“Congress shall make no law respecting establishement of religion, prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably to assemble, and petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  Amendment 1, United States Constitution, Bill of Rights.  In certain instances, the freedom of speech does not hold it’s ground when it is incites violence in this country.  The United States Supreme Court has defined the First Amendment further, but what does it mean when other countries misunderstand or don’t particularly understand what it means?  For instance, violence ensued in the Middle Eastern countries after a anti-Islamic movie was posted to YouTube.  Muslim countries’ leaders are not saying or saying plainly enough that this video is a problem, just not too long ago it was when a Danish paper published a negative cartoons that depicted Mohammad, the Prophet of Allah.  So what does freedom of speech really mean when things heat up about what’s right to publish and what’s not right to publish on the internet?

The freedom of speech so beloved by the United States of America is not so beloved everywhere else.  There is misunderstanding in Middle Eastern countries that Freedom of Speech in America doesn’t really protect any religion from critical or negative views, as the same amendment says that no one religion shall be established as the religion of America.  No religion is safe and certainly no one’s faith is safe from critical or negative opinion generally on the internet or anywhere else in America.  That means, literally, that anyone can say whatever they want about any religion without fear of prosecution and a lot of people do.  Right now, among some critical of Islam itself on the American soil have often accused the Muslim community incorrectly of bringing Shari’a law with them to replace the legal and binding law of the land, the US Constitution.  While this notion is silly and laughable on it’s face, there are a lot of people that think this way and use freedom of speech to get that opinion onto forums and in the public as is their right.  Their protected right under the Constitution.  Sure, I don’t like it.  Sure it makes me wonder where people get their crazy ideas, but as for me going down to my local church or other public meeting place and setting it ablaze or randomly killing people who probably don’t even know people hold this position is not only ridiculously oversensitive, but stupidly against a lot of laws even Qur’anic values that are not Shari’a.  It is not my place to tell them not to say hurtful things, it’s my place to decide how to act on such a idiotic notion or react.  I decide to roll my eyes, dismiss them as absurdly unintelligent, ignorant individuals, and I move on with my life.  I have, for the last 42 years of my life (all of it), lived in a country that clearly defines freedom of speech as a right even the absurdly unintelligent, ignorant people have.

A larger portion of the Middle East has not and, frankly, are acting as children having the worst temper tantrum ever that doesn’t just hurt others, but it hurts themselves, and killing and burning people is sickening even to the most wise Qur’an Scholars that have intimate knowledge of the passages disallowing such behavior.  It’s not only sinful, but it makes them look bad.  There are a hundred things you can do to show your displeasure about a movie without killing, maiming,or hurting people and burning buildings that are meaningless.  I have seen the American flag burned so many times that not only does it not bother me anymore, but it’s a mindless, knee jerk reactive action that only proves you have matches and a stick.  Personally, burning effigies of Presidents and people only works to serve as some kind of gnat flying about my face and eventually into my ear.  Minor annoyance, mainly because it’s getting airtime on national news outlets that it doesn’t need.  I’m sure there is some other story better suited to show footage of than to give this kind of tripe any kind of time.  Really, I can’t get back the ten seconds I’ve already wasted by even talking of it.  The Middle Eastern countries that are Muslim predominately feel the need to indicate that some of their people are not ready to grow up and have an adult life that resorts to actions of a productive nature to show one’s displeasure of a ridiculous movie about how much Islam might be wrong and perhaps “evil”.  If we were to exclude Islam from any negative overview or any negative light, that would be in violation of Amendment 1.  No one religion, not Christianity or Islam or any other, shall be the main religion of America.  It simply isn’t possible since so many religions occupy America.

The misunderstanding of freedom of speech in America is likely to continue to be misunderstood by Middle Eastern and some other countries who do not know enough about our Constitution to understand why such a movie would be censored from the internet site YouTube.  No, it wouldn’t and shouldn’t be removed because some people desire to act like primates flinging excrement.  It doesn’t work that way.  Freedom to make a movie about how much a religion is either “evil” or “incorrect” is protected under our law.  If you don’t like it don’t kill someone, maybe America just isn’t the right place for you to go to, get involved in criticizing, or even react violently about.  The question still remains is what does freedom of speech mean?  It means that a movie can be publicized on YouTube without censorship due to our laws in the United States.  If this infuriates you to the point you desire to shoot someone or burn someone’s building down, perhaps it is time to reevaluate your priorities, reintroduce constructive time management skills to see if this is truly something you desire to waste energy and time on, and perhaps see if perhaps your sensitivity to such criticism is either too high or too soft.  But again, the Middle East has not enjoyed the type of freedom we have to enjoy life and take time to particularly grow insensitive to opinions negative in nature.  Overreaction?  Yes, it is.  Maybe it is time for growth there, not meaning that everyone burned a flag or did something terrible, because not everyone has.  The sensible of these countries are home pointing at this post saying, “What she said!” right now.

The overreaction isn’t just there, it’s here too by people calling for foreign aid to these countries to stop or blaming administration for the occurrence because of whatever logic they deem necessary to point out error in this election year.  The ridiculousness of that kind of overreaction is embarrassing and I personally would like to apologize for them and freely admit that yes, America too has it’s unintelligent, ignorant idiots just waiting to show their idiocy to the world.  I can’t do anything about that, but I can tell you that not all people support such a extreme viewpoint.  Just like people in the Middle East who are sensible and are saying the same thing to Americans right now in light of the terrible violence occurring around the Muslim world.  Listen to them, because according to scientific theorems presented in the last hundred years, eventually they will fail to evolve and be left in the non-recyclable gene pool.