On June 5, 2011 in Minnesota, CeCe McDonald and her friends were subjected to racist and hateful verbal attacks while passing a bar on their way to a local store.  CeCe was attacked by one of the women who announced she could “take them all on” who broke a bottle on her face causing an injury that required stitches on her cheek.  She was making an attempt to leave the scene by walking across the street when a man followed her.  Fearing for her life, CeCe defended herself against the man by stabbing him with a scissors.  The man later died.  She later received medical care, getting stitches on her cheek, and went two months in custody without a follow up appointment.   The prosecutor of the case, a man self proclaimed as the “Michael Jordan of prosecutors” ignored public interest to free CeCe and instead decided to prosecute “harder”.  Though the man she stabbed had a swastika on his chest, that fact was considered inadmissible evidence for the trial.  The prosecutor claimed it would incite undue anger at the victim of the crime.  Further, even though she defended herself with a weapon against someone who did not have one, the nature of the attack proceeding the stabbing, and the fact that violence had already injured her the prosecutor maintained his stance to convict her.  While I’m sure CeCe isn’t allowed to talk about the case, it seems to me from obvious deduction that a trial by jury could have easily resulted in a life sentence for murder.  Instead, Ms. McDonald took a plea agreement for second degree manslaughter which carries a prison term of 41 months.  What makes this case so very different is that CeCe McDonald is a corrected gender woman who was attacked after being called “nigger”, “chicks with dicks”,”faggot”, and it was suggested that CeCe dressed as she did so she could “rape” the man she eventually stabbed.

CeCe is serving her sentence in a men’s prison because her transition has not been completed.  While she and her supporters on a site dedicated to supporting CeCe are not interested in having her transferred to a female prison, most probably because her sentence is rather short, but are interested in having people who feel CeCe’s pain support her in prison by sending letters and books to her.  Guidelines for doing so can be found here.  The crux of the matter remains:  Would CeCe have incited the prosecutor’s wrath had she been a woman who needed not to transition?  Alas, that remains a mystery; however considering that a very obvious symbol tattooed on the victim’s chest was inadmissible and perhaps the nature of the dispute resulting in a violent confrontation should speak volumes to the public who may need information on the discrimination of corrected gender people, the plight that racism is alive and very well in America, and the hate gay, lesbian, bisexual, and polysexual people must endure in parts of America.  It is fair to note that this kind of discrimination goes on in backstreet and main street America every single day.  The results can be grim.  There are many who are unable to endure the prejudice of their communities when coming out who commit suicide every single day.  Such despair casts a shadow pall on all being created equal, the pursuit of happiness, and the rights to freedom afforded by the United States Constitution.

The argument runs long that being gay, lesbian, bisexual, polysexual and corrected gender is “abhorrent” in the eyes of their chosen “God”.   Equality for them is denied because they believe marriage should be between “one man and one woman”.   The very best example of bigotry and hatred was Huckabee’s Support Chick-Fil-A Day, which pointed in the face of every citizen of America and showed them you must conform to the majority’s narrow view of what you have the right to do in your own life.  It didn’t succeed in making me back down from supporting my sisters and brothers equality.  What it did do was prove that prejudice is alive and well in the US.   It proved that we had not come very far from our days of segregation, disallowing women to vote, and being shackled by others who hate with a righteous fervor.   A black woman going to school brought great anger in communities long ago and still do in some areas today.  A woman, who has every right to walk down the street with whomever she wishes and regardless of whether she was born a woman or not, is still not safe in America.   It’s a shame that our corrected gender sisters and brothers must contend with such danger every single day, much less our gay, lesbian, bisexual and polysexual ones too, because somewhere there is always someone willing to kill another person they view as a sinner, pervert, or enemy of the societal norms they are unwilling to evolve above.

I would like to take a moment to ask you to send an appropriate message to CeCe, using the guidelines provided, to let her know that she has many more sisters and brothers than she originally thought.  I can’t even imagine how terrible it is for her in prison around predators waiting for her moment of weakness.  I can’t imagine what it must be like to made to feel sorry for one’s pursuit of happiness, to be afraid every day that this could be the time I could be attacked, and that loneliness that surely comes from being confined like an animal.  The current state of our prison systems do not afford the luxury of rehabilitation, but instead offer new and painful ways to remain a criminal by forcing gang affiliation through which crimes are committed.  The perpetuation of criminal behavior in prison serves as another training ground to permit the criminal to achieve new and better crimes.  Some prisons, such as the one in Miami Dade, Florida, where rats and disgusting conditions subject prisoners to all kinds of bacterial infections.   How responsible are we as a nation to throw people away and expect them to pull themselves out of the trash can when we keep them in there?  We put the lid on the trash can and put it out of sight and mind.   I agree that some criminals are lifelong criminals, they do deserve life sentences in prison, but they also deserves some tool that may help them grow into a productive member of society.

Write CeCe and show our girl some LOVE!