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Extremists in the United States who express the need to hurt Americans who do not submit to their extremist ideals.   People leaving the United States to become part of an extremist army hell bent on destroying good Muslims with values that are right and good.  The destruction of New York City Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.  All at the hands of Islamic Extremists.  Repeatedly, for over thirteen years, Muslim American groups have spoken out against extremism; separating ourselves from these people with soft explanations, patience, caring and loving words, expressions and essays.  Still, many look to us to see what we say every time another attack happens and we repeat those same words and phrases for another time to make people understand I have no interest in killing anyone for their beliefs.  Whether you love America, freedom, Jesus, Israel. Palestine, Buddha, the pantheon of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, your right to bear arms, or whatever the latest Islamic extremist rant is about today.  I strongly believe and respect your right to believe in the God and/or Goddess of your choice or to NOT believe in anything at all.

It is no longer my job or responsibility to apologize for all Muslims and Islam every single time some nutjob does something incredibly nutjobby.  I am no longer going to explain that not all Muslims are like that, especially me, because I don’t feel that way, never felt that way, and am never going to feel that way.  If you haven’t learned that in the last thirteen years, my re-explanation is not going to help you understand that right now.  You are probably going to espouse that prejudicial point of view regardless of what I say when I say it every time something happens.

Also, what does this say that you think about me?  Do you think that I don’t love you enough to respect your right to life?  Do you think that I would hate my country, my friends, my family and my life enough that I would turn my back on them to become or support suicide bombing or Jihadi blasphemy?  Do you really think I would support the calculated murder of people who believe differently than I do?  Who love God differently than I do?  Who strive along the same lines as I do to love my fellows on this beautiful planet and bless them, pray for them, and help them when I can?  I wouldn’t.  I love my country, all my American brothers and sisters, and I believe that compassion solves more problems than words that are hurtful or hateful.  I believe that if you love someone, treat them with respect and kindness, and honor them that all will work out and be productive and prosperous.

My communication with God is a loving one, just like yours, and my communication with my fellows is a loving one just like yours.  I am no longer going to apologize for people I have no control over.  I am no longer going to say that these people are so wrong.  I don’t ask all Christians to constantly apologize to everyone for the workings of the blasphemous Westboro Baptist Church, don’t ask me to constantly apologize for every blasphemous Islamic nutjob, either.


Alcoholic Culture In America

So, on any given football game on television, there are at least ten advertisements for alcoholic beverages.   Going to chain restaurants like Applebee’s and the drink lists are in attractive booklets with colorful photos to entice the buyer.  Five star restaurants come complete with a wine list, suggested for matching with your meal.  Either way, America has an alcoholic culture bubbling under the surface that makes it hard for those of us who don’t drink or be around alcohol to go anywhere cool and fun to eat, hang out and watch football, or just enjoy that rugby game at the local sports pub with friends.

The alcohol culture of America saturates everything, ads on buses, subways, trains, and cabs.  The night lights of the city in neon lights on the bar windows advertising a brand colorfully.  I’m lucky I live in Pennsylvania, my state doesn’t have alcohol products in grocery and convenience stores where I am bombarded with prices and sales on six packs of cans and bottles or forty ounce bottles.  Liquor waiting for fun afternoons and shots of pirates and the Baquardi family woes ad to the issue that I think infects America worse than any other disease…alcoholism.

In just about every rehabilitation program out there, they expect the addict to admit that they are powerless over the addiction, name a higher power, and work a twelve-step program that just doesn’t work for everybody; and by everybody, I mean me.  I have a hard time with accepting weakness.  I refuse to accept weakness against my alcoholism.  I have the willpower and the power necessary to overcome the need to drink.  Not everyone has this.  Not everyone can work my program and the twelve-step program works for them, which is good for them.  What is true for you is true for you.  It doesn’t erase the fact that everywhere you go, there’s some alcohol staring you in the face with temptation and the inner struggle to not give in to the taste of that cold beer or that shot of Jack.

How serious is it?  Pretty serious considering that alcohol is everywhere and when is it a good idea for alcohol not to be somewhere?  When should we separate the alcohol culture from our lives?  When the alcohol becomes a problem.  DUIs are serious, so are drinking and going to work, so are drinking and beating your mate, so is drinking and forgetting where and what you did the night before.  That’s when the alcohol culture needs to change for you.  It has become a destructive point in your life.  So destructive, you stole a guy’s prosthetic leg.  That’s when your life needs to change and you can find that help here and here.

America has its alcohol culture and it’s not bad for everyone, there are people out there who do drink responsibly and are good to go.  They don’t have a problem and go the rest of their lives without one.   Those of us who have a problem are the ones who look at the ads, the lights, the bottles and fight that inner demon who wants to destroy us one drink at a time.  Get the help you need if you need it.  Drinking is deadly to some and even deadly to others in DUI cases.  You have the power to quit and the day to quit is today.

First, a video introduction.  Yes, they are short and I can brief you on them, too.   Here is one, another, and some more.   These are a mere sampling of the various tones and specifically prejudice, misdirected, misinformed and misplaced logical interludes precluding reasonable deduction and well informed rationality.   I really don’t need to produce more links to Mr. Fischer as most of his ranting madness is usually just as ugly as the four represented above.  Without fully understand fascism, Fischer easily calls Obama such when it serves his purposes to use shock and awe stupidity to degrade and erode rational intelligent deduction to put fear into unthinking masses that believe every word he utters.  Without fully understanding liberal political interests, Fischer blames shootings in a Sikh temple on what he calls “liberals” engaging in direct hateful speech designed to strike fear into the uninformed as if Liberals would ever entertain such a horrific idea while maintaining any degree of sanity.  Fischer in one clip goes on to note that Democrats want slavery, thus dishing out “goodies” to African Americans to garner votes.   He accuses the African American community of being on the Democratic platform in exchange for welfare and other government handouts, likening the government and Democratic party to a “methadone clinic” hand out addicts their due.  Not only is this speech hateful toward Democratic party members, it degrades African Americans as though they only want what they can get from a party Fischer describes as “Jim Crow, KKK, Duke” associated people without recognizing that there are good, observant, dedicated Christians of positive repute engage in the Democratic party.  To suggest African Americans are unable to think for themselves and survive on government handouts is more prejudice than Duke, KKK and Jim Crow laws could ever be.  The suggestion that “Big Gay” goes directly after “religious” and that there is no tolerance within the Equality Movement, that they are hateful and angry.  It’s this kind of fantastic hateful prejudice spewed from a generally intolerant laughable organization publicly by Bryan Fischer that one can easily imagine the rhetoric that flows from his mouth on a daily basis.

