As reported by several media giants, the jobless claims in America are down and it is supposed to be credited with Obama kick starting the economy. The jobless rate in some states have gone down significantly, while in other states it has risen. The question remains: Is the jobless claims an accurate plumbing of the American unemployed?

Well, yes and no. Jobless claims are recorded as unemployment rates go down. While the number of new claims are significant to determining the amount of the unemployed, it is not the only gauge that should be used. The unemployment rate equal to claims for unemployment benefits shows the number of new claims. It does not take into consideration older claims or claims that have been exhausted.

There is no real way to determine the amount of unemployed people who have exhausted their benefits and remain unemployed. There is also a significant amount of unemployed people remaining so after their benefits exhausted, yet these numbers aren’t fed into the number machine presented to the bubble-living representatives. If they were to pay attention to the masses that continue to be unemployed after they were the statistic in unemployment report, they would be counted as unemployed. They are also called “lazy” for not getting a job, but in the employment market, there are less jobs than ever before even after Obama’s stimulation funds were dispensed for “road and bridge” updates.

The real problem is that a majority of elected representatives are failing to pay adequate attention to the real numbers of the unemployed. The solution is not more money for banks to lend, which they haven’t done, or earmarked funds for states to use to stimulate the economy. It is the necessity to create employment by having exportable products that will inject life into our lifeless economy. The more our country depends on products from other countries instead of domestically, the more people will be unemployed after benefits are exhausted.

There is an extensive gap in the understanding of the average person and the average elected representative. Even Obama, in his campaign bid to bring change, failed to understand the plight of the average American from the insular oval office. There has been no significant changes made that brings reality to the surreal world of the overpaid representatives arguing about the debt crisis and how to fix it.

Partisan politics, on both majority parties, has been undercurrent of debates and the failure of the committee to come to a rational and reasonable economic solution. Blogs everywhere churn out the realistic solutions for them, protesters for Occupy Wall Street have made their voices heard, and “arm chair” economists have cried out the real solution to the problem and all have been ignored. Instead of change, or any real solution being formulated, the representatives elected have failed their constituents and in that failure, the mire of unemployment numbers being fed by ticker to them is essentially ignored also. What has to happen to bring them up to speed on the true reality of the average American?

If Occupy Wall Street protesters actually had a coherently list of demands instead of an anarchistic collage of issues not everyone agrees on, the movement may have gotten the attention of the necessary political representatives. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen and instead of listening, they raided the tent cities and pepper sprayed the protesters. It’s like this, really: the 1% will always be in control as long as people fail to vote for representatives and reserve the seriousness of voting for Presidential elections. When voter turn out is hideously low for the election of Congressional Representatives, you’ll find yourself represented by a yutz who’s paid millions of dollars by special interest groups to get his or her seat. Then the complaints that Congressional Representatives are children in a sandbox are loud, they are elected because you failed to show up at your polling place and make a difference.

The unemployed masses of America who are omitted from the numbers presented to the representatives are the real victims of political ignorance. The newly unemployed who are the statistic number to the representatives are ignored by those who think that the unemployed could get a job at a fast food place to make ends meet live in a world were minimum wage is a livable wage for people to get by on. The only way that opinion will be changed is if the representatives started getting minimum wage for the jobs they are supposed to do as public servants. Then maybe that dose of reality will be enough to wake them up to the plight of those of us suffering without being able to afford health benefits, mortgages, rents, and utilities.