First, a video introduction.  Yes, they are short and I can brief you on them, too.   Here is one, another, and some more.   These are a mere sampling of the various tones and specifically prejudice, misdirected, misinformed and misplaced logical interludes precluding reasonable deduction and well informed rationality.   I really don’t need to produce more links to Mr. Fischer as most of his ranting madness is usually just as ugly as the four represented above.  Without fully understand fascism, Fischer easily calls Obama such when it serves his purposes to use shock and awe stupidity to degrade and erode rational intelligent deduction to put fear into unthinking masses that believe every word he utters.  Without fully understanding liberal political interests, Fischer blames shootings in a Sikh temple on what he calls “liberals” engaging in direct hateful speech designed to strike fear into the uninformed as if Liberals would ever entertain such a horrific idea while maintaining any degree of sanity.  Fischer in one clip goes on to note that Democrats want slavery, thus dishing out “goodies” to African Americans to garner votes.   He accuses the African American community of being on the Democratic platform in exchange for welfare and other government handouts, likening the government and Democratic party to a “methadone clinic” hand out addicts their due.  Not only is this speech hateful toward Democratic party members, it degrades African Americans as though they only want what they can get from a party Fischer describes as “Jim Crow, KKK, Duke” associated people without recognizing that there are good, observant, dedicated Christians of positive repute engage in the Democratic party.  To suggest African Americans are unable to think for themselves and survive on government handouts is more prejudice than Duke, KKK and Jim Crow laws could ever be.  The suggestion that “Big Gay” goes directly after “religious” and that there is no tolerance within the Equality Movement, that they are hateful and angry.  It’s this kind of fantastic hateful prejudice spewed from a generally intolerant laughable organization publicly by Bryan Fischer that one can easily imagine the rhetoric that flows from his mouth on a daily basis.

Which begs the question:  Why is the organization he works for that calls itself the American Family Association, which should reflect family values and be relatively generally rated, be spewing such disgusting and terrible things in a medium where there might be a chance my child would hear such filth?  Because that’s how Fischer and the AFA chooses to fight it’s battles.  Allow me a moment to enlighten you fully on the organization that Chick-Fil-A gives money to in order to continue the battle against Equality for all.   In 1989, after a successful boycott campaign by the AFA, the store 7Eleven was forced to remove two monthly magazines that featured naked pictures of women which the AFA considered to be pornography.  Hoping to lead the campaign onward, the AFA then began to target Waldenbooks which, because they could, launched a counter movement for freedom of speech resulting in a lawsuit against the AFA.  Of course, the AFA put its frail hand upon its head and fainted on the Victorian couch of victimization, but suddenly stopped targeting Waldenbooks and associated publishing houses.  It got so ugly, Waldenbooks et al pressed RICO charges and everything was quickly settled out of court.  The AFA called on numerous occasions throughout the last 30 years have made attempts to call for a boycott of Disney for its annual “Gay Day” at the park that welcomes families and gays, lesbians, bisexuals and polysexuals.  They got nasty enough that they urged their followers to draw up against Disney, not buying movies or going to various Disney resorts, which failed so utterly that Disney thought that it hit a small drunk gnat on the roadway.   Probably the most heinous, terrible, unforgivable outrage ever perpetrated by the AFA was the release of the movie The Day They Kicked God Out of the Schools after the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007 that features God telling a student that the reason people are killed in schools is because God isn’t in schools anymore.  A gross and disgusting flicker of every single problem the AFA has with everything, espousing it as being taught by public schools which is not only a blatant lie, but an incredible testament to how far this organization will go to produce everything as someone else’s problem and everything as a sin.

Manipulation of facts, which is Bryan Fischer’s forte, along with a rather pitiful manipulation of propaganda in order to raise fear in those who are comfortable living in the insular created reality instead of the ones the rest of us are actively engaged in is not only shameful and terribly harmful, but it exceeds what should be considered as respectable behavior from an organization touting itself as a “family conscious” association.  What they are actually doing is an embarrassment to any real organization supportive of family structure, orientation, and closeness.  What the various dispensed propaganda suggests is that God would abandon anyone due to his presence being excluded in public schools.  I find taking a child to any religious outlet that teaches fear as a means to manipulate the young, developing minds of children to be nothing short of child abuse and constitutes parental right being relinquished of both parents regardless of religion.  Showing a child the movie produced by the AFA would suggest that God doesn’t help those in places that are secular because somehow he is unwanted there.  How cruel to suggest that God would, in any context of being, be that disgustingly fickle?  Obviously the AFA’s version of God is one that doesn’t care about his followers when they go to be missionaries in another country because that God is unwelcome there.  Really?  The absurdity of such a notion is so incredibly fatuous that it defies logic, undermines what God is supposed to project which is love, and again teaches impressionable children to live in a state of static fear that God won’t be there for them one day because of where they were and who they were near.

This is the association that Chick-Fil-A gives a donation to.  It should be appalling to anyone, believer or atheist, that such a hate group would be supported by anyone with even just one neuron in their head controlling breathing, heartbeat, and blinking.  Some Americans are just gullible.