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Below are some facts and figures* about widespread psychiatric drugging and you will understand the URGENCY of getting the IAS-sponsored CCHR* campaign materials out everywhere and NOW.

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20 million children around the world are prescribed psychiatric drugs.
40% of all children taking psychiatric drugs worldwide are American.
8 million American children take psychiatric drugs – that’s one in every ten children in America. There are 75.6 million children in America (i.e. ages 0-17), 8 million are on psychiatric medication = 10.6%.
America is one of only two developed countries in the world where pharmaceutical companies can advertise prescription drugs direct to consumers (the other country is New Zealand). The U.S. legalized “Direct to Consumer” (DTC) advertising in 1997. Spending on DTC advertising increased from $220 million in 1997 to $2.8 billion in 2002. “By 1999, the average American was exposed to nine drug advertisements on television every day.” (Quote from the book, “Overdosed America” by Dr. John Abramson)
Psychiatric medications have been estimated to cause over 700,000 serious adverse reactions a year and 42,000 deaths.
The drug industry spends $22 billion a year marketing to doctors to increase prescriptions—that is 90% of its marketing budget.
An estimated 50% of all Americans who commit suicide are on psychotropic drugs.
Once on an antidepressant, the suicide rate jumps from 11 for every 100,000 people to 718—over 65 times more.
There are over 300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs written every year. Over 70% of these are written by general practitioners, i.e. doctors.
Antipsychotic drugs, powerful chemicals designed originally for only the most seriously mentally troubled, are now a $22.8 billion industry.
Half a million children and teenagers were prescribed at least one antipsychotic drug in 2007.
“I saw Dead Wrong and that did it. I did not want my daughter to be one of the statistics and end up burying her.” Mother of 3-year old put on psychiatric drugs. CA, USA
“It really gave me, my son, my whole family a second chance, watching that video .” Mother of 10-year old put on anti-depressants. CA, USA
“Anger, tears, sadness, inspiration. These were but a few of my reactions to this new documentary . I clicked on it to watch about ten minutes of it when I received it from you today. 87 Minutes later, I am just concluding the documentary. It gripped me. Profoundly helpful, and extremely powerful!!!!! You guys are doing some phenomenal work. You are indeed vessels of good in a very confused culture.” J.L., USA
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*Data provided to IAS Administrations by CCHR International
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I received this email today. First thing I would love to mention is that I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE IAS, yet I continue to receive emails like this one on a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. Secondly, I am NOT A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY in ANY aspect, not even receiving any services, certifications or whatnot from this organization in ANY manner. Finally, I DO NOT SUPPORT ThE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY MONETARILY OR WITH MY PRESENCE AND HAVE MADE IT ABUNDANTLY CLEAR TO THEM as well as you, dear reader. So why have I received this “spammy” email from them? I will tell you why. My name is still on their lists. I have had no activity with this CULT since 2009 and have been happy ever since. My repeated requests to unsubscribe me from this mailing list have obviously been ignored in light of what is called “plumping”. Plumping is when a company or organization keeps names on an email list so that reports of active membership can be adequately inflated to meet certain marketing needs. It is used as a method to show there are more customers than there really are, thus “plumping” their numbers. The numbers are phantom numbers, which can be shown to people to say “we have this many people in this organization” when in all actuality they do not. It is despicable, but it is a useful tool to show people on the inside that there are these many members, when in actuality, there are not.

My interaction with Scientologists and Independent Scientologists has significantly dropped. This is due largely to the fact that I disagree with both parties and their unquestioning dedication to L. Ron Hubbard to the point that I do not hold the man in level with the importance they level him with. Why? There is a staggering amount of real evidence, real documents, and real accounts that the man lied about his war history, his war injuries, his war medals, his natural history, his trips abroad, his relationship with eastern religious sects or philosophies, and the list goes on. There is substantial proof that he did not receive medals he stated he did, that he was not rendered blind by injury in war, and that most of his reflective life stories are little more than inflated lies to dazzle the masses with bullsh!t. After agonizing over the decision to continue on in Independent Scientology where most revere L. Ron Hubbard, I have decided to detach from the community. I simply cannot revere a liar as the bringer of the new age woo of Scientology, but as a man who had some good ideas and built his fortune around it. Therefore, respectfully, I remain the eternal skeptic and quite rightly so. After being told that the history of L. Ron Hubbard was muddied by people who love to ruin him and adequately debunking that theory by spending hours pouring over documents from the United States Navy proving my point, I have decided to not drink the Kool Aid and settled for a nice coffee with plenty of logic and cream.