Which begs the question:  Why is the organization he works for that calls itself the American Family Association, which should reflect family values and be relatively generally rated, be spewing such disgusting and terrible things in a medium where there might be a chance my child would hear such filth?  Because that’s how Fischer and the AFA chooses to fight it’s battles.  Allow me a moment to enlighten you fully on the organization that Chick-Fil-A gives money to in order to continue the battle against Equality for all.   In 1989, after a successful boycott campaign by the AFA, the store 7Eleven was forced to remove two monthly magazines that featured naked pictures of women which the AFA considered to be pornography.  Hoping to lead the campaign onward, the AFA then began to target Waldenbooks which, because they could, launched a counter movement for freedom of speech resulting in a lawsuit against the AFA.  Of course, the AFA put its frail hand upon its head and fainted on the Victorian couch of victimization, but suddenly stopped targeting Waldenbooks and associated publishing houses.  It got so ugly, Waldenbooks et al pressed RICO charges and everything was quickly settled out of court.  The AFA called on numerous occasions throughout the last 30 years have made attempts to call for a boycott of Disney for its annual “Gay Day” at the park that welcomes families and gays, lesbians, bisexuals and polysexuals.  They got nasty enough that they urged their followers to draw up against Disney, not buying movies or going to various Disney resorts, which failed so utterly that Disney thought that it hit a small drunk gnat on the roadway.   Probably the most heinous, terrible, unforgivable outrage ever perpetrated by the AFA was the release of the movie The Day They Kicked God Out of the Schools after the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007 that features God telling a student that the reason people are killed in schools is because God isn’t in schools anymore.  A gross and disgusting flicker of every single problem the AFA has with everything, espousing it as being taught by public schools which is not only a blatant lie, but an incredible testament to how far this organization will go to produce everything as someone else’s problem and everything as a sin.

Manipulation of facts, which is Bryan Fischer’s forte, along with a rather pitiful manipulation of propaganda in order to raise fear in those who are comfortable living in the insular created reality instead of the ones the rest of us are actively engaged in is not only shameful and terribly harmful, but it exceeds what should be considered as respectable behavior from an organization touting itself as a “family conscious” association.  What they are actually doing is an embarrassment to any real organization supportive of family structure, orientation, and closeness.  What the various dispensed propaganda suggests is that God would abandon anyone due to his presence being excluded in public schools.  I find taking a child to any religious outlet that teaches fear as a means to manipulate the young, developing minds of children to be nothing short of child abuse and constitutes parental right being relinquished of both parents regardless of religion.  Showing a child the movie produced by the AFA would suggest that God doesn’t help those in places that are secular because somehow he is unwanted there.  How cruel to suggest that God would, in any context of being, be that disgustingly fickle?  Obviously the AFA’s version of God is one that doesn’t care about his followers when they go to be missionaries in another country because that God is unwelcome there.  Really?  The absurdity of such a notion is so incredibly fatuous that it defies logic, undermines what God is supposed to project which is love, and again teaches impressionable children to live in a state of static fear that God won’t be there for them one day because of where they were and who they were near.

This is the association that Chick-Fil-A gives a donation to.  It should be appalling to anyone, believer or atheist, that such a hate group would be supported by anyone with even just one neuron in their head controlling breathing, heartbeat, and blinking.  Some Americans are just gullible.



A Brief Briefing: Jessica Ahlquist, a high school student in Rhode Island, brought a case against her high school to have a prayer removed from the school. Ms. Ahlquist attempted to avoid bringing a legal judgement against the school by arguing its unconstitutional nature, but the board refused voting to keep the prayer up. The case was taken to court, widely reported by media outlets, which resulted in the removal of the prayer. In January, the ruling was made to remove the prayer yet it was not removed until March. The ailing school district was ordered to pay $150,000 to the lawyer costs and filing fees incurred while bringing the case to court. To this very day, Jessica must have police escorts to go to classes, to and from school, and to protect her family from very serious death threats by both students and adults who are Christian. The ruling is based on the interpretation of the First Amendment, which prevents one religion being accepted over others by the United State’s government. Arguments have ensued over whether this is right or wrong, based entirely on interpretation or misinterpretation of the First Amendment.

Jessica Ahlquist isn’t wrong for fighting to have the prayer removed, considering what the Constitution determines in the First Amendment and the Establishment Clause which is: “[t]he First Amendment provision that prohibits the federal and state governments from establishing an official religion, or from favoring or disfavoring one view of religion over another.” A plaque of a prayer, as displayed in the school, is certainly placing the Christian religion as a favored view of religion over any others. The fact that the existence of such a prayer in a school is unconstitutional is seriously misunderstood by many, often by those of the Christian faith who view such a ruling as an affront to their beliefs. They even go as far as to say that there is a campaign to persecute religion and remove religion from the public schools which their tax money pays for. While the argument is cyclical, linear, and shallowly presented as persecution of the religion, the misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the amendment and the foundation of the United States of America is wide and deep. Before exploring why the misinterpretation and misunderstanding occurs, allow me to very briefly explain what that Establishment Clause means.

The Establishment Clause is not just designed to keep Christianity from being declared the official religion, but it is expressly designed to keep any religion from being favored one over another by the government. That means any religion no matter what that religion is is not permitted to be held in higher regard (favoring) or in lower regard (disfavoring) by any government entity, no matter what, according to this clause in the Constitution. That means that Christianity will not be held in higher regard than Islam, Islam will not be held in higher regard than Buddhism, and Buddhism will not be held in higher regard than Pastafarianism and so on. That also means that Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and any other religion will not be considered lesser than Christianity or Pastafarianism (disfavored) and so on. The problem is that, according to Christians, the Establishment Clause should not apply to Christianity since they misunderstand that the United States of America was founded on the belief. It was not, as the Treaty of Tripoli clearly states that it was not. The real problem is not an attack on Christianity, as many suppose, but is simply upholding the Constitution and the proper application of it’s amendments in government and daily life as it has never been applied before. The question is, resoundingly, why?

