A Virginia man, who had “strong feelings” about those who do not treat homosexuals well, is accused of shooting the Family Research Council manager in the arm.  The shooting brought to light the Southern Poverty Law Center’s determination that the Family Research Council, also known as FRC, is a hate group due to misinformation and propaganda that directly sheds a negative and untrue light on homosexuality, bisexuality, and corrected gender individuals.  The designation, long under fire by the FRC and those that support them such as the AFA which I posted on earlier, is currently standing and the Southern Poverty Law Center has absolutely no intention of removing  it.  So the question remains, is the FRC a hate group and such a designation worthy of this organization?  Well let’s take the facts as they come from the FRC website.  On this website, you’ll find lots of information to peruse, also a lot of information about what the FRC stands for considering it’s notoriously conservative Chrstian extremist viewpoints.  Let’s review.

In a ten point article discussing the harm homosexual marriage will provide to people, which you can read here, or I can summarize for you generally also, the FRC statement on issues is discussion of a hateful if not prejudice nature.  Taxpayers (including businesses and consumers in short) would subsidize same sex couples by paying taxes that benefits them directly via government mandate should it come to that.   Point one goes on to say that Social Security benefits is the homosexual lobby’s biggest target because, heaven forbid, the spouse of a dead homosexual may get marriage benefits rightly theirs via government money.  Point two, Schools will teach that homosexual relationships are equal to heterosexual ones.  The article goes on to say that they are not because it may bring discussion about how two women can have vaginal penetration via a sex toy or dildo in schools as early as kindergarten which is strongly and morally not the homosexual lobby’s plan.  Thus misinformation is transmitted via this article and we’re only at POINT TWO, but nothing like the fact that private religious schools will have people attending them that do not subscribe to their particular faith introducing a kind of heathenism into the secular school, which is also not the point of the Lobby.  Point three, Freedom of conscience and religious liberty would be threatened.  Primarily due to the fact that somewhere in the bible homosexuality is outed as being “unnatural” and even though Jesus said nothing about it, the religious liberty that one cannot condone same sex marriage infringes directly on their right to be religiously endowed to persecute and exhibit prejudice related  to homosexuals, bisexuals and corrected gender people.  First, this would be severely unconstitutional and secondly, no one is asking them to bear with it and be okay with it.  They can oppose it all they want, just like the KKK currently opposes racial mixing and racial diversity and equality.  Point four, Fewer people would marry.  In the narrow wind tunnel that is the FRC view, fewer heterosexuals would seek out the designation as “married” because it is rendered meaningless by same sex marriage and equality.  Point five, Fewer people would remain monogamous and remain sexually faithful.  The  article then dispenses information on gay couples, who according to studies, are unable to keep it in their pants and thus the spread of AIDS and general mayhem supporting infidelity because of their relationships would eventually infect heterosexual couples that were minding their own business and suddenly caught the infidelity virus from those pesky gays.  Point six, Fewer people would remain married for a lifetime, is so remotely and generally uncivil that the article’s author sites other studies that are revealing that out of 156 gay couples, only a handful were together longer than 5 years.  Sadly, I know of many relationships of gay men that have lasted two decades or more, without any infidelity, without any kind of trust issues, and without divorce should they have been married for that period of time.  The absurdity of this study ridiculously twisted to respectively convert facts into misinformation is outstandingly ridiculous and laughable at best.  On to point seven, Fewer children would be raised by a father and a mother, with details on the fact that children would be raised by two moms or two dads and thus spell the end of the traditional mother father household.  Unfortunately, the author neglects that most of the children raised today are raised by either a single father or single mother and blended families on a whole are on the rise.  Again, misinformation designed to instigate fear, hatred, and prejudice viewpoints are encouraged.  Point eight, More children would grow up fatherless, without any real basis though spouting fanatically altered reports that children would not have fathers and that this hurts everyone is so insanely absurd, I may have suffered a stroke.   Point nine, The birthrate would fall, is another one that sadly has nothing to do with homosexual, bisexual or corrected gender relationships, but is presented in such a manner that one must surely expect that in order for a woman married to another woman is to get sperm from an unsuspecting donor being horrifically wrong or the option of adopting some seven million American children up for adoption might be a bad thing is directly misinformation dispensing.  The tenth and final point is Demands for legalization of polygamy would grow.  The very crux of this very point, and the article in brief summary, is that if one cannot control what his or her neighbor does in the privacy of their own home and that the demand for equality between all people is recognized and legitimized via federal, state, and constitutional amendment, the world as we know it will end and one should be afraid, very afraid.

The designation as a hate group is based on speech, production of information, propaganda manufacturing, misinformation, stating half truths as fact, and outright downright lies as sudden truth is exactly what has earned FRC this designation and will be the exact thing that maintains that designation on par with a list of cults and rather undercurrent contained ridicule based groups who manufacture hate on a broad scale is exactly what this organization is, by and large.  However, since the average American Christian conservative extremist reads fact from anything and believes that the internet and bible do not lie, perhaps the gullibility factor of the FRC and its influence among the moronic underbelly of America will eventually evolve into something other than a walking, talking idiot branded and hellbent on destroying the lives of innocent people engaging in their pursuit of happiness afforded to them by the United States of America Constitution.   You know, that thing that gives them the right to freedom of religion and speech in order to predetermine who gets to enjoy the benefits of marriage and who does not.