The points of interest on the IAS email are largely false. The fact that only 10% of children are medicated by psychotropic medication is not some terrible travesty manufactured by the “Psyches” or psychiatry. It is the fact that illnesses like autism are on the rise, as well as instances of Asperger’s. Unknown to the psychiatric medical field until the last decade of research and proper diagnosis, the truth of the matter is that children who get medicated for these issues are more productive than those who are not. While advertising for drugs on television may be an affront to Scientologists, the need for medication that actually solves problems and creates well people is actually a good thing. However not so in Scientology. The Psyches (or the practice of psychiatry and psychology) are tied in a constant conspiracy with Big Pharma (pharmaceutical companies) to make money on the hapless public “wogs” (those who do not practice Scientology) too stupid not to mirror the paranoid ramblings of their deity, L. Ron Hubbard. Paranoid they were, as well symptomatic of schizophrenia or other related psychosis. The “truth” of it to Scientologists, and some Independent Scientologists, prompts me to dilute logic and engage in fantasy. If it were not for medical science and theory, I would not be here ten times over by now. If it weren’t for antipsychotic medication, I would not be alive six times over. The irrational notion that there is some great medical conspiracy behind medication, its production, and prescription is wild and insane logical assumptions I am unable and unwilling to suppress my logic to subscribe to or throw money at better spent elsewhere. I cannot cognate and agree with this utter tripe nor its perpetuation via Scientology or Independent Scientology.

The constant lies perpetuated by the Church of Scientology, my favorite being that they do not practice “disconnection” anymore which alludes to the ideal actively practiced to cut off people who are declared Suppressive People or family that does not tow the Scientology line, are revolving from utterly insane to completely ignorant “facts” manufactured to keep Scientology working. The quotes of LRH are often wrong in the Church of Scientology and they only ever produce quotes supporting their tripe from mysteriously initialed entities. While I agree to certain extent that some illnesses are in fact caused by vitamin deficiency, not all illness are and not all illness is psychosomatic like the book Dianetics illustrates. Scientology uses the means in which to manipulate followers the same as any other religion. Different and often manufactured terms are used to create the insular society, disconnection between loved ones forces one to become the Church and unthinking, lacking independent thought and as means to instigate societal consequences for not believing. Tenets of the religion force people to neglect real medical issues for “auditing” to rid one of problems that cause more problems that causes more problems ad infinitum. Then beyond that, is created the need to be “clear” which is the tenet of control causing more money dispensed for church treatments to gain the coveted label which only is further mired by the fact the truest definition of “Clear” by LRH is unattainable in any collective reasoning that is logical and based on reality that is not manufactured by the church and its adherents. It manipulates the same as Christianity, Islam, and any other relative cult of personality looking to make a quick buck on the codependency of others. By far the most rudimentary facet of the Church of Scientology is a constantly changing money making pyramid scheme, manipulating using fear, tenets and societal consequences that are not only surreal but completely manufactured for the sake of twisting $500,000 out of followers for the false Bridge To Total Freedom, which is more like the Gallows of Slavery and Singularity. Ridiculous at best, I am done. I am done with trying to work to my potential while being held down, mired by a false prophet who rambled half-truths, lies, and paranoia at people willing to give up everything to be their version of sane and healthy.

I would sooner die than surrender my logic, skepticism and self for the greater good of David Miscavige or any number of the adherents drinking the idiocy laced Kool Aid.


The majority of Scientologists in the Church of Scientology don’t know about it. The public responses of the Church are carefully stated to decry the action of “Fair Game”, yet at the same time they invent new ways of exacting this policy they like to claim LRH repealed, yet it still goes on. The newest and latest form of “Fair Game” is going on in Ingleside on the Bay, Texas. The Church has launched the “Squirrel Busters” who wear silly shirts and record immature videos to designed to make Marty Rathbun, the former Inspector General for the Church working directly for David Miscavige, look like an idiot and crazy man. I have linked their latest video below:

As you can see in the above video, the “journos” really are the Squirrel Busters, obviously intent on harassing him. If you’ve watched the Bert Leahy videos talking with Marty, you will learn that their sole purpose is to harass him and his neighbors and to make life for Marty a living hell. Might I remind you that, obviously, the journos here is not the Village Voice or the Corpus Christi Caller. It is the Squirrel Busters themselves. Viewing several “episodes” they have online, they all have the same gist: Marty is a psychopath, a dangerous man, and squirreling LRH techniques by practicing independently of the Church of Scientology. Marty is continuing to audit people and has often proclaimed his affiliation with the recently born Independent Scientology movement, which to the Church is “squirrel” which is a type of heretical label. They actively print information in FreedomMag, the Scientology journos rag, that disclaim Marty’s work and actions. Why the preoccupation with Marty? Why the preoccupation with Mike Rinder, once the spokesman for the Church of Scientology?

