Petraeus, the current CIA Director, has sent in his resignation after admitting to an affair with his biographer and thus becoming a security issue has blown up the media like a small explosive.  Every channel is covering it and everyone has an opinion to share about how terrible it is that he would have done that.  Also note that the story is becoming a Peyton Place of sexual intrigue, the naughtiness become scandalous and shocking to the puritanical ideal Americans hold their public figures to.  Note the terrible echoes of negativity when one Twilight Saga star had sex with her much older Director in another film while still having a cohabitation relationship with her Twilight co-star.  Why is it that sex scandals splash our sensitivities and morality?  Because most Americans find sex to be a dirty thing, something that is meant for one person and one other person; not one person and many who they may be in love with.  It’s the hush-hush, oh my god factor that keeps the people talking, because of the intrigue and terrible nature that sex has become amazingly taboo.  Another General, Kelley, is now also being embroiled in scandal for answering someone with “Sweetheart” in an email.  The shock and awe that leaves the media whispering about the scandalous nature of cheating on your wife in important and visual jobs in the government heralds us back to the good ole days when Clinton had his own oral sex scandal and parents everywhere brooded that they had to explain what that meant to curious children.  A conversation most parents dread anyway.

The rest of the world, matured beyond high school or even elementary or intermediate school, rolls it’s eyes at us again.  Why?

Sex to us is taboo.  To the rest of the world, it’s a natural beautiful thing that two people share.  It’s just us that thinks that sex is a bad thing, a dirty thing, a terrible thing.  While most ignore the fact that infidelity is a real and terrible thing to do in monogamous relationships, there are some of us who understand that sex is something to enjoy, something beautiful, something wonderful that two people can share without having to be in love or married.  The puritanical ideal is obsolete, the larger amount of the people here still blush about menstruation, masturbation and blow jobs under a desk.

It’s annoying.  It’s annoying because the Petraeus security issue wouldn’t be an issue if sex weren’t so damn dirty, disgusting, and something one just doesn’t talk about on a casual basis.  Don’t get me wrong, I think infidelity is definitely a deal breaker for monogamous couples.  I really feel for the heartache Mrs. Petraeus is currently suffering every time a media outlet reports it, but at the base of the problem is that now she’s racked by the public opinion of her and her man.  It’s terrible that this is even news to be reported, because none of this would have been a big deal if we had the same opinion the French have, discretion is key.  Not that I support cheating, I really don’t, but I don’t think someone needs to be fired because they had sex with their biographer.

How immature is it?  Very.  It’s teenage crap and I’m more interested in more pressing issues like the fiscal cliff or even how Obama plans to create more jobs.  There are a variety of things I’m more interested in such as how the Congress and House are going to work together now they aren’t concentrating on making Obama a “one-term president”.  Isn’t there something better to report, something more important?  No, because while puritanical Americans want to hear the juicy details about affairs married men in the public eye have that familiar gaping delay the highway has when there’s a terrible accident in lane two.  It’s sad, it’s terrible, but this has only gotten worse since soap operas have been taken off television.

Which will probably lead to another post about minding one’s own business.