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I haven’t posted for a while because I have been down, but not knocked out, with taking the medicine for my mental illness called Thorazine.  I do not recommend this drug because it renders you almost completely useless and zombie like causing me to neglect my blog and several other duties like housecleaning for a long period of time.  The drug caused me to gain weight, have extreme stomach issues, heat and heat exhaustion issues, dehydration issues and a plethora of other tiny annoying side effects that caused me to suffer unhappy bodily functions and mental moods.  I was unable to distinguish delusion from reality and had severe issues with surreal becoming real, hallucination complications, voice phenomenon and some heavy weakness of thoughts that made it seem that I couldn’t form rational opinions or complete rational thoughts for longer than two minutes.  I had a series of episodes that were sometimes very long and very confusing, causing me to wonder what my reality was and where I was going on the subject of happenings in current events.  I have changed my medication to the much more reasonably feasible, less haranguing Invega that is very expensive but works better with less side effects and issues than the Thorazine had.  This makes life easier and since there are somewhat less side effects I am experiencing with it, I am able to continue with this blog which brings me to the topic of this post, mental illness, medication, and you.

If you suffer from a serious mental illness like I do, I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia Paranoid Type but after recent testing have been downgraded to Schizoaffective Disorder with Depression.  This illness involves having delusions of reality such as believing in conspiracy theories like the Illuminati are real and controlling your mind and life, having voices in my head that tell me to hurt myself and others, causing me to see cockroaches and mice hallucinations that appear to be very real, and cause my brain to believe I am not worthy of love, life, or consideration so I lie or tell falsehoods to make my life more entertaining much in the same way someone brags about being in a war they were never in or having myth memories that don’t exist.  It has taken a long time for me to catch myself doing this, but as I do I come clean and when I do I apologize and move on with my life.  I try not to do this.  Sometimes the illness reigns supreme and there is nothing I can do and it just happens.  I try to keep reality real whenever I can but sometimes my delusions get the best of me.  It is hard to fight.  Sometimes it’s really hard to see the delusions are taking control and, like this time, I have to fight from the rock bottom to the top again to regain my sanity.  This is a true fight and it is exhausting.  Once I begin, I realize the medication isn’t working anymore and I talk to my psychiatrist to change my medication.  Sometimes it takes a short period of time.  Sometimes it takes a long time.  This time it took a long time.  You must talk to your doctor about it as soon as you notice something is wrong.   In my dysfunctional state I would never hurt anyone, as I am aware enough to realize that that is a sign that something is awry.  I am not a danger to myself or others usually unless I am very deeply into the dysfunctional state and I was not that far gone this time.  If I do not take my medication, I suppose I could get there.  I do not ever want to try that theory out and see if that would be the case.

In my delusional state I don’t see there is anything wrong with the Illuminati controlling my mind.  It is not until I start coming out of the delusion that I realize this is untrue and is my illness destroying my reality.  To cope with it, I remind myself that it is not possible to control the mind using any kind of device and it takes me a while before I start to believe that, once I do, I change medication.  To cope with the voices in my head I listen to music or watch television programs that cause me to have different thoughts or makes me upset so the cycle is disrupted briefly.  Then I tell myself that the voices lie.  Once I begin to believe the voices are lying, I change medication.  Coping mechanisms don’t always work on one delusion to another, such as the Illuminati isn’t real I know that now but the next time it will be a microchip in my head or food I eat or whatever my brain is creative.  Then the delusion will remain until I catch on to it, which is usually a extended period of time maybe the shortest time is about two months and the longest time is several months to years.  It’s very frustrating and very exhausting.   I also become quiet and introverted, becoming turned upon myself during these periods being self consumed and rarely making outside contact with friends unless its a severe emotionally charged happening or something very dark is remembered from my past and it seeps out through all the craziness.  Myth memories usually are shared with a group of people where real memories are shared with one person personally.

It is very difficult to see when I need help until it is too late or I am deeply into a delusion or listening to the voices or both.  This makes it difficult to see when I need help or when I clearly need a medication change.  I do eventually see it and I never have gotten to the point where I hurt someone badly because I was listening to the voices or having a delusion or both.  I have tried to attempt suicide in these states of mind where I have progressed into a self destructive state where I feel it would be better if I ended the madness by ending myself.  This decision is always painful and brought on by failure to catch and use coping mechanisms to fight delusions and/or the voices in my head.  I feel so hopeless and so loveless and so worthless that I would rather die than continue existing.  I have a coping mechanism in place for when I feel this way now after three attempts to take my life.  I realize I am only passing that pain on to my surviving friends and family should I be successful and I have made a promise to my wife and friends not to do that.  So I admit myself into a hospital as soon as I feel like I am going to hurt myself and I may not be able to use my coping skills to stop such an event from occurring.  It takes a lot of willpower, but I can do it.  I have this ability.   There are many with mental illness that do not who struggle with it and then act on the impulses of the madness.  These are the people who shoot or hurt themselves and/or shoot and hurt other people.  It’s a frightening place to be.  I am saying it’s a dark place to be and it takes real strength to see it.  Not everyone has that strength.