It’s simple. The current head of the Church of Scientology, David Miscavige, disposed of the people LRH wanted to lead the Church in the event of his death. He crawled to the top on the backs of those he ruined to get there. Now there, David Miscavige’s total goal is to replace LRH with himself (David Miscavige is Scientology is a vicious lie, designed to create a formulated base that believes he is actually getting auditing and has reached a high status in the belief’s Bridge to Total Freedom, which he has not.) and take over the religion to make more money from members than ever before (by creating “corrected” technique and books), to have the followers revere him as leader (because he is a little man with a big ego that needs to be fed) and has been known to get violent with his support staff on many an occasion as told by many, many, ex-Sea Org (Scientology’s inner circle) members who have loudly left the group. It is what the Church of Scientology doesn’t want you to know; that money is filtered from the religion to pay Miscavige enough that he owns two Harley Davidson motorcycles that are custom made launching their price into the tens of thousands of dollars while Sea Org members eat beans and rice, that tens of thousands of dollars are spent on private investigators like David Lubow (The founder of the Squirrel Busters who uses the shield of “filming a documentary” to harass Marty Rathbun because he can’t practice as a private investigator in Texas), funds are further funneled into operations that show any detractor of Scientology is a criminal (just peruse the internet sites willing to give you a background check for $19.95 or more), and thousands more are funneled from the coffers donated by people who want to be on the Bridge of Total Freedom to making life hell for the enemies of David Miscavige, NOT the Church of Scientology as a whole. What they don’t want anyone to know is that daily, they are devising new ways to ruin people’s lives who are leaving the church by finding and manufacturing stories about them to make them look bad in the eyes of neighbors, family, and friends.

Yet, the truth is out there. In the information age, there is one thing that foils Miscavige’s plans every time: The Internet. Doing a Google search, one can find sites like Operation Clambake that speaks up and has a wealth of information about Scientology, Marty Rathbun’s blog “Moving Up A Little Higher” where he often calls out Miscavige on his misappropriation of Church of Scientology funds and Miscavige’s violent nature and inflated ego, and Tory Magoo who left in 2000 after 30 years and speaks out daily against the Church of Scientology. What the Church doesn’t want you to know is that they have an internet filter used by people still in the Church of Scientology that filters out any negative information about it. What they don’t want you to know is that thousands of people are worked for long hours with little pay in order to keep them dependent on the Church of Scientology. David Miscavige hopes that his operations to discredit those who speak out against him and his lowlife tactics to keep those silenced who might speak out will be the fail safe measure to keep his seat of power and control over so many people. The truth is that people are being declared as enemies of Scientology during Miscavige’s reign are usually people who have a problem with him.

Most of the people in the Church of Scientology never know about the truth because Miscavige has them believing that he is right and all the detractors are wrong. They don’t know how dangerous the man is, most people in cult-like religions don’t know how dangerous someone really is until they set fire to the compound, spike the Kool Aid with cyanide, or tell little girls to marry men ten times their age. The idea that those things are wrong don’t enter the mind of the submersed, because they are believing that the end is near, earthquakes are signs from god, hurricanes are designed by god to punish the infidel, and terrorists attacks are the responsibility of people who support abortion, are feminists, are homosexual and other such rubbish. They can’t see the illogical flags that something just isn’t right. When they do, most people in cults risk losing all of their friends, family members, and societal comforts that keep them from thinking on their own. It is a method of control to have everyone who knew Person A to “disconnect” from them, but in this information age one can find support just a click away. The support for every person that leaves the cult is out there, in droves, waiting for you to get away and wake up. Going from sinful to sin free is just a click and double click away.

