Another assault rifle was used to gun down 28 people in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, USA a week and one day ago.  Now, looking toward the NRA for a solution, they announce that people with guns should be in schools to protect from more people being killed in schools.  However, in a speech to the press, the NRA mouthpiece went on to say that gun owners were “demonized” in the press as an activist held up a sign in front of his face.   I posted about gun legislation way back when the “Joker” shot and killed people in a theater in Colorado, USA.  Please note, that the gunner in Colorado used tear gas to prevent those who were armed from shooting him in preparation for gun owners in the theater who might want to shoot back.  It would be reasonable to assume, should the same tactics be used in a school shooting, that those armed to protect the students and staff would be easily and successfully made irrelevant should the goal be to kill as many as possible.  The solution, which could have been addressed after Colorado, was not and surprisingly another shooting happened.  And what is sad is that the fact remains the exact same:  if someone who is mentally unstable cannot find a gun as his or her own, he or she will seek out where to get one and do what he or she desires with it regardless of how many checks we use to filter through people who should or should not own a .223 assault rifle.

So again, the question remains:  Are you going to use that assault rifle to hunt deer or just keep it in your home behind lock and key?

The answer is yes.  They are going to do whatever they want with an assault rifle because they can.  The people who are willing to use the assault rifle for nefarious deeds are going to use the rifle as well.  The only real point of the .223 rifle used in the Sandy Hook school is to kill humans, not grass eating, bounding deer in the forest during hunting season.  It was not created to be a shiny piece for someone’s collection, to show off behind glass, and to proudly retain because of the Second Amendment.  No, it wasn’t.  It was created and designed to be a killer of men, women and children.  It was meant to be an instrument of war, a reliable one so much more effective than our military arms currently being employed in Afghanistan, to kill and to maim a perceived enemy effectively and easily.  This is not a target weapon.  This is not a weapon that is pretty, sleek, or something to take on nice hunting trip with Uncle Willie.  This is a object of war, an object of the destruction of lives, a widower or widow maker, a device that kills.  Its owner, who has fervently passed all the checks necessary, puts it away for a collection piece.  A killer looks at it as a device to his or her means, the truest nature of the device–killing.

So, let’s just say, that we put people with guns in schools in order to protect the youth within.  Let’s just also say that these people are trained to relieve a threat to the school easily with the permission to discharge their weapon in the event of such a crime.  Do you want your children going to a school that permits the use of deadly force to protect them?  Do you want your son or daughter learning that the best way to protect themselves is via a gun, bullets, and permission to kill?  Is that a message you want to give to your children, that the only way they can be safe is to carry a thirty ought six and extra ammunition in their backpack?  Is it something you want your  children to see, every single day, in their school, patrolling the halls, waiting for that person that wants to mow down the innocent and himself or herself?  Is that what you want?  A lot of people don’t see anything wrong with that, a lot of people are standing behind the NRA’s great and intelligently contrived (they did have a week to come up with something and this is the best they could do) solution of arming school hall monitors with guns meant to kill.  Doesn’t anyone see the irony?

The NRA’s solution does not address the .223 in the hands of a person clearly not psychologically healthy.  It does not address the fact the last shooter killed his mother and obtained the .223 rifle and ammunition.  It doesn’t address that checks on someone’s psychiatric history isn’t working to keep guns from the wrong hands.  The waiting period just keeps the honest gun owners in a holding pattern.  It does nothing to accept responsibility that the weapon is available to the public en masse at your local gun store.  It doesn’t address that this weapon is out there and that taking particular precautions to easily foil a protector of lives is accessible to anyone doing a search for tear gas, flash grenades, and proper sight that would pinpoint the protectors and pick them off like flies.  No, that is not addressed because the best way to deal with the horse that got away is to batten down the stables and put a horse in charge.  That makes as much sense as, now that the damage has been done by a rifle which is solely used for death and destruction, arming people in schools to defend themselves from the item we desire to do nothing about.  One person, a responsible gun owner, can own that weapon and never use it or fire it.  He or she has that right under the second amendment.  I applaud that they are responsible really I do.  There is a chance that his neighbor is concocting a plan to obtain the gun and ammunition and visit his local mall.  If there is a will, there is a way.

What is the solution?  This gun doesn’t need to be on the market.  That’s one view.  Another would be that the gun should be owned by people with an extra security check and be locked with a gun lock at all times.  That’s a solution too.  How about this solution:  the gun isn’t for hunting deer and it certainly isn’t for showmanship at the local rod and gun club.  It doesn’t need to be available to be purchased by the average Joe Q. Public until the military is completely armed in such a matter that they don’t have to worry about muzzle heat up and particular bursts to prevent gun damage.  This gun is for military purposes, not at home amusement or collections, it is designed to kill.  Annoyingly enough, that will never happen because bulk is so much more important than quality weapons that are necessary for such a military function.  Now, let’s say that a whole bunch of owners get together with the .223 rifles they own and form a militia bent on protection, they begin to hang around schools and they begin to take matters into their own hands.  Well, my friends, that right is afforded to them by the Constitution and there isn’t anything really we can do about it.

Except homeschool my child, if I had one, and prevent him or her from thinking that the only way he or she can properly defend themselves is with 9 mm handgun.