Last night jurors ended their deliberations and presented Jerry Sandusky with the guilty verdict of 43 out of 48 of the charges against him concerning the rape and molestation of ten boys of varying ages that he met through the charity he founded called “The Second Mile”. Detailed testimony given by his victims and the obvious pain presented to the court and jury spelled out Sandusky’s guilt. Since he is 68, it is more than likely that he will die in prison as a majority of his sentence could be decades stacked upon themselves. There currently is no death penalty punishment for pedophiles, but strict sentences remain in place to prevent offenders from serving short sentences or even probation for their crime. Many hold the opinion that a death penalty for such crimes violates the Constitution’s mention of cruel and unusual punishment.

Being a victim of a sex crime and/or pedophilia murders that person on large and complex multiple amount of levels. Not only is the victim physically violated, one’s psychological health is violated. It often causes a ripple effect that leads to self esteem issues, poorly screening and choosing potential sexual partners, promiscuity behavior, potential drug and alcohol abuse, self destructive behaviors, low self respect issues, significant and/or deep bouts of depression, trust and communication issues, low self worth, post traumatic stress disorder, behavior disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder and borderline personality disorder, cutting, and many more. There is always a pronounced change in the victim from before the victimization to post victimization that can be categorically viewed as the murder of that person. Some even become perpetrators themselves, thus making it clearly a life altering event that drastically changes the person into something unrecognizable from the pre-victimization self.

Application and qualification of the death penalty should be considered for pedophiles since most are never able to be rehabilitated, they are subject to incarceration separate from general population due to criminals hatred for their crime could result in that pedophile’s murder, and once released they have a high percentage chance of perpetrating again and again and again. Tax money funds will go toward meals, housing, medication, medical care, clothing, maintenance of clothing, and possible other prison programs designed to humanely treat and benefit such criminals. It can be safely said that serial pedophiles like Sandusky will repeatedly offend. The pedophile becomes nothing more than a statistic afforded expensive care in the penal system. A reusable five dollar rope used to carry out the death penalty not only cuts costs, recycles conveniently, and is effective; but it also halts overcrowding and lessens demand for special segregated units.

Statistics also show that a large percentage of violent offenders as well as pedophiles will cycle through the system at least four times in their lifetime, repeating offenses upon release as soon as thirty days into their freedom. The chances of these offenders becoming productive members of society are statistically lean. While I do not hold the opinion that the death penalty for such crimes would effectively work as a deterrent, I sincerely doubt that decades behind bars and sexual offender lists prove effective either. The point remains that someone who commits such crimes generally do not “recover and rehabilitate” and only provide a cyclical space in the prison system.

In comparison to other countries’ prison system, I’ll use Russia’s Black Dolphin facility for your reference, America’s penal system is soft and permits an unhealthy and violent culture based on gang involvement, racial segregation, and tiered “pecking orders” that often breeds even more violence. The fact most countries do not reserve any pity for the drug smuggler, murderer, rapist and pedophile; America is forced to treat such offenders “humanely” when in respect to the committed offense, humane treatment was never considered. I, personally, do not find it in my best interests to humanely pay for Sandusky’s last decades of his life in a segregated facility where pedophiles are kept from general population “for their own safety”. I am completely willing to flip the tab for a five dollar rope to be used in hanging him.

As a survivor of sexual abuse at the hands of a pedophile family member between the ages of 7 and 12, I can attest to the cold hard facts that before my abuse I was much different than after my abuse. It murdered a part of me that I will never be able to regenerate, but through intense psychological treatment I am able to deal with and use coping mechanisms to maintain some self dignity, self respect, and self esteem. I told on my abuser indirectly, but many more victims do not tell and suffer in inhumane silence. It’s not fair, and certainly life was never intended to be fair; but justice being served is sweet indeed.

My heart goes out to Sandusky’s victims and I hope they find it in their hearts the strength to move on.