At the link above, you can take the time to hear and see the full video, as Romney suggested, released to the public.  The Romney campaign, with its machine squeaky wheels of discord and strife are claiming they are able to “debunk” the tape which is obviously him, obviously speaking, and proudly answering questions at a $50,000 per plate dinner full of supporters willing to pay that much to support him.  Conservatives are simply ignoring the tape, while others remind that Romney isn’t a Christian, and generally remaining very quiet about its release.  It includes his opinion of Israel, which is something he hasn’t said publicly, that he would move along with things as well as he can and that it’s something that will always be going on because he doesn’t see the Palestinians wanting peace.  Then a release of the video which states that 47% of the population doesn’t pay income tax and is dependent on government hand outs and whatnot, will never be convinced that they need to take care of themselves and they will vote for Obama in order to keep the benefits flowing.  Not only does this surreal slant on life Romney possess make him look out of touch with reality, the fact that his complacency on doing something about Israel and the Palestinian issues only further issues that under his Presidential rule, stagnation seems to be his only platform.  Further, often, Romney has spoken out against Obama’s foreign policy of “placation” as not working.  Though Romney doesn’t see himself helping bring peace to Palestinians and Israelis, his idea to invade Iran for building nuclear weapons seems contradictory to his complacency.   The facts are this, yes there may be part of the 47% that do not pay income taxes, but it’s not all of them.  While the 47% may be dependent on government “hand outs”, it’s not all of them.   He generalized his skewed reality of the real world for a room full of supporters.  Think about it, in the tapes there are at least five people in view of the camera and off screen supporters ask many questions, receiving answers that they may or may not have wanted to hear.  At $50,000 per plate that right there is $250,000, wealth of that magnitude that could have been used to further US production and stimulate a dying economy, that we will never see in our lifetimes, were plunked out for support of a man who doesn’t understand that 47% of the people of America matter.

Yet, there are some truths within his comments I’m sure he believes are true.  Conservatives supporting him, because they had to lest they don’t have a candidate to trumpet, don’t seem unsettled publicly by his statements or his comments even though they might be part of the 47% he’s talking about.  So with that in mind, and his surreal opinions about under half the population, let’s look at some realities just in Pennsylvania.  The unemployed who are unable to find work after years of recessive economic opportunities have had their benefits cut off because the numbers of unemployed has went down.  The only reason why that went down so sharply is because once unemployment benefits run out, the unemployed are not properly counted.  In June of 2012, welfare benefits in the commonwealth no longer includes cash assistance, but still maintains food stamp and medical assistance programs.  Earlier in 2012, Governor Tom Corbett  made it possible for those on medicare who are below the poverty line get their Medicare Part A and Part B paid for by the state, thus allowing more money in one’s social security income but because of that increase, thousands lost Medicaid privileges and the staggering amount of medical bills they can’t pay continue to mount up on desktops everywhere as unpaid and go right to collections.  The average income in Pennsylvania is currently $22,000 or less, it would take two entire years of not paying rent, bills, and car insurance that is mandatory to afford one plate at this particular fundraiser released by Mother Jones. Also the working poor has increased in Pennsylvania due mainly to companies unwilling to pay more, offer health insurance benefits, and often retain no profit sharing opportunities within.  The lines at food banks in the Commonwealth have gotten 51% longer due to the fact there are too many bills at the end of one’s paycheck.  Foreclosure rates are high and real estate has not lowered all that much considering the average small home in the suburbs is going for $159,000 (low balling that one, of course) and housing in depressed areas like Reading are still set to sell at prices pre-bubble of the Real Estate market.  Companies that have five employees that are supposed to get federally get assistance to pay for health care benefits aren’t getting any in Pennsylvania.  The reality is, in the fine Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, one must apply for government assistance in order to feed their families and even then, at $22,000, they may not qualify for such benefits if they do not have children.  So those that need help can’t get it and those that do aren’t getting it.

If this is how Pennsylvania is suffering, how is it across the USA in places like Nevada where the unemployment rate is so high that it’s become a serious issue?  How can one person applying for a job in which it is important to show just how much money one is making, isn’t willing to release information?  Why is two years of tax returns not enough?  It takes more than that to buy a home anywhere in Pennsylvania.  How is it that someone who wants the most important job in this country, the office of President, so detached from the reality of the 47%?  There is always going to be a buffer between those that are wealthy and those that are not as long as our society permits it.  The entitlement of people to have good health care benefits available to them at an affordable price is important since most employers can’t afford them or simply don’t want to for bottom line purposes is their due, but when you can spend $50,000 dollars on a plate of food to hear Romney pitch himself you aren’t really thinking about the majority of the people coming out of college can’t find a job and are forced to default on loans.  You aren’t thinking about the people standing in line at a food bank waiting for hand outs because they can’t afford food.  You don’t think about the people who are selling jewelry to meet the bills, selling heirlooms to pay their electric, or those that suffer in silence making $19,000 per year or even $22,000 per year.  It’s not important to him because he can’t see you through the buffer of the rich.  It’s a travesty, of course, but what is one to do?

Don’t vote for him.  It’s your choice, when you’ve shown your ID to the voting workers and you’re standing there ready to hit the button, just don’t vote for him.  It’s not that he’s going to hear you over the racket in his head that sounds pretty much like “cha-ching” to take the time to understand your plight as working poor.  It’s not going to happen.  There are 47% of Americans he can’t convince to vote for him because they aren’t ignorant to the platform on which Romney stands.  Until he realizes that the lazy 47% aren’t lazy but are suffering from a poor economy transferred from the Bush Administration and by overseas export of companies beneficial to the growth of real economic strength, he’ll be protected by his wealthy bubble and you’ll be without a home, without a car, without a job, without benefits, without money and pawning your engagement ring to make ends meet or selling the beautiful jewelry left to you by Uncle Bud.  It’s up to you to shut up and put up, vote for the best choice that isn’t a stuffed shirt huffing about releasing tax returns or including “you people” in his bid to run the country.

And the 47% voted…