November 3, 2011 Congress reaffirmed the national motto to be “In God we trust” which first appeared on money in 1864. At the same time, a super committee was assigned to develop a debt deal to resolve issues with the budget. It is widely expected that the super committee will announce it’s failure to come up with an adequate plan by the deadline which is late Monday in order to make the deadline for submission in 48 hours before a final vote on Wednesday. The bipartisan committee’s aides told reporters anonymously that there is a chasm of difference between acceptable cuts along Republican and Democrat party lines. The debt committee has met frequently, with each party’s representatives refusing to budge on the deals put on the table. With sufficient time to come to a consensus or at least attempt to compromise has been met with partisan political agendas on both sides, each finger pointing to the other as being liable for the failure. The debt issue has been on the table for months, without any forthcoming solution in sight. Republican cuts affect the middle class too heavily and snip funds for medicare, veterans health benefits, and social security according to Democrats. To Republicans, cuts to these programs and others involving acting military personnel salaries is a sacrifice all must make. Debating, arguing and sequestering of the committee members has failed to provide relief or even a compromised plan for relief, leaving much to be desired by the American people.

Note that Congress could get together and resolve to reaffirm “In God we trust” as our national motto, but they can’t get together to do something significant about jobs in America, the economic hardship of millions of Americans, the debt crisis, or even widely attempt to put a worthwhile debt solvency proposal on the table. It was, and is, more important for the GOP to placate conservative extremists’ theocratic ideals for America than to do some, well, real and meaningful work that affects more than 20% of the population. A totally unnecessary, waste of time was utilized in order to pass this intangible initiative when there are tangible real problems with America that need more focused and direct attention. Perhaps getting together and actually working with each other to propose a viable debt relief for America is more important than “In God we trust”, since millions of Americans are without jobs, facing foreclosure, starving, scraping by from one paycheck to the next, and generally suffering in an ailing economy that really doesn’t affect representatives. It doesn’t affect them because even if they were to be replaced at election time, they would still be able to collect six figure pensions and enjoy excellent federal health benefits while the rest of us scrape by on robbing piggy banks and searching the sofa for change.

Also note that current representatives elected by you are making six figure salaries that are the result of affording a pay increase in the middle of the night while constituents like you and I were sleeping or otherwise not paying attention. Some representatives have mentioned that after paying the bills, $400,000 left over isn’t enough to squeak by as a public servant. Many haven’t offered to save the budget some quality funds by lowering that six figure salary down to a modest five figure salary that is typical of the average American’s gross yearly income. Imagine the amount of money that would be saved if that $400,000 per year salary was cut to $26,000 per year. We would be saving about $345,000 per representative. 435 in the House would save $150,075,000 and the 100 representatives in the senate would be $34,500,000 giving a grand total of $184,575,000. Since everyone else is getting a pay cut, so is the President of the United States to the same as the other representatives saving another $345,000 and the same for the Vice President at $208,000 to $26,000 saving about $182,000 which would add up to $185,102,000 all said and done. We paid our House and Senate representatives about $1,143 for the day that they decided to vote “In God we trust” to be reaffirmed as the national motto when what we should have been paying them is about $75.

So, do you feel that you got your $1,143 worth on the day they voted on reaffirming the national motto when they could have been doing significant, meaningful, and effective work that day? I don’t. Instead of working to see that veterans get benefits for fighting and sacrificing for the country, that social security remains a viable institution for the disabled and elderly, that medicare is paid for those who worked for it, that we pay our active duty military what they deserve, and spend wisely on defense and homeland security without paying $32,000 for a toilet seat, they decided it was important to yield to the conservative, Christian, theocracy longing voters that elected them because some people can’t be troubled to vote in smaller elections for representatives when the office of President seems more important. The sheer idiocy of the action, and the seemingly nose gesturing “neerer” the vote represented, when there are bigger and more important things to do is not worth the money paid or the energy exerted to afford the luxuries of the rich and political savvy representatives who are obviously not working in my best interested. Technically, we are their employer, since most of us don’t seem to care enough to protest the ridiculousness of such a vote; they are like the teen you hired to work front desk who sneaks in after taking a fifteen minute break instead of a ten minute one and texts friends when the phone needs answering. Or like the intern that lied on the application and can’t work the copier or fax machine. Or the McManager at the fast food joint who really doesn’t care if employees capture cell phone video of a woman being beaten severely enough to cause seizures. Or the CEO of a bank who takes the bailout funds and gives his executives bonuses instead of loaning money to qualified consumers. Or the purchase of an ailing automobile manufacturer and then selling it to a company in a foreign country. Or going to war claiming that the target has weapons of mass destruction, when in all actuality they didn’t have any. Or bombing and occupying a country because they harbored terrorists for ten years. Then, the elitist GOP candidates who can’t understand the protests of Occupy Wall Street because they’ve never had to scrape by on minimum wage or less and tips from customers.

The current climate of actions without consequences for the few who represent us in Congress, or even the failure to designate responsibility and consequences on our children for fear of being reported for child abuse, is a completely acceptable thing to ignore. This is primarily why people have been camping out in parks, on sidewalks, and in front of big businesses crying for someone to be responsible enough to eradicate the economic downturn with real solutions that are viable and forward facing toward a cohesive economic environment. The absurdity that OWS (Occupy Wall Street) are under the impression the rest of the world owes them and that they should find a job when there really aren’t any out there that pay well enough to afford the 2.5 kids they have is so elitist and ignorant of the plight of the average, well-educated college graduates and the average American laborer that is no wonder they can’t connect with the people. They live in their insular, padded reality where they live highly on six figure salaries and don’t have to struggle to make ends meet, pay one’s taxes, or survive from paycheck to paycheck. It’s time that they are given the dose of the reality of the people and as public servants they are representatives for us; not party lines, partisan politics, corporate contributors, lobbyists and those willing to pass an envelope of money to them underneath the table. The right wing interest groups, who often use tactics of a questionable nature to achieve signatures on petitions, skillfully place contributions on candidates that will vow to turn America into a conservative Christian theocracy they dream of so that they can regain control of a “heathen” country.

When is enough going to be enough for the untouchable representative who is self-serving to be accountable for failure to properly represent the larger population?