A week after the contested election for President, political pundits and political bloggers looked for the errors the Romney Ryan ticket made that cost them the election, from speculating that a Tea Party candidate would never be elected to the wide-eyed conspiracy theory that whips some into signing petitions to have their state secede from the United States.  What really did go wrong and what really happened that got Obama a second term?

What we really need to take notice of is that Romney didn’t lose by much, he lost by a little more that 2 million of the popular vote, but the tricky electoral values of states Obama won is what his success was based on.  The fact that we have a large majority of people screaming about our government is a democracy seemingly forgetting that it’s a republic and calling the election a travesty (Yes Mr. Trump, I’m talking about you) seem to forget that the thing that matters is the electoral values of states, not the popular vote which Obama succeeded in getting, too.  The mystery remains, what went wrong and why?

The repeated lies by Romney was not enough to turn red states into blue states or even the denial of the need for fact checkers didn’t turn red states blue, either.  The accusation that Romney made during the last Presidential debate, which was called on by the mediator Crowley and Obama, wasn’t enough to question why one would vote for Romney.  It wasn’t enough that Tea Party conservatives and conservative Republicans touted Romney as a savior when months before most of them squawked that Romney wasn’t a real Christian because he’s Mormon and expressed displeasure with the candidate.  It also wasn’t enough that Republicans rape and rape conception comments made most women’s ovaries burn with seething hatred.  It just wasn’t enough the Ryan didn’t want to share math for his own economic policy.  It wasn’t totally enough to make more that two million people vote for him instead of Obama.

The only real mistakes made were the campaign reaching out to those states with higher electoral values didn’t happen and that perhaps alienation of a lot of Latino voters reacting after saying that Puerto Rico could become a state after learning English was what broke the campaign.  It’s interesting to note also that perhaps the garnering of the white vote is no longer enough to win an election, as the white ethnicity is becoming a minority in the good ole USA.  So how could it all happen and why?

It’s because two million people didn’t want him as President regardless of the lies he touted as well as the poor math skills or even the wry policies floating about in his campaign drive.  Not a bad stretch for a Mormon, whom it was said would never get into the White House, and unfriendly toward fact checkers Romney.  Perhaps the only thing he really did wrong was underestimate his opponent and his ability to play a good numbers game of electoral values.  Maybe now, in light of that fact, the events of 2004 and hanging chads would be made impossible to repeat and moving from a republic to a true democracy might be an achievable thing.