If you are in the Church of Scientology and are reading this, it is important that you leave. The cult has wasted years of your life and sucked you financially dry for David Miscavige’s own interests. There are people in the Independent Scientology community to welcome you. They are waiting for you. There are people like Tory Magoo who provides daily support to those who no longer believe in Scientology to become free of it’s confines. There are a multitude of sites, with people just like you, who want to be out. Take the time to consider what the Church has given you in return for what you have given to the Church. Think about how many nights you have spent sleeping under your desk or worrying about that second mortgage taken for the Bridge. Think about leaving that culture and finding a new one, full of information, full of love, and full of respect. Imagine being free and being welcomed with open arms into a community that accepts you for just who you are, not what you can do for them or how much money they can make for you. Free your mind and free yourself. We are waiting for you with open arms.

In the articles above, note that the NAMI link is provided for your informational purposes, there are discussions of the “truths” of psychiatry. A museum, dedicated to “revealing” the “truth”, is run and propped up by the Church of Scientology’s pet movement, CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights). In this museum, it points out a vicious lie that Nazis were actually products of psychiatrists, that torture and electric shock therapy has been given to people against their will, and that many have died at the hands of psychiatry. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology discusses psychiatry in many discourses to followers in the 50’s and 60’s. In his book, Dianetics, he explains that many illnesses are psychosomatic and manufactured by engrams caused at various times in one’s life. He claims mental illnesses such as schizophrenia can be “cured” in so many sessions of “auditing”, the church’s method for removing and dispelling these engrams. Tom Cruise says in a video to Matt Laurer that he knows the “real history” of psychiatry and contends that actress and model Brooke Shields could have taken “vitamins and supplements” that would have cured her “baby blues”. He also goes on to state that a drug to treat ADHD has become a “street drug” and that psychiatric medication is not the answer. In another video, the “Thud Experiment” shows that a certain number of people entered a psychiatric facility all claiming to hear the word “thud” in their head and that the institutions “misdiagnosed” them. It also claims that a psychiatric facility found “40 imposters” that were never sent by the experiment overseers.

What is the truth about psychiatry?

In the early years of the science, there were institutions that treated people with psychosis in deplorable ways. Many of the younger treatments of mental illness have been abandoned like the barbaric lobotomies and electric shock therapy. There are cases where electric shock therapy is still used, but according to psychiatrists I have spoken to, this is not a common treatment as it was in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. Most mental illnesses are treated by anti-psychotic medicines, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and other medication that deals directly with chemical imbalance. The treatment usually coincides with psychological counseling either with a licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychological doctor. “Talking therapy” cited by psychiatrists is also a good way to develop coping strategies, work through symptoms of a mental illness, and effectively treat people who would not seek help normally. Can serious psychosis such as paranoid schizophrenia, schizophrenia, psychotics, and dissociative mental illness really be dealt with using “auditing”? Are vitamins and supplements and adequate treatment for these illnesses? Well, no. They can’t. More psychiatric science has proven early theories that such diseases are biological and can only be treated with proper medication regiments prescribed by a psychiatrist.

( A good example that Dianetics’ treatment of schizophrenia fails is the death of Elli Perkins. Her son began hearing voices in his mind in 2001. Since Scientology does not support psychiatry, they believe psychiatrist are “evil”, she sent her son to the Sea Org in an attempt to help him. He continued with “auditing”, which failed, thus resulting in his classification as a Level III PTS (Potential Trouble Source). He was banned from any further Scientology courses because he exhausted the church’s treatment plans. I find this a gross mishandling of his case. Why? The man obviously needed medical science’s intervention on his case. He was committed to a psychiatric facility and she convinced them to release him to her custody. She began to feed him vitamins and minerals. She took him to a doctor of osteopathy who claimed he had toxins in his system which needed to be purged and that he had digestive problems. A vitamin regiment was prescribed. He did not improve. Instead he became suspicious that she was poisoning him. She tried several methods of treatment recommended by Scientology. Jeremy, her son, stabbed her 77 times when his illness became out of control due to lack of psychiatric treatment.