For the last eight or so decades, the weight of Christianity has become aggressive. The addition of “under God” to the pledge, the recitation of “God bless America” at the end of every Presidental speech, opening Congress with a prayer, and the faith based initiatives has given Christians the incorrect or misleading impression that their religion is favored by the government and government entities. The fact that so many of these decades were spent favoring this religion without being properly checked by the Constitution has been out of control and bordering on forcing America into a theocracy, not a democracy. Over those decades came many scientific advancements that directly challenged the idea of god as interpreted by Abrahamic religions, the creation myths that are identified as a foundation of a religion, and the logical interpretation of god’s “law” as spelled out by the myriad of “prophets” or “holy men”. As time advanced, so did the minds of many, based exclusively on the popularity of actually thinking independently from antiquated texts and exercising the right to be informed and make informed decisions. With this, the minds of many evolved beyond the absurdities and inconsistent textual relations written; therefore questions remain unanswered, logical rationale trumped mythical declarations, and a large amount of people who once lived their lives in accordance with a “holy text” became independent from the tenets of such faith. Aggressively, during the 1980s until now, Christianity has struggled to maintain its control of the thoughts and minds of Americans. Fortunately, in the mid 1990s to now, the availability of instant information via the internet and online research has freed many from the bindings of religion, unquestioning faith, and group thought processes valued by Christianity. Over the internet, thousands of like minded people have met one another and more people who have more questions than adequate answers have leaned away from being religious in nature. This too has created a community of non-believers, free thinkers, and Atheists unwilling to continue being held in thrall by religious dogma and tenets designed to keep control of people via faith.

The astounding misinterpretation of the Establishment Clause and the First Amendment and the misunderstanding of the purpose of the separation of church and state is bred almost entirely from the mindset that “cherry picking” laws, texts, and tenets is a perfectly acceptable method for living one’s life, that twisting interpretation of texts to mean what one wants it to mean is acceptable, and that any kind of differing opinion from their own is abnormal, unacceptable, and unnatural. In direct observation of Christian Extremists and Christian Conservative Extremists, the defiance of many Atheists is a direct affront to their way of life and their control in the communities in which they live. If they are willing to pick which parts and “verses” of their “holy text” applies to them, certainly this approach would be acceptable when interpreting law, lawfulness, and justice. The misunderstanding and misinterpretation that the separation of church and state excludes Christianity is born from A) The idea that America is a Christian Nation, B) Christians have enjoyed a very long period where they were not kept in check via the Constitution, C) They are the one true religion, D) Failure to evolve from Bronze Age morality into modern ages, E) Harvesting religious texts for what they want, not its entirety, in order to fulfill their lives. For example, you have a small child. You do not discipline the child, failing to introduce him or her to the difference between right and wrong and what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. When the child grows into a teenager and you desire to finally instruct the difference of right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable, the teen will be abrasive to any changes or simply revolt now that rules suddenly apply to him or her. The same thing is occurring with religion, no matter what that religion is, now that rules apply to them they find it unfair. Accountability for the religious, again no matter what that religion is, has become such an alien concept to them that they will do whatever necessary to keep their faith from being responsible for the destruction of many things such as natural and healthy needs such as sex and intimacy, childhoods racked with fear of hell and evil, and the availability of being loving as opposed to hateful. The accountability is rewired to their appropriate god, instead of owning their actions and bigotry.

The radical thought is that rules apply to them when they have gone so long without rules. This causes them to elect religious people into public office in order to promote their tenets and faith which is purely unconstitutional. This causes them to seek out people of like minds and like attitudes to represent them, be their friends, and become part of their families. The only time such meetings are unfavorable is when their mislabeled “enemies” start doing the same thing and take action to forward their rights afforded to them under the Constitution. They want history to mean what they want it to mean, deleting anything that does not exalt their faith; they keep slavery out of textbooks, the truth of the Civil War, the likelihood that America isn’t a Christian nation, evolutionary theory and application of scientific theory, and the list could adequately go on. The remaining problem is that unless one takes up the cause to halt the theocracy and start the democracy, the USA will continue to suffer domestically and internationally.

Jessica Ahlquist isn’t wrong, she’s right. The need for the separation of church and state is necessary to keep the US free instead of locking them in religious slavery for obsolete morality and outdated wisdom.

Taking The Christ Out of Christmas

The current belief of a bunch of Christian extremists is that the public at large is attempting to take Christmas away from them. It’s become a bit of a nasty topic for public service people and those who work with the public in retail outlets and customer service details. The correct greeting in order to properly wish the general public happiness during their respective holiday is to say “Happy Holidays” as it covers everyone’s special days. The problem is that Christian extremists seem to think that the holiday is all theirs and that special treatment such as saying “Merry Christmas” is what this time is all about.

It’s not though. There are a multitude of Google results to prove it isn’t and that the creation of the holiday called “Christmas” was created to aggressively insert Christianity over other religious holidays in key times of the year, including Halloween and Easter. Three major religions, Paganism, Islam, and Judaism have holidays around the same time as the Christian assertive holidays, which were specifically done to attract followers and overwhelm other religions.

A good example is Christmas, the holiday they claim others are trying to “attack” which is not exactly true. If one were to correctly view historical dates of original established holidays around “Christmas”, one could say the Druidism and Paganism faith had established the Roman calender equivalent of December 21st to celebrate winter solstice and the holiday of Yule. At the same time, on another part of the world, Jews determined via lunar calender the holiday of Chanuka or Hanukkah was to last eight days in the Roman calender equivalent of December. Several centuries later, the Shiite holiday of Ashura which is a mourning holiday for the grandson of Mohammad, Husayn ibn Ali which falls via lunar calendar equivalent of the Roman Calendar of December. Some centuries after that, the Pope Constantine determined that, in order to maintain the importance of Christianity over the heathen religions, the holiday representing Jesus’s birth would fall in December as well. Several thousand years after that, the modern holiday of Kwanzaa was born as an eight day holiday focusing on personal strengths and achievements.

So, in complete observation, Christmas actually stole the holiday time of several other religions in order to mark their territory as being more important and competitive of any other faith on earth. They did the same with Easter, called Ostara to Paganism and All Hallows Day overriding Halloween called Samhain or New Year by Paganistic faiths. It’s not that Jesus died on Easter, or that historically Jesus died on Easter, or that they have proof that he did. It’s that it was a Pagan holiday, one to be overridden by Christianity in an effort to erase the religious holidays that proceeded them. The idea was to conquer these other faiths and produce more Christian overtones by taking over their holidays. Passover is another holiday around Easter, for thousands of years prior to Easter, which is a bastardization of Oestara. There are even more tiny little holidays that are not major also planned to overtake other faiths.