If you have a mental illness and you need help, go to your local emergency room if you feel the need to hurt others or yourself before you act on it.  It is vitally important that if you are reading this that you realize that there are people who are going to help you even if you don’t trust them like you should.  That trust issue is part of the delusion and it could be what kills you.  What kills you and what kills someone else.  Don’t do anything stupid.  Stop what you are doing.  The voices lie.  No one can control your mind.  You need help.  Go to the emergency room and get it.  Speak until someone takes you seriously.  It will be the best thing you have ever done in your life and you will truly be free.  Take the medication.  It’s not controlling your mind, it’s making you better so you can control your mind.  Don’t stop taking it.  Even if you feel better.   Go to and get on a discussion page for people with your illness.  It will help you cope and it will help you in times of greatest need.  People care about you.  People you don’t even know.

If you have a friend or family member with a mental illness that needs help today you need to understand that what they are going through is a slice of hell.  It is dark, frightening and terrible.  It’s not going to go away or just get better.  It’s not something that just clears up.  It’s a real problem with real consequences and real issues.  Get your friend an understanding ear by just listening, take them to the hospital, call 911 for them, stand between them and the bridge (thanks Heather) and by all means understand that for them this is real.  This is terribly real and terribly haunting and they need you.  If you feel like you are in danger, call 911 and get help.  If you need to support someone with a mental illness go to and get on the support pages and find those people who are there to support you.  You’ll find a lot of caring people there and a lot of people willing to help you.  Not all people with mental illness want to be helped or can see that they have a mental illness and that can put you in a dangerous situation.  Be very careful and always have a smart backup plan and remember the buddy system.

Thank you all for your patience in my time of need.  I appreciate it.






What is it like to be schizophrenic?

I am schizophrenic and the link above is very true to what I hear and how I hear the voices in my head.  It started when I was 27, the voices then were appeased by drinking.  I was violent.  I was intolerant.  I was narcissistic to the point that I shoved away a lot of the people that loved me through a break up.  Those friends are gone.  It was like my brain kept me down, made me bitter, nasty, and rude.  I fought with the echoes of the voices in my head until I had a psychotic break June 26, 2006.  When that happened the voices took over and I spent some quality time in hospitals to this very day I still hear them.  There are places people can go to get away from it all, enjoying silence and a chance to clear one’s mind.  I don’t have silence anymore.  When I sit alone to pray, when I try to go to sleep, when I am trying to concentrate on doing things like posts here, when I wake up, when I have a nightmare, when I am doing nothing but trying to still my mind, and when I am looking up at the stars for all the answers in the sky, the voices are there clamoring for my attention, tearing me apart, telling me I am worthless and that nothing I do is ever worth anything.  Every single day since June of 2006, the voices disrupted my life.  I couldn’t keep a job.  It takes me hours to write a post for my blog.  It has become discord inside my mind and my medicine for it only controls the volume of the voices.

Everyday I hallucinate.  I hallucinate mice and roaches.  I have learned to observe those around me that would react to either a mouse or a bug to confirm the hallucination.  If they aren’t reacting to it, its not there.  Sometimes I can feel the bugs running across my skin or I have a really bad case of the heebee geebees all the time.  This method has worked to notify me that the bug crawling on my friend isn’t real or she would be seriously freaking out.   My hallucinations never go away no matter what medicine I take.  They are always there.  I have been trying to get used to them, but my ick factor for bugs gets me every time.  Almost all the time I am standing in chaos.  The voices.  The hallucinations.  Poor reactions.  Rude treatment.  Anger just below the surface from having little to no sleep because of the babble going on in my head.  Every day it goes on and on and on.  Sometimes I touch the bug and my finger goes through it.  If it’s an actual bug, my ick factor gives me the heebee geebees.

