Linda Harvey, a social conservative, accuses gay men and lesbians of hating freedom, loving the east, hating Jesus Christ and his followers. In the description of the video is a link to hear the whole story if you so desire. I am not going to embed the entirety here as it is long, tedious, and full of misunderstanding. The failure to understand that there are gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and corrected gender people that love Jesus Christ enough to attend welcoming congregations and denominations whenever they can and remain active in church functions. Conservatives continue the bigoted campaign via YouTube, Facebook, websites, and protests grounded in the righteous indignation that these people should not have the same rights afforded to everyone by the US Constitution. Dissenters are quickly and efficiently declared “godless”, “freedom hating”, “sinners”, “perverts” and a myriad of colorful labels applied to the people who support equal rights and equal opportunities to end prejudice and hatred, bigotry and oppression, and judgments made by those that fail to understand.

As an atheist, I do not support attending any worship services of any kind. I am not intolerant of people who do, except those that actively use their tenets to wreak terror, bigotry, hatred and prejudice upon the fact I am a lesbian. The conservative agenda, which is to dominate all the aspects of American life and force their religious tenets upon all, is founded upon failure to understand and educate one’s self on the actual truths of homosexuality. They are unable to understand and unwilling to understand for the simple reasoning that it is written that it is “unnatural” and a “sin”, when there are many media outlets where the opposite is written. The foundation of their faith is a literary work full of lies, half-truths, ridiculous fairy tales, and improbabilities; which they consider to be infallible, yet other literary mediums produced by respected, well educated scientists, psychiatrists, and psychologists are disbelieved or ignored outright because of the failure to understand. Perhaps more accurately put: the unwillingness to understand, would be more applicable. That failure has evolved over the last two hundred years; failure to allow women to vote, failure to allow blacks to be considered human beings, failure to allow women the right to employment, failure to allow the right to choose whether to carry a pregnancy to term or not and now failure to allow gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and corrected gender people have one thing in common. Foundation for each was a bronze age book, that was more important than any other literature that could prove its answers as misleading, incorrect, and fantasy. Though one, who is observant and intelligent, would posit that granting the rights of women and blacks would have been example enough to evolve ancient morality codes within the document; this is not an actuality, instead, it is reason for subscribers to go underground with their incorrect, inappropriate ideals.

I do have a friend, who I love very dearly like a sister, who attends church, bible study, and church activities who is a lesbian. Her church is a welcoming congregation. While I am tolerant of her faith, she does like to praise god often for the ridiculous. I have witnessed attacks on her by conservatives who disagree that her “behavior” and “love of god” is misplaced. While I hold no faith, I do tolerate that she has the right to believe. I have defended her multiple times and will continue to defend her. It is their failure to understand that their deity would love and accept a lesbian is primitive, unattractive, and often laced with such abhorrent hatred that I cannot understand how they define themselves as observant Christians who love Jesus when they obviously have learned nothing from his teachings. The question is: Why do they fail to understand?

Three reasons. The first, there is a psychological need some people possess to remain superior and they use tools in order to prop up that superiority. Those people are using their religion to nurture the need, primarily because it is the most simplest prop to use. One who subscribes to this belief is exonerated from explanations that are logical, rational and reasonable for one’s position or righteousness. Others use the same religion as an excuse for inappropriate behavior, bigotry, prejudice, and violence to maintain that superiority complex.

The second reason is some people place value on societal acceptance of an assemblage. It is my opinion that early colonial Americans settling were without the structure of family upon arriving. The purpose of the church became a societal, familial unit. Compliance with the societal, familial unit provided by religion is necessary in order to preserve it, therefore hive-like behavior is expected of the membership and most tow the line lest they become vagrant. Of course, religious leaders manipulate the membership by perpetuating this unit, using societal consequences for nonconforming members that serves as an illustration of the punishment levied to prevent independent activity, thought, and values. The need for the unit to survive, which is the basest instinct of all beings, retards evolution from the primitive into the modern.

The third reason is that due to the insular nature of the unit, the strictest morals and tenets are employed as a means to keep adherents from developing independence from religion. The religious conservatives feel that the status quo they enjoy within the insular unit will be forced to evolve and control of the subscriber will be lost to ideas that “sinful” and “worldly” values and morals are more important than tenets and fairy tales. This fear propels the conservative ministers to apply the proper amount of fear to retain their superiority, societal unit, and insular, delusional surreality that supports them both monetarily and egotistically. Even their supported candidates for political office will parrot the fear-mongering in order gain popularity, thus achieving superiority. The cyclical nature of these three reasons are self sustaining, as there is very investment of time, effort and energy into maintaining righteous in the eyes of their fellow conservatives, control of the masses, and manipulation of minds. The conservatives expect this behavior and status quo from their leaders, no matter what they tout, as long as it is the popular opinion of the subscriber.

The failure to understand is based upon the dependent’s need to conform, is perpetuated by fear, and mired with ancient morals that no longer apply to the mature, independent, rational society around them. It could, quite possibly, be the most mournful waste of human intellect, kindness, and growth ever. As I have said countless times: Argue for your limitations and they are yours.