So clearly, it’s not non Christian believers stealing or attacking Christianity at Christmastime, but Christians who have stole the holiday from the original religions in an effort to conquer their importance. The whole thing about Christianity being back seated to other holidays of equal importance to a multitude of people is not only completely ridiculous, it’s insulting to those who worship differently than them. It’s rude, it’s egotistical and it’s annoying, enough so that one, like me, who fail to believe foolhardily in any organized, predetermined faith in a deity as being the ultimate being are also being pushed aside by the demanding nature of those who think someone is attacking their holiday.

Now, if we wanted to say that Christmas has become a capitalistic holiday that starts around November and ends December 25th, we would be a whole lot likely to pin the appropriate tail on the appropriate donkey. Christmas has become the retail holiday to make lots of money as a multitude of people view the holiday primarily as a gift giving one, thus properly feeding the bottom lines of so many companies’ pockets. Not everyone who celebrates Christmas goes to church to hail the birth of the alleged “savior”, but a large portion do put up Christmas trees sold by retailers which is the symbol of everlasting life as evergreens are not dying in winter.

They do buy gifts for the ones they love from either online retailers or retail stores who depend on this time of year for boost in sales and money. It is, in fact, no longer about mangers, babies, farm animals, virgin births, candle light services or other religious symbolism. It’s about family, togetherness, and surprises for children who believe in Santa Claus or Saint Nickolas, flying reindeer, and chimney spelunking. It’s about the magic of life, the joy of love and the happiness that can be found when opening nice, thoughtful or even fun gifts. It’s about giving being more important than receiving and that happiness that brightens everyone’s day. It’s about eating a lot of food, football games, and having some fun with new toys that are adult as much as they are for children.

Not everything in life has to revolve so tightly around the belief that someone is attacking your faith by taking Christ out of their Christmas in light of love, family togetherness, and happiness. It is a time of year that doesn’t need to be mired down with live nativity scenes, reciting from the bible, or singing songs about Christ’s birth. Not everyone is interested in Christ being involved with their Mas, and that is all that matters. What is the big deal about subtracting God from a holiday that really is geared to making families stronger through fellowship, love, and some happiness? Why can’t those people be included in the polite and equally warm greeting of “Happy Holidays”? Because extremists want to control everyone from the way they celebrate holidays to what one does within the privacy of their own home and own body parts. It’s ridiculous and it needs to stop right here, right now.

In careful consideration, as I am unwilling to force people to believing as I do, I do heartily wish everyone a happy holiday season.

After several days of research into Robert Jeffress remarking Mormonism is a cult, I have researched the Mormon belief system. Several articles featuring Jeffress and his opinion, none of which I think are that worthy of reference since they are practically the same, coupled with information available on the internet about Mormonism and the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints; I have uncovered enough evidence that both Jeffress belief system and the Mormonism belief system could equally qualify as cults. A wealth of information can be achieved by speaking with Mormons and some evangelical Baptists practicing similar tenets as Jeffress’ church, google searches that produce in depth knowledge on the religions, and seeking out ex-members of both religions has been a journey. I do not hold any religious faith and completely disbelieve in any deity, however I placed my bias aside in order to learn and explore the surmountable amount of information and definition of a cult. It is my opinion and observance that all religion, at its very base, is a cult or has cult behavior within it.

Mormonism was started by Joseph Smith in apparently the same manner Scientology was created by L. Ron Hubbard. Smith’s writings are considered to be scripture, not unlike L. Ron Hubbard. Joseph Smith tried to start a settlement of the LDS but was ousted. At one point, he commanded a militia in Nauvoo, Illinois while at the same time trying to campaign for President of the United States. A paper in his town said that it would never happen because he practiced polygamy. The city counsel ordered the paper’s destruction. During all the mayhem, Smith declared martial law and agreed to surrender to the governor of Illinois who promised his protection but instead he was murdered while in custody. Smith wrote several books that Mormonism bases its faith upon, all of which claiming to come from god. He gleaned words using a pair of named seer stones and his wife busily transcribed his dictation. Brigham Young, a devoted follower of Joseph Smith, led the church after that establishing its base in Utah.

The LDS places great importance on baptism in the name of Christ, marriage is “celestial” and thusly married believers are given the gift to start populating other worlds in the expansive universe, that marrying one’s ancestors in the Mormon church is right and holy, and missionary work is required of adherents. In comparison with the conservative and extremist tenets, faith, and missionary requirements of the Baptist evangelicals like Jeffress, the alien concept that basically all religion was started by mortal people (I reminded several to note that the Apostle Paul wrote a great deal of tenets in the New Testament not unlike authors of other religions) expressing their prerogative. Somewhere between acceptance of relative similarities and acceptance of one’s freedom of religion guaranteed by the United States Constitution, the evangelicals cling to a superiority complex that their religion is truth and others are lies. The same could be said of Mormonism, too. The foundation of the matter at hand is that Paul wrote the Christian religion allegedly after the death of Jesus and is exalted by many as a holy man while Joseph Smith wrote the Mormon religion allegedly after finding golden plates that expressed Jesus was present among the native Americans. The dogma is built by one person, take L. Ron Hubbard for instance, who is then exalted by followers reflective of the same adulation attributed to a deity, yet apologetically refuted as idolatry.

There is little to no evidence that suggests that Joseph Smith and the Apostle Paul sacredly divined the word of a deity instead of presenting subterfuge for monetary gain and the very same can be said of Mohammad and poetic nature of the Qur’an. The same can be said of the creator of the “modern science of mental health”, though there are many places that it can be found that Hubbard actually did create the religion for monetary gain. The term “cult” used by Jeffress is derogatory, connoting his own theological system, and directed to influence political viewpoints by those who follow him or share his dogmatic priorities. With this tool of manipulation, Jeffress defines Mitt Romney by his theological preferences and not by what values, ideals and moralistic qualities Romney holds dear. The opinion demonstrates very effectually the very nature of the bigotry and prejudice of evangelical extremists’ dogmatic and absolutist ideal and core value. Regardless of who Mitt Romney might be outside his religion, the very fact he isn’t Christian enough for Jeffress also reveals the inability of most religious people to separate dogmatic principals from principals that reflect non-dogmatic values. The virtue of extremist evangelical Christians is reflective of the inflexibility and the failure of their dogma to evolve into modern times, borrowing elitist views of superiority and righteousness from nonsensical textual morality.