Then there’s the paranoia.  The nagging anxious feelings of dread.  The inspection of food I get at a restaurant for spit because I just know  someone hates me enough to spit in my food.  My friends, who unconditionally love me and I know that for a fact, I believe are laughing at my illness behind my back.  I know that’s not true, but the paranoia controls things.  After I hit an ATM I just know someone is going to leap up from behind me and take the money even after it’s in my pocket.  I just know the whole world knows I have money for the taking.  The paranoia that wakes me up at night because I just know someone is breaking into the house.  I have a stomach full of knots and vibrating like something is wrong or going to be wrong so much so I have had panic attacks over it.  I have delusions too, that are absurd, that tie in with my paranoia.  I just know that I have nothing to contribute to the world.  I have delusions that I am a great person and everyone should love me.  Sometimes the hallucinations and the delusions work together to remind me that someone is going to rape me or kill me if I enter the shower and no one else is home.  I don’t experience this briefly.  I experience this every single day from my dreams to my awake hours without a break, without fleeting moments of silence, without one second of peace.  It’s hell.  It really is hell.

Then there are the people who believe there is no such thing as mental illness or that someone who has a mental illness is someone who one can laugh at.  Then there are the people who say that I can just “shut it off”.  I have heard people call me weak.  I have heard people misunderstand this illness and use it to describe things like “schizophrenic budget plans” when they have no clue how debilitating this illness really is.  Schizophrenia is not multiple personality disorder.  Schizophrenia is not a budget plan.  Schizophrenia is an evil disease that has eaten away my life and my mind.  I live in a constant static state where everything in reality is tilted to the left.  My reality is different than real reality, I have to employ coping mechanisms and attempt to distract myself from the voices with music or talking.  It doesn’t get any better for me.  I can’t just turn it off.  It doesn’t have a cure and there is no way that one day, my chronic case of schizophrenia will return me to a world of silence.  There is no silence anymore, nor will there be, for the rest of my life.  It has destroyed any comfortable state of normalcy.  I suffer with this every day, all day, all night and even during my dreams.  It has effected my whole life.

I have recently, over the past two years, began to accept this as my normal.  I have gotten to the point where I have accepted that some people are never going to understand this disease and will inevitably shuffle me off to their box of “crazy people” without ever really knowing me.  That is their problem, not mine.  I have enough to deal with.  All I want is a happy life with someone who loves me and someone that understands me as I twang off the hallucinated bug on her shoulder.  Her name is Kristi and she understands me.  Then I realize a lot of other people that are my friends understands me.  The one’s who don’t don’t really matter anymore.  Through it all I have managed to apologize when I’ve been wrong, curb all anger issues, and attempt to make my little mark upon this world a good one instead of a bad one.  That schizophrenia didn’t win this time.  But the struggle goes on and on and on.  I will never be able to work again.  I will never be able to have quiet meditations.  I will never be off medication.  I have this disease without a cure.  I am not alone.  I have Kristi and some of the best friends I could have ever wanted.  I am blessed and cursed at the same time, but one day someone might have a new treatment that will help what I have.



Those who are in prison for a decade or more have a higher chance of offending and it happens for ridiculous reasons.  While incarcerated most who have committed crimes that are felonies with long sentences are not given or afforded the training necessary to live a life beyond their sentence, they also are woefully unprepared for a life of freedom outside of prison.  In prison, the average long sentence of a decade or more does not prepare the newly released prisoner with the tools necessary to be responsible and productive members of society.  I say this because I’ve watched shows about lockup on MSNBC that clearly shows that prisoners being released after a decade or two in lockup can result in incarceration because they were not prepared for the stress of bill paying on a budget that is woefully hinged upon a felon actually finding a job on the outside that is going to make ends actually meet.  Not only that, but often spending that amount of time in prison forces inmates to become part of a gang on the inside and extends to the outside upon release.  It is also a reality of life behind bars that some of the worst offenders have mental illness that will go untreated on the outside of prison because drugs and counselling is often unavailable to the average inmate upon release.  A growing number of the people incarcerated are suffering from mental illnesses that, when untreated, land them back in prison or jail obviously the product of a destructive or self destructive cycle.  It is also a requirement that when you fill out an application for a job, you must answer the question “Have you been convicted of a crime” with yes and give some details about that.  That is what stops felons from getting a meaningful employment opportunity, the fact that no one in good paying jobs hires felons and also then contributes to the newly released re-offending.