Schizophrenia is described in Scientology as: 1. a mental disorder characterized by indifference, withdrawal, hallucinations, and delusions of persecution and omnipotence, often with unimpaired intelligence. 2. in alethanetic terms (alethanlogy is the study or science of truth, a system of natural laws which allow a person to discover for one’s self those personal truths that bring about a life of peace, abundance, success and balance; the science and the study of the nature of truth and error, and of the highest laws for their discrimination; and doctrine of truth, that part of logic which deals with the subject of truth) terms, a departure from rational thought with no basis of reason in which the person goes into assumed personality from engrams(An engram, according to Dianetics, is a mental image picture recorded in the reactive subconscious mind of an experience containing pain, unconsciousness, and a real or imagined threat to survival.) so completely that one sharply and distinctly changes personality features when one jumps between one to another. This is wholly inaccurate. When one switches between different personalities, one has Dissociative identity Disorder, also called DiD. It used to be known as multiple personality disorder, but it is in fact defined as a dissociative disorder. The person has more than one identity or “personality” that is called an “alter” and often cannot remember what happens when an “alter” takes over. Schizophrenia interferes with one’s ability to think clearly, manage emotions, make decisions or relate with others, and impairs the ability to function productively. It is very rare that a Schizophrenic person becomes violent, though often media refers to Schizophrenia as a violent person who has multiple personality disorder or is inconsistent, often variably random and nonsensical. This is a misconception that will probably never be rectified without educating one’s self to the real psychiatric truth. Each case of Schizophrenia is unique and some are associated with paranoia, delusions, auditory and visual hallucinations; sometimes treatment is refused because of all the symptoms, or most of them, complicate the decision making process. (

However, the Church of Scientology’s mental health watchdog group CCHR puts “The Truth of Psychiatry” on their website ( adds sensational elements to their articles, being sure to connect bizarre facts to a delusional conclusion. An example: CBS “48 Hours” did a special detailing that Schizophrenia is a real, physiological mental illness that requires psychiatric medicine to treat. CCHR makes the bold claim that CBS only forwarded the claim that such medicines work based solely on the fact that they make money from the sponsor and the drugs. Another example: “A recent State Auditor review of expenditures from Texas Community Mental Health and Retardation (MHMR) Centers found that at two of the states’ 39 local MHMR Centers had used $60,000 in tax dollars (€47,100) for pizza parties, employee incentives, staffs’ food and entertainment and company picnics. Other findings included: There
were 581,213 dates where services were billed for periods exceeding 24 hours in a single day; in one client record, the person was said to have received over 1,454 hours of
service in a day. Treatment was also billed for 68 people whose social security cards showed they were dead.” Seeking out the report via Google search ( only reveals the publication issued by the CCHR. A search on YouTube reveals no such report ( by anyone named Keith Elkins. One more example: “Dekalb, Illinois – February 14, 2008: 27-year-old Steven Kazmierczak shot and killed five people and wounded 16 others before killing himself in a Northern Illinois University auditorium. According to his girlfriend, he had recently been taking Prozac, Xanax and Ambien. Toxicology results showed that he still had trace amount of Xanax in his system.” All supporting articles for this particular story are connected to Church of Scientology sources. While not fully explaining the reports they line their website with, they do inaccurately manipulate information to make it look like what they need it to look like.

The Church of Scientology is not new to this type of thing, making something look more acceptable to them for their nefarious purposes. ( The death of Lisa McPherson and the subsequent cover-up ( and manipulation of officials ( is telling about the way the Church of Scientology handles its business. Why would opposition of psychiatry be treated any differently? Well, really, it wouldn’t. One can easily conclude that the offensive opened up by the Church of Scientology, mother to CCHR, is on direct par with conspiracy theorists who look for the Illuminati behind governments and poke out newly raised fears of “socialism” taking over the United States. All of it is meant to be a manipulative source for minds prepared to lock step and file behind an abusive ( and leader of dying organization he assisted to meet it’s untimely death at the hands of a true Suppressive Person ( look for my post about Miscavige and subsequent explanations for a SP, please).

Not unlike most religions, the Church of Scientology is not immune to manipulation using fear, tenets, and societal pressure. Let’s not ignore that while the Church of Scientology disclaims core tenets (such as Xenu), societal pressure (disconnection) and fear (justifying use of the “Fair Game” policies enacted to make opposition mute), they blur the line between a corporation and not-for-profit tax exempt status. Their leader misappropriates funds for private investigators used to harass and intimidate people unwilling to “shut up” about the negative metamorphosis of the church under his rule. Of course, by writing this blog entry, I open myself up to the use of “Fair Game” on me. The corporation jumps at shadows at manufactures enemies in a delusional way. Yet, beneath this oppression, many have left the Church of Scientology and started the Independent Scientologist movement which creates all kinds of problems for the Church. There are the brave people that speak out against the Church like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder who strike boldly out on their own and are able to find happiness as Independents. The whole of the Freezone also does. As more and more leave, the obvious becomes truth while the oblivious stay in. This is a truth that can be applied to any religion, regardless of what denomination, sect, creed, and tenets.