I do not endorse Mitt Romney, but I do recognize his victimization at the hands of Jeffress and those like him. I do find that religious and dogmatic ideals, values and morality is often uncomplimentary to reality. I also fail completely to share in his belief, or find the Mormon dogma and faith truthful and comforting. The angles of the religious nature of both religions, both of which claim to be the sole true religion, are equally hypocritical and prejudicial. The faiths both express that homosexuality is wrong, both angles have repeatedly fought marriage equality, and both are responsible for the labeling and sorting of sinful and sinless into the absolute boxes without application of common sense or independent thought. The fact that anyone running for office in a governmental position that must justify his religious views, defend his religious faith, or qualify due to religious doctrine is logically unsound. The campaigning religious people plying their political spin to win votes makes us no different than other theocracies decried by extremist Christians, yet applicable to their own theocratic statehood fantasies. As is pointed out by many a Christian, living under Shari’a law is not compatible with Christianity, failing to offer freedom of religion, choice and basic rights for women. Biblical law, as noted by atheists and non-Christian religious practitioners, fails to be compatible with freedom of religion, choice, and basic rights for women. This is why the Constitution was written, whether ultraconservatives believe it or not, without the mention of Christ, divinity, or religious tenets and dogma because that was unacceptable to the authors. Today two hundred years plus since the document was penned and instituted as law, the desires of the freethinkers of their time are victimized by the institution of theocracy imposed by those who would see various defined sinners suffer the full force of American Christian Shari’a law.

I can feel the spinning of the founding fathers in their graves.

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20 million children around the world are prescribed psychiatric drugs.
40% of all children taking psychiatric drugs worldwide are American.
8 million American children take psychiatric drugs – that’s one in every ten children in America. There are 75.6 million children in America (i.e. ages 0-17), 8 million are on psychiatric medication = 10.6%.
America is one of only two developed countries in the world where pharmaceutical companies can advertise prescription drugs direct to consumers (the other country is New Zealand). The U.S. legalized “Direct to Consumer” (DTC) advertising in 1997. Spending on DTC advertising increased from $220 million in 1997 to $2.8 billion in 2002. “By 1999, the average American was exposed to nine drug advertisements on television every day.” (Quote from the book, “Overdosed America” by Dr. John Abramson)
Psychiatric medications have been estimated to cause over 700,000 serious adverse reactions a year and 42,000 deaths.
The drug industry spends $22 billion a year marketing to doctors to increase prescriptions—that is 90% of its marketing budget.
An estimated 50% of all Americans who commit suicide are on psychotropic drugs.
Once on an antidepressant, the suicide rate jumps from 11 for every 100,000 people to 718—over 65 times more.
There are over 300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs written every year. Over 70% of these are written by general practitioners, i.e. doctors.
Antipsychotic drugs, powerful chemicals designed originally for only the most seriously mentally troubled, are now a $22.8 billion industry.
Half a million children and teenagers were prescribed at least one antipsychotic drug in 2007.
“I saw Dead Wrong and that did it. I did not want my daughter to be one of the statistics and end up burying her.” Mother of 3-year old put on psychiatric drugs. CA, USA
“It really gave me, my son, my whole family a second chance, watching that video .” Mother of 10-year old put on anti-depressants. CA, USA
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I received this email today. First thing I would love to mention is that I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE IAS, yet I continue to receive emails like this one on a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. Secondly, I am NOT A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY in ANY aspect, not even receiving any services, certifications or whatnot from this organization in ANY manner. Finally, I DO NOT SUPPORT ThE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY MONETARILY OR WITH MY PRESENCE AND HAVE MADE IT ABUNDANTLY CLEAR TO THEM as well as you, dear reader. So why have I received this “spammy” email from them? I will tell you why. My name is still on their lists. I have had no activity with this CULT since 2009 and have been happy ever since. My repeated requests to unsubscribe me from this mailing list have obviously been ignored in light of what is called “plumping”. Plumping is when a company or organization keeps names on an email list so that reports of active membership can be adequately inflated to meet certain marketing needs. It is used as a method to show there are more customers than there really are, thus “plumping” their numbers. The numbers are phantom numbers, which can be shown to people to say “we have this many people in this organization” when in all actuality they do not. It is despicable, but it is a useful tool to show people on the inside that there are these many members, when in actuality, there are not.

My interaction with Scientologists and Independent Scientologists has significantly dropped. This is due largely to the fact that I disagree with both parties and their unquestioning dedication to L. Ron Hubbard to the point that I do not hold the man in level with the importance they level him with. Why? There is a staggering amount of real evidence, real documents, and real accounts that the man lied about his war history, his war injuries, his war medals, his natural history, his trips abroad, his relationship with eastern religious sects or philosophies, and the list goes on. There is substantial proof that he did not receive medals he stated he did, that he was not rendered blind by injury in war, and that most of his reflective life stories are little more than inflated lies to dazzle the masses with bullsh!t. After agonizing over the decision to continue on in Independent Scientology where most revere L. Ron Hubbard, I have decided to detach from the community. I simply cannot revere a liar as the bringer of the new age woo of Scientology, but as a man who had some good ideas and built his fortune around it. Therefore, respectfully, I remain the eternal skeptic and quite rightly so. After being told that the history of L. Ron Hubbard was muddied by people who love to ruin him and adequately debunking that theory by spending hours pouring over documents from the United States Navy proving my point, I have decided to not drink the Kool Aid and settled for a nice coffee with plenty of logic and cream.

The points of interest on the IAS email are largely false. The fact that only 10% of children are medicated by psychotropic medication is not some terrible travesty manufactured by the “Psyches” or psychiatry. It is the fact that illnesses like autism are on the rise, as well as instances of Asperger’s. Unknown to the psychiatric medical field until the last decade of research and proper diagnosis, the truth of the matter is that children who get medicated for these issues are more productive than those who are not. While advertising for drugs on television may be an affront to Scientologists, the need for medication that actually solves problems and creates well people is actually a good thing. However not so in Scientology. The Psyches (or the practice of psychiatry and psychology) are tied in a constant conspiracy with Big Pharma (pharmaceutical companies) to make money on the hapless public “wogs” (those who do not practice Scientology) too stupid not to mirror the paranoid ramblings of their deity, L. Ron Hubbard. Paranoid they were, as well symptomatic of schizophrenia or other related psychosis. The “truth” of it to Scientologists, and some Independent Scientologists, prompts me to dilute logic and engage in fantasy. If it were not for medical science and theory, I would not be here ten times over by now. If it weren’t for antipsychotic medication, I would not be alive six times over. The irrational notion that there is some great medical conspiracy behind medication, its production, and prescription is wild and insane logical assumptions I am unable and unwilling to suppress my logic to subscribe to or throw money at better spent elsewhere. I cannot cognate and agree with this utter tripe nor its perpetuation via Scientology or Independent Scientology.

