The current belief of a bunch of Christian extremists is that the public at large is attempting to take Christmas away from them. It’s become a bit of a nasty topic for public service people and those who work with the public in retail outlets and customer service details. The correct greeting in order to properly wish the general public happiness during their respective holiday is to say “Happy Holidays” as it covers everyone’s special days. The problem is that Christian extremists seem to think that the holiday is all theirs and that special treatment such as saying “Merry Christmas” is what this time is all about.

It’s not though. There are a multitude of Google results to prove it isn’t and that the creation of the holiday called “Christmas” was created to aggressively insert Christianity over other religious holidays in key times of the year, including Halloween and Easter. Three major religions, Paganism, Islam, and Judaism have holidays around the same time as the Christian assertive holidays, which were specifically done to attract followers and overwhelm other religions.

A good example is Christmas, the holiday they claim others are trying to “attack” which is not exactly true. If one were to correctly view historical dates of original established holidays around “Christmas”, one could say the Druidism and Paganism faith had established the Roman calender equivalent of December 21st to celebrate winter solstice and the holiday of Yule. At the same time, on another part of the world, Jews determined via lunar calender the holiday of Chanuka or Hanukkah was to last eight days in the Roman calender equivalent of December. Several centuries later, the Shiite holiday of Ashura which is a mourning holiday for the grandson of Mohammad, Husayn ibn Ali which falls via lunar calendar equivalent of the Roman Calendar of December. Some centuries after that, the Pope Constantine determined that, in order to maintain the importance of Christianity over the heathen religions, the holiday representing Jesus’s birth would fall in December as well. Several thousand years after that, the modern holiday of Kwanzaa was born as an eight day holiday focusing on personal strengths and achievements.

So, in complete observation, Christmas actually stole the holiday time of several other religions in order to mark their territory as being more important and competitive of any other faith on earth. They did the same with Easter, called Ostara to Paganism and All Hallows Day overriding Halloween called Samhain or New Year by Paganistic faiths. It’s not that Jesus died on Easter, or that historically Jesus died on Easter, or that they have proof that he did. It’s that it was a Pagan holiday, one to be overridden by Christianity in an effort to erase the religious holidays that proceeded them. The idea was to conquer these other faiths and produce more Christian overtones by taking over their holidays. Passover is another holiday around Easter, for thousands of years prior to Easter, which is a bastardization of Oestara. There are even more tiny little holidays that are not major also planned to overtake other faiths.

So clearly, it’s not non Christian believers stealing or attacking Christianity at Christmastime, but Christians who have stole the holiday from the original religions in an effort to conquer their importance. The whole thing about Christianity being back seated to other holidays of equal importance to a multitude of people is not only completely ridiculous, it’s insulting to those who worship differently than them. It’s rude, it’s egotistical and it’s annoying, enough so that one, like me, who fail to believe foolhardily in any organized, predetermined faith in a deity as being the ultimate being are also being pushed aside by the demanding nature of those who think someone is attacking their holiday.

Now, if we wanted to say that Christmas has become a capitalistic holiday that starts around November and ends December 25th, we would be a whole lot likely to pin the appropriate tail on the appropriate donkey. Christmas has become the retail holiday to make lots of money as a multitude of people view the holiday primarily as a gift giving one, thus properly feeding the bottom lines of so many companies’ pockets. Not everyone who celebrates Christmas goes to church to hail the birth of the alleged “savior”, but a large portion do put up Christmas trees sold by retailers which is the symbol of everlasting life as evergreens are not dying in winter.

They do buy gifts for the ones they love from either online retailers or retail stores who depend on this time of year for boost in sales and money. It is, in fact, no longer about mangers, babies, farm animals, virgin births, candle light services or other religious symbolism. It’s about family, togetherness, and surprises for children who believe in Santa Claus or Saint Nickolas, flying reindeer, and chimney spelunking. It’s about the magic of life, the joy of love and the happiness that can be found when opening nice, thoughtful or even fun gifts. It’s about giving being more important than receiving and that happiness that brightens everyone’s day. It’s about eating a lot of food, football games, and having some fun with new toys that are adult as much as they are for children.

Not everything in life has to revolve so tightly around the belief that someone is attacking your faith by taking Christ out of their Christmas in light of love, family togetherness, and happiness. It is a time of year that doesn’t need to be mired down with live nativity scenes, reciting from the bible, or singing songs about Christ’s birth. Not everyone is interested in Christ being involved with their Mas, and that is all that matters. What is the big deal about subtracting God from a holiday that really is geared to making families stronger through fellowship, love, and some happiness? Why can’t those people be included in the polite and equally warm greeting of “Happy Holidays”? Because extremists want to control everyone from the way they celebrate holidays to what one does within the privacy of their own home and own body parts. It’s ridiculous and it needs to stop right here, right now.

In careful consideration, as I am unwilling to force people to believing as I do, I do heartily wish everyone a happy holiday season.