I invite you to review the sites I cited and find out for yourself. The attack of psychiatry is just that, an attack. It has become essential for extremists in any faith to attack to preserve their control. A growing trend that is not only distasteful but steeped in crazy conspiracy theories that simply don’t hold up to logic, clear reasoning, and rationality.

“With those awards, a message was sent: Mock addiction, create a rallying cry for those in its grip, blow your life up in every aspect other than financial success and name recognition, and you will be rewarded with the industry’s gold medals.”

“From kindergartens to city councils to churches to the Supreme Court, the mainstreaming of homosexuality has reshaped everything in America. And one of the most powerful vehicles by which the gay agenda has accomplished this is media. The first television network program to feature a homosexual character in an ongoing role was the soap opera One Life to Live in 1992. By 1999, there were 25 sitcoms or daytime dramas with homosexual characters. Without exception, these characters were portrayed as witty, clever, lovable and just a little quirky.”


Are Americans that gullible that our media, in this instance it’s music, tell us what to do and think?  Does winning an award for a song that boots rehab in the ass really tell people it’s okay to be on drugs?  Really?  Does media tell us it’s okay to be gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, too?  Does it all influence us subliminally as suggested by so many people?

There are great number of media outlets that are blamed for influencing people.  From video games to TV to the “Liberal Media”, fingers have been pointed that it affects people somehow.  It makes violence, homosexuality, drugs, drinking, cussing, premarital sex, teen pregnancy and (fill in the blank) “acceptable” to it’s viewers because it is presented “positively” by characters who are “quirky” and “lovable”.

I have such a problem accepting this analogy.  I have a problem with it because it’s not logical, rational or in any way reasonable.  I don’t believe some kid playing a video game that is violent is going to think it’s okay to mow people down with an automatic rifle.  I don’t believe that a song about rehab winning an award tells people that it’s okay to to do drugs and not go to rehab.  I certainly don’t believe that it affects if someone is going to accept a “homosexual” easier than they would a heterosexual.  The notion is simply ridiculous.

I think internet postings, like the two I quoted here, are more dangerous to people than anyone else:

“There is a soft drink company, believe it may be Pepsi, that is using aborted baby cells to flavor pop. When you think they have hit bottom..look out..the bottom is still a ways to go”

The frightening reality of this quote on this website is that someone is going to read that and be gullible enough to believe it.  So media does affect Americans, because there are people out there geared to believe everything they read as gospel because that is what their parents and culture has taught them to do.  They are, sadly, an ignorant majority of people in fundamentalist and/or extremist religious circles.

It happened to the company Procter and Gamble in the 1980’s when these circles passed information to each other that the company was “evil” or “satanic” because of their company’s logo (a crescent moon and stars). You can look it up yourself at and see what damage can be done.  The following website instructs to boycott the company because of animal testing: and lists companies that don’t hurt animals.  It is written in a sensational manner because more people read sensational stories.

What’s really sad is that there is nothing you can do about it.  Inflaming the reader is what is done to draw these types of people to believe that crap.  It is the information age and it’s easier to investigate the truth of the matter by Googling the subject.  Many people do it and set themselves free by freeing their mind, because you just can’t prove something at face value.  More people are coming around to depending on for busting the move of idiots all over the internet.

There are a bunch of YouTube videos and other websites that provide information to keep the gullible from being gullible.  Even such controversial subjects, like the Church of Scientology vs the Independent Scientology movement, can be debunked with plenty of patient research on the subject by Googling.  Controversial subjects like homosexual marriage equality vs “traditional one man one woman” marriages can be explored on the internet.  The question of god can be Googled.

There is a wealth of information out there.  The real difference between the gullible and the logical masses are who is more willing to dig for the truth and understand that many things out there do come with an ulterior motive.  The religious extremists struggle to regain control of their masses by sharing bigotry and manipulating them with obsolete “book learned” morality.  Media that covers the debt problem in America inflame by fear-mongering people into thinking the elite rich aren’t the only people who will have a tax increase.  Making informed decisions is a reasonable, logical, sensible and responsible way to make decisions on what subjects might be true or which subjects are just littered with rumor, falsehoods and downright lies, misquotes, editing to make something appear to be something it’s not, inflammatory statements, and the list can go on.  It’s up to you to make the informed decision what to believe or not and as I have said many, many, many times in my life:

Argue for your limitations and they are yours.