The constant lies perpetuated by the Church of Scientology, my favorite being that they do not practice “disconnection” anymore which alludes to the ideal actively practiced to cut off people who are declared Suppressive People or family that does not tow the Scientology line, are revolving from utterly insane to completely ignorant “facts” manufactured to keep Scientology working. The quotes of LRH are often wrong in the Church of Scientology and they only ever produce quotes supporting their tripe from mysteriously initialed entities. While I agree to certain extent that some illnesses are in fact caused by vitamin deficiency, not all illness are and not all illness is psychosomatic like the book Dianetics illustrates. Scientology uses the means in which to manipulate followers the same as any other religion. Different and often manufactured terms are used to create the insular society, disconnection between loved ones forces one to become the Church and unthinking, lacking independent thought and as means to instigate societal consequences for not believing. Tenets of the religion force people to neglect real medical issues for “auditing” to rid one of problems that cause more problems that causes more problems ad infinitum. Then beyond that, is created the need to be “clear” which is the tenet of control causing more money dispensed for church treatments to gain the coveted label which only is further mired by the fact the truest definition of “Clear” by LRH is unattainable in any collective reasoning that is logical and based on reality that is not manufactured by the church and its adherents. It manipulates the same as Christianity, Islam, and any other relative cult of personality looking to make a quick buck on the codependency of others. By far the most rudimentary facet of the Church of Scientology is a constantly changing money making pyramid scheme, manipulating using fear, tenets and societal consequences that are not only surreal but completely manufactured for the sake of twisting $500,000 out of followers for the false Bridge To Total Freedom, which is more like the Gallows of Slavery and Singularity. Ridiculous at best, I am done. I am done with trying to work to my potential while being held down, mired by a false prophet who rambled half-truths, lies, and paranoia at people willing to give up everything to be their version of sane and healthy.

I would sooner die than surrender my logic, skepticism and self for the greater good of David Miscavige or any number of the adherents drinking the idiocy laced Kool Aid.

Long, airy, and often repetitive, this article summarizes that atheists are so because of poor relationships with one’s father. The three page article makes the claim that popular and socially active atheists were investigated and the report resulting reflected poor relationships or even missing father figures from those atheists’ lives. The entirety of the article hawks a book called “Faith of the Fatherless” written by psychologist Paul Vitz of New York University. While the repetitive nature of the article mentions very famous people, it seems to be one large advertisement for the book. So the question remains: Do issues with one’s father, such as a poor relationship, create a likelihood that one will be an atheist? What does it all mean?

Perhaps it is time for some background. My loco parentis father figure and I got along infamously. He was very patient with me when I struggled with learning to read a clock, math, and spelling words. His instruction and guidance included conservative Christian ideals, morality, and values. He was supportive. He often took my brother and I on “jobs” with him, as he was a master electrician and keen to have one of us follow in his footsteps. Our relationship was caring, nurturing and affectionate. When our family went through tough problems, he was always there assisting us when we needed it. He was strong, ethical, and intelligent, often encouraging us to live to our potential. While I could have done with less “god”, “Jesus” and the “holy ghost”, his guidance is still reflected upon. In no way was my parenting completely appropriate to prepare me for adulthood, I did manage to mature and succeed as a responsible member of society.

My biological father, whom I did not meet until I was in my teens, and I struck a very deep and personally gratifying relationship right at start. My father and I are very close, we call each other once a week and check in with one another when very positive things happen to one of us. He and his wife, whom I call “Mon”, are very important people in my life. My father’s love, and my mom’s love, have more than made up for any time lost. My father and I have much in common, our relationship is healthy, and he is supportive. He is a good friend, provides sound guidance, and does not actively impose religious ideals, morality, and values down my throat. He is a prideful hippie, liberal with his political views serving as a polar opposite my loco parentis. I enjoy spending time with him and actively enjoying each other’s company, sharing opinions, and generally sharing each other’s lives with one another. The relationship with my father, while absent in my early years, is strong to the present day.

The basis of Vitz’s book, that atheists develop out of faulty relationships with their father figures, is erroneous. It is but a sample of the stretching of the imagination in order to attempt to give some “reason” why some people lean away from the notion of “god” and lack any belief in any deity or deities. Those who are unable to cognate why or how atheists become faithless and lack any belief look for the rationality of it to be something tangible, straining terribly to place the atheist in the box with the appropriate label as that is all they can comprehend. There must be a predefined reason that atheists would be atheists, a profound and stirring reason, something that one without proper acquaintance can point to as the foundation of the faithless. The inability of the religious to see atheists as responsible, reasonable, rational, moral, and healthy leads to the grasping of straws labeled with reasons, rationality, and probable cause that would result in a lack of the belief in “god”. Failure to understand that atheists are faithless and without belief is due to evidence or lack thereof that logically disallows the deity or deities proper probability of their existence. There remains the question of “why?”

One who enjoys the illusory “god” protecting, forgiving, and loving them from some unseen place have manufactured for themselves an alternate reality based on perceived notions, textual declarations, and the masterful manipulation of the person in the pulpit. This world, created from religious tenets and texts, is one where everyone is required to worship the all knowing, all seeing, all creating, all loving “god”. Their societal organization depends solely upon the acceptance of “Jesus Christ” as one’s “personal savior”, the worship and acknowledgement of “god” and “his” power, and that all people (especially those who are without any “god” faith or belief) must also conform to their world, their reality, and their faith; for it is “god’s” will that all people come to “him”. Any variant or complication of their status quo is labeled in a manner for their understanding, no matter the logical and realistic nature of the “disturbance”. There is always an answer for the abnormal in their perception, be it “evil”, “sinful” or “perversion”, all the answers are tailored to fit preconceived notions nicely arranged in the boxes of absolutism. The absence of these comforts, to them, is alien, therefore lacking an absolute definition for immediate sorting until one can assign meaning and understanding, resulting in misunderstanding, mislabeling, and manipulation of true facts to fit their needs.

