Just days ago, President Obama announced his support of same sex marriage much to the chagrin of voters and Americans opposing equal rights for LGBT people. Many point to the convenience of “coming out” in an election year, the possible strategic nature of such an announcement, and accuse him of pandering to liberals and left leaning voters in order to attempt to secure their vote. Opinions zip around the internet and news organizations based primarily on speculation as really no one has the telepathic ability to determine why it happened now as opposed to earlier or later. Plenty of opponents and conservatives rally around Romney’s response that marriage should remain between one man and one woman, causing a huge debate via media outlets and mediums such as radio, YouTube, and pulpits to deliver messages of tolerance and intolerance even after North Carolina recently enacted Amendment One that defines marriage. It makes for great ratings with plenty of sensationalism and fact manipulating on both sides of the debate, which is neither helpful or productive. So, it begs the question: What now?

For some it’s a game changer, affecting their vote either for or against Obama based upon personal opinion and moralistic values. For others it makes no difference, neither swaying or influencing how their vote is to be cast. Agreed, the topic is hot and pushes buttons. Tempers can flare and sear, with some claiming parallels between the civil rights movement for blacks in the 60’s while others claim such determination insults blacks and revered civil rights activists of that era. The fact remains that, without lacking similarities, the civil rights of the LGBT community is subject to the same evolution of moralistic compass and values that the dissolution of segregation created. Even now, some forty years later, there are those who struggle against the acceptance that people of color (no matter which color that is) are entitled the exact same rights as any peer. The same can be said about the feminist movement, too; without ignoring strong parallels and the failure of others to evolve into acceptance of this. However many scripture quotes condemning any type of homosexuality regardless of the belief system fail to produce the necessary evolutionary process that will ensure that faith would survive beyond this decade or future centuries. However the common influence of new ideas that everyone actually might be created equally has grown exponentially from the 60’s but remains selective in popular conservative and right wing views to only heterosexual couples.

Siting religious and dogmatically dispensed morality straight out of religious doctrine and text fails to fully encompass unconditional love that is the basis of god-follower relationships. Insertion of fear triggers in order to control and manipulate lives to benefit or profit monetarily, socially, or culturally is a human creation not a divine one regardless of the texts’ content and delivery. Fear that exists in a relationship is not a relationship, regardless whether it’s god or an intimate relationship with a friend, mate, sibling, parent, spouse or potential spouse. It isn’t just about one’s orientation, it’s about one’s ability to accept just what unconditional love is and moving on that instead of wearing dogmatic blinders. It’s that mindset that violence based on the necessity of punishment isn’t punishment, it’s abuse. It’s that mindset that has to evolve and grow before people can move from self-righteous god fearer (no matter what that dogmatic principle is) to righteous god loving unconditional lover.

The frank absurdity that somehow homosexual relationship acceptance will lead to other perversions to being acceptable, such as bestiality or child molestation, echoes a fear of change that may lead to someone questioning their faith on a deeper level than surface scratching or even question their sexuality. The fact that that such a journey is so unimaginable to those fighting against marriage equality is telling of their inability to move beyond the idea that unconditional love is actually unconditional. The idea that there may not even be a god is an alien concept because of the tie of self worth and identity to a particular faith prevents free thought, true individuality and self esteem development that is self dependent and not religiously assigned.

I’ve also learned, in my lifetime, that the person speaking loudest against homosexuality is probably hiding or denying their own quest into the truth of their sexuality. It’s more important to conform into a predetermined life rather than live through the heart, being true to one’s self, or facing an ostracized familial or social relationship where self dependence and unknowns are more frightening than truth. When this happens, I am filled with a deep sadness because religion has destroyed that person beyond reasonable recognition and because that person is destroyed, they seek to destroy others.

The real issue of Obama supporting marriage equality is the inflexibility of others to evolve beyond predefined conditions and actually begin to think for themselves.

Just sayin’.