famous murderers and serial killers suffering from what was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia, which along with the typical presentation is the presentation of paranoia that is laden with delusions. Some people with schizophrenia are violent, but they are the minority of sufferers, not the majority. Some schizophrenics are delusional in manner where they do not see themselves as suffering with a mental illness, making it extremely difficult to treat medically. Some suffering with schizophrenia can have a profound effect on family and friends that is negative in nature. It is also more likely a schizophrenic person will commit suicide, as it occurs more often in schizophrenic people than the general population. Medication, normally anti psychotics, are used to treat the mental illness and not much success has been found in dietary supplements or vitamin therapies, bogus Chelation therapy, or by psychiatric treatments alone.

Schizophrenia carries a stigma, as well as mischaracterized, as a untreatable disease with violent behavior which has become a sort of stereotype. It also bears the stigma that one experiences multiple personalities, which is wholly untrue. It also is presented by those who misunderstand the mental illness as one that is constantly delusional, disassociative, psychosomatic, causes erratic violent behavior, unpredictable outbursts of violence, murderous tendencies, and irrational behavior such as babbling incoherently or using words in a manner that is nonsensical. While some of those suppositions are marginally correct, none of them are typical for any one person suffering with schizophrenia. While perceptions of reality might be delusional, it does not mean that one is completely unable to discern reality on any level. Schizophrenia is a much different mental illness than schizoaffective disorder, which many presentations are often misdiagnosed because there are similarities between the two. Schizoaffective disorder sufferers are more likely to recover from the illness, whereas schizophrenics do not. While being diagnosed as schizophrenic is a serious mental illness, schizoaffective disorder is less debilitating diagnosis. There is no cure for schizophrenia known to medical and psychiatric science despite the numerous literary allegations that there is. Colloquially, the term schizophrenic is often misappropriated and a misnomer. Knowledge of the truths of schizophrenia can easily be researched using the internet search engine of choice. Misused, broadly misunderstood, and habitually incorrectly defined; the term schizophrenic or schizophrenia gets its dark reputation from the ignorant unwilling to educate themselves with truthful and reliable scientific information widely available to the public.

Fischer’s use of “schizophrenia” in the above quote is telling of his ability to cognate on a reasonable level and the very depths to which his bigotry and prejudice are seeded. Schizophrenia does not mean “deadly”, “dangerous”, “delusional”, or “psychotic” to the degree that he uses it. The reality is there are not “kinds” of schizophrenia save for paranoid schizophrenia, schizophrenia, and schizophrenia undifferentiated. The reality is that perhaps, if one would apply conjecture, one could easily define Mr. Fischer as delusional, paranoid, and erratic as his literary pieces reflect that to a degree of abject reasoning. One could also appropriate surmise that the work is a fictional piece written by a self-proclaimed, Christian “guru”; as Christians conservatives and evangelical extremist tack to “atheist gurus” of the ilk of Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and PZ Myers. A sad testament to the state of the religious fervor and extremism expressed by woefully ignorant, uneducated, lots weighted down by the mire of their unintelligent doctrine and dogmatic principals while wasting their lives living for an imaginary being nowhere to be found.