The newest development, fatherless “faith”, is the latest absolute box for proper sorting of atheists. Even though the box is inaccurate, bordering on the absurd, and outright ridiculous; the radically weird application of “faithful” intellect is typical of religious “reasoning”. The lack of proper understanding that atheist families are functional as religious families (to some, more healthy families are atheist families) to the most basic degree dominates the article and its unreasonable labeling for an appropriate box. The question of the religious is “How can one not believe in god?” They do, in an attempt to rationalize things, go to great lengths to bend logic and reason to their will in answering this question. Without any real definition, the religious assign reason that is applicable to them; in order to fit their dysfunctional societal view into faulty, illogical resignation of reality which is a surreal normative status quo. The true definition of an atheist is one who lacks the belief in a deity or deities. It is not a mystery or unexplained phenomenon, requiring some sort of dysfunctional labeling. It is simple. One person does not become an atheist for any reason other than a lack of belief. The simplistic nature of being an atheist is complicated by the religious perception that it is dysfunctional, immoral, incorrect, and defiant of the control of religion’s far reaching arm of influence that confounds their absolute societal norms.

“About one in five Americans combine a view of God as actively engaged in daily workings of the world with an economic conservative view that opposes government regulation and champions the free market as a matter of faith…It finds nearly three in four Americans (73%) say “I know God has a plan for me.” Within this group: 49% say ‘the government in Washington is trying to do too many things that should be left to individuals and private businesses’, 79% say ‘able-bodied people who are out of work shouldn’t receive unemployment checks if they are passing up jobs they can do’, 92% say ‘anything is possible for those who work hard’…But people who weren’t working (32% of those surveyed) answer differently, says another Baylor co-author, sociologist Kevin Dougherty. Working people, paid or volunteer, were more likely (45%) to say the government does too much than those who weren’t working (37%). They were also more likely (81% to 72%) to say healthy people don’t deserve unemployment benefits.”

So, according to many conservatives, spinning in the mix of the entirety of economics is “God” and “champions (of) the free market as a matter of faith”. If that is the perception, why can’t “god” be in economics and support free trade? After all, “he” does claim 10% of one’s hard earned money. Why shouldn’t “god” have something to do with economics?

The notion and employment of “economy” and “economics” is a mind-swirling subject that evades proper understanding. When something is mysterious to conservatives, instead of learning about it and asking questions that brokers understanding; they turn to the ancient mystery solver known as “god”, “Jesus” and the “holy spirit”, for surely “he”/”them”/”it” knows everything that they don’t. Supernatural forces unseen dispel the dark cloud that is economy for the faithful. Wrongly, but to them it’s a truth they use as a gauge for their lives in all things without ever stopping to cerebrate some real thoughts independent of dogma, tenets and faith. In order to dispel the great mystery of economy, I will brief those who desire understanding outside the influence of “god” and his split personalities.

The basic foundation of economy is trade. Trade occurs every day as money is paper replacing the antiquity of carrying around pounds of silver in one’s pockets, bags, or on mules. Paper money is represented by the amount of wealth America has. If America’s wealth is dwindling, making more money to alleviate economic crisis put false value of the dollar into the public and international trade causing the worth of the dollar to lower exponentially because the printing was done without more real and tangible wealth. Wealth in economy is measured nationally as how many export items can be produced, the health of industry and demand for its products, the value of trade directly related to the trade items, spending to achieve manufactured items, the amount of people employed and contributing to the economy as consumers, the health of the stock market, inflation rate, national debt ratio applied to worth of exports and balanced trade, market values of produced items, and the interaction of trade via agreements, treaties, and debt relief or paying national debts to related parties.

The health of an economy degrades when there is high unemployment (which slows consumer spending and balanced or fair trade), absence of goods or products manufactured natively (closing of essential manufacturing businesses that produced items for international trade and domestic consumption), the amount of imported items outweighs the exported items (we import items more than export items), the international market declination of consuming national imports, the stock market plummets (the stock market is a gauge of measuring the economic health of companies, trade, trade values, and consumer consumption of native or domestic products, including services and actual items), the interest rate on loans (the foundation is set by the Federal Reserve called “prime”) lowers and does not stimulate growth of spending and repayment of debt, the rate of inflation (how much things cost) rises above the affordable amount.

Economy flourishes when jobs are plentiful, goods manufactured natively are domestically and internationally consumed, imported items are less than exported items, the stock market rises, the interest rate on loans is affordable, and monetary value is based on real wealth of the nation. In order to achieve a well balanced, healthy economy encouraging spending on native or domestic products is important. When exports are much higher than imports, that means that money is being made in trade on the native or domestic products in the international market. When imports are higher than native or domestic product consumption, the money is not being returned to our economic worth, but to the nation we are importing from. Logically, stimulus plans should work to repair the sick economy. However, since most of our products in our stores is made outside the United States, stimulus plans do not help as the wealth recovery is not cycling back into our economy. If we don’t invest in domestic products, we give our money away to Mexico, China, and other countries we accept imports from. The equation: spend=economic growth is flawed because of our appetite for imports.

Another reason the United State’s economy is failing is because we are not making enough money to sustain our appetite, or in other words, we aren’t making enough money to pay our bills. While during President Bush’s tenure (the son, not the father) our national debt climbed to over a trillion dollars, we were fighting two wars in two different regions, companies received tax breaks for exporting business to other countries, and the deregulation of banking institutions occurred. These moves hurt our economy by borrowing further than we could afford, spending money on wars, depleting companies that were domestic that are essential to cyclical economic health both natively and internationally, and relaxing laws that kept banks from taking advantage of consumers whether by issuing minute fees for their own wealth increase, creating loans that are difficult to repay, and the eventual mass of foreclosures because the affordability of loans excelled the bankruptcy of many who were unable to pay the amounts banks demanded thus creating a vacuum of income. This unintelligent action led to a “glut” (more than consumers are willing to consume) in the housing market, forcing the fair trade of such real estate to plummet and further hurt the economy by discontinuing the cyclical nature of domestic fair trade. A combination of all these things sent our economy into the depths of recession.

What can we do to get our economy healthy again? First, we need to act instead of being dependent on an invisible being to help us. Tax cuts for companies that manufacture items domestically should be enacted to attract companies back to the United States. Second, the two wars costing trillions of dollars needs to be eliminated. More domestic companies will result in more jobs, thus unemployment would cease to rise. (The stagnation of the unemployment rates is only the product of unemployment benefits being exhausted. The number of unemployed outside the unemployment benefit system are not counted.) Third, appetites for imported products of cheap value and poor quality (or in some cases dangerous quality as lead paint is used in toys imported from China) need to be curbed and more affordable domestic products need to enter the consumer market. Fourth, while spending makes an economy flourish, there is a very weighty difference in what the average American pays in income tax and what the few millionaires pay in taxes. Those that make more money should fairly pay money that reflects their income, as most millionaires have achieved wealth by not consuming the unnecessary and other frugal spending habits. Finally, the action of marketing domestic products that are quality to international consumption will also encourage the economy’s growth and health. Bank regulations governing how many fees and costs of doing business with them should be strict enough to encourage fair and balanced values.

Note how, no where in the above explanation, is “god” a fitting entity to assist in the health and maintenance of economy. That is primarily because “god’s” involvement is akin to the complacency of “prayer” when applied to “solutions” that require action by thinking, the economically savvy, and proactive minds. The mystery of economy can easily be solved with a little patience, asking questions, and cerebration “outside the box”; not by adding mystical, mythical, imagined entities to “handle” the confounding nature of economy. Independent thought is ruined by the very nature of “god”, who has failed to explain the unexplainable in the past and continues to do so to this very day.

Palestine Goes To The United Nations

Israel was formed in 1947 by the newly formed United Nations, without any negotiation with the native people, the Palestinians. In this UN agreement, the partition of Palestine was proposed with an Arab state and a Jewish state while Jerusalem remained an international city. The day after the UN resolution 181 was enacted, the Arab countries of Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Iraq attacked Israel. The military staved the assault, leaving the Arab League with a bitter taste in its mouth. In 1967 another war was initiated and Israel was victorious again, thus enacting new borders by order of conquest. Palestinians were forced into exile, some remaining in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights areas; small places for a once large country to be relegated to. Recently, after many wars and many conflicts between the two people, Israel began settling in areas of the West Bank and Gaza Strip as both areas are occupied by Israeli forces. Jerusalem, once claimed as an international city in the first UN agreement is now occupied and claimed as Israel property.

Israel bases its right to exist on holy texts, where the land of Israel was “won” by an ancestor known as “Jacob” who wrestled an “Angel” for it. Some Christians and many Judaism adherents refer to these texts as supporting evidence for their claim to the land from Palestinians. In Jerusalem, the Al-Asqa Mosque (also known as the Dome of the Rock) marks the “holy” place from whence “Mohammed” ascended into “heaven” according to the Qur’an. The “Wailing Wall”, the last standing wall of the first tabernacle to “God”, is located near the mosque in Jerusalem. Also, marking the “Sermon on the Mount” is a Christian church that marks the “holy” place where “Jesus” ascended into “heaven” to be with his “father” after “rising up from the dead” following his “Crucifixion”. Three religions could all lay claim to Jerusalem, which is most probably the resolution 181 designated it as an international city. However undaunted, and with much propaganda produced to instigate fear that under Muslim rule Christians would be prohibited from Jerusalem, Israel maintained control of Jerusalem in violation of resolution 181.

From a secular point of view, based purely on wit and deduction, the “authority” of the religious texts are questionable and refutable. The “historical” accuracy of the documents remains unproven, as places such as Egypt and Persia have no recorded history that Jews were enslaved by those ancient cultures. According Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s Antiquities Minister, the pyramids were built by artisans from all over Egypt who were treated very well and there are no accounts anywhere in tombs that would lead one to reason that plagues proceeded the freeing of Jewish slaves. Hawass continues to work vigorously to afford reasonable light onto the mysteries of ancient Egyptian and Nubian history. With this in consideration and the outlandish claims of “holy texts” also considered (such as talking snakes, burning bushes, horns that bring walls of cities down, and a foreskin collecting “god” among others) that casts long shadows of doubt on the authenticity of claims, one can complete discount them as dependable historic accounting and issuable as evidence for occupation of land. If one were to scrutinize further, the probability of such texts being the irrefutable authority on any topic is inaccurate as ill afforded “faith” supports their truth. So without “holy” text “faith” of accuracy, the disputable nature of their claims, and the illogical unquestioning nature of adherents when considering these literary works of fiction is not enough surmountable evidence supporting theft of land, cruel and inexcusable treatment of natives of that land, and the oppressive nature of occupied lands rightly owned by Palestinians and afforded to them by resolution 181.

The cyclical nature of conflict between the two people, as well as the employment of “suicide bombers”, does not remain excusable in any sense of desperation, revolutionary action, or military competition. While I am fully aware of the plight of Palestinians, suicide bombings are a poor way of expressing one’s convention against Israel. Not only does it seem cowardly, it also murders people who could have contributed positively to the conflict. Such action, or reaction if you will, perpetuates the violent cycle between the two parties. Both sides seem to harbor the value that if one is “hit hard” the opposition “hits harder”, which does not afford peace, but brokers hostility and endless bickering that will perpetuate itself from generation to generation with the understanding that violence solves disputes.

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority President, is taking his country’s plight to the UN to be given membership status. While this claim will probably not result in Palestinian independent real estate, it will give the people the opportunity to dispute poor treatment and hostilities garnered by Israel. Israel and Hamas, a terrorist organization formed as a result of Palestinian’s desires to be autonomous from Israel, have both suggested such a move would not increase stability in the land. Israel’s motive for resisting the membership status is obvious; it does not want to lose real estate occupied by Israelis, it does not want to be forced to concede to Palestinian demands, and it views membership status for Palestine dangerous to its stability. Hamas’ reasoning is that it will do nothing to forward the interests of Palestine, but cloaked in such doubt is the reality that if Hamas were to continue attacking Israel in the manner that it does, the UN has full authority to condemn the actions and apply political pressure to either disband Hamas or cause it to have less political power within the Palestinian state.

It has already been announced that the United States will veto the positive vote for elevation from “observer status” to Palestine’s membership status. It is not difficult to surmise that the plan for veto is quite heavily based on the US consistently supporting Israel in the past. The political nature of this is fueled by those who are “faithful” Christians and Judaism adherents, as the primary seat of Israel’s existence rests in the volumes their religions are based on. The other political nature of the support is based largely on the voters’ bloc that is Jewish withdrawing support for the President in a time of necessity, election time. Do the Palestinians deserve recognition as a member of the UN? Sure do, because then they lay rightful claims of human rights violations on Israel, and so, Israel can do the same to them. It may possibly broker more peaceful exchanges between the two. Alas, it is up to you to decide for yourself.