The idea that somehow a felon, who had been a good inmate and stayed out of trouble while incarcerated, will not get a job that actually helps them with the pressure of meeting a bill’s due date.  They only employment that many find is inadequate and draws the felon into the trap of re-offending and being locked up yet again.  There are numerous ways that this can change for formally incarcerated.  Making health care available for the mentally ill could actually cut down the amount of people going in and out of prison.  The reality that mental illness is more common for those that cycle in and out of jail and prison needs to be spotlighted.  We also have a tendency to lock people away and forget about them, then release them into a hostile environment for a successful life without giving them training or other skills that they can use on the outside that would help success happen.  We “throw away” people who commit multiple crimes over and over in the prison system.  We have allowed our prisons to become a breeding ground for gang culture which only teaches them how to re-offend over and over again.  The crux of the problem may be that we need to invest in these people and train them for employment, stress of bill paying, and teach them what they need to do to live a productive and successful life without crime.  Sure, there will be those who cannot be helped or choose not to be helped.  What we fail to do is invest in them becoming productive and responsible.  We fail to invest in them because they are felons.  Instead, we are willing to pay for their decades in prison and are unwilling to give them the fighting chance they need on the outside.

Imagine that you have served the last 25 years in prison.  While you were incarcerated, computers are available to everyone, cellular phones became a necessity, smart phones are the personal data assistant, satellite powered television is in many homes, the internet was born, and dial up connections became extinct.  Imagine being released and not having the ability to get a decent job, handle the stress of responsible living, and having no trade to pedal for employers.  Imagine how hard it would be to get a job even in fast food restaurants.  Imagine if the only choice you had to succeed is to commit a criminal act so you don’t have to deal with the stressful reality of life.  Imagine that no one will give you a job because they just can’t trust a felon to do the right thing.  What would you be willing to endure in exchange for money that paid the rent?  What if you had no options?  In this day and age, we still throw people in a six feet by seven feet room and hope they learned their lesson.  When the released felon re-commits, we call him or her a lost cause because we are the ones that made that so.  We did nothing to help her or him to become something worth themselves.  Instead, we treat them like animals and pound that prison culture into their heads because we chose not to fill their head with some knowledge and a trade to fall back on instead of stealing cars, killing other gang rivals, selling drugs, armed robbery and other felonious crimes.  If we continue to invest just enough for their three hots and a cot, we get exactly what we give.


The punishment for crime in America is being incarcerated.  There were, in 2008, about 3.1% of the United States’ population in juvenile and adult federal, state or county prisons.  We would all like to think that once someone goes to prison, that they would be willing to turn their lives around and become responsible and productive members of society.  However, this simply doesn’t happen.  The chances of a violent criminal being rehabilitated without necessary tools such as anger management classes, psychological and psychiatric therapy, and learning a trade to be used outside of prison is very slim.   Long sentences for criminal behavior along with poor opportunities for felons to be hired by companies mixed with the general idea that punishment equaling prison time as a successful solution of rehabilitation filters many through the cracks into committing repeat offenses.  Gangs along street gangs and racial gangs in Prison run rampant, forcing most members to take justice into their own hands or commit further crimes through the direction of gang leaders or pressure to serve the gang’s particular needs that result in murder, beatings, or other violence that does nothing but circulate the perpetual criminal atmosphere in prisons.  So why then isn’t something done to rehabilitate these criminals, dissolve gang issues in prison, and actually work to make these people acceptable members of society?

There are a considerable amount of criminals that don’t desire treatment or find life behind bars much easier to cope with than the daily pressures of life out of jail such as bill paying, rent paying, and employment issues.  Not all felons are career criminals, but the stigma that surrounds felons is one that breeds repeat offenses.  The idea that one already served their time as a felon or even for misdemeanors and paid their debt to society still have a debt to pay as a label is attached to them for the rest of their lives.  This doesn’t help felons get jobs, even in the stark drought of jobs for those who are not criminals, which might lead them to a better life therefore making them a better person for it.  Instead, the dark ghosts of one’s past as a felon haunts them when they go to get a well paying job in an office or otherwise secure place that does background checks on employees.  The stigma that “once a felon, always a felon” isn’t necessarily true nor is it fair to the person who has paid their debt to society via prison time.  Numerous placement companies, like temporary agencies, don’t hire those with a criminal background and after months of not being able to eat, find a place to live, and earn a decent living devolves into the desperate criminal mind willing to do “whatever needs to be done” to make it through life.  It simply isn’t fair that forgiveness for one’s felonious past just doesn’t happen in the employment realm.  It seems that it is easier to enter into selling drugs, running with a gang, or committing a violent crime out of frustration over employment for those who live in stark, abject poverty and have previously committed a crime.  Perhaps the former offender got out of prison belonging to the gang while in and feels a sense of loyalty to the gang or is forced into loyalty by an oppressive lack of other opportunities or actual rehabilitation while in and a life crime becomes attractive because there is nothing else for them.  It might seem lazy, almost stagnant, to enter a life of crime in the hood because that is what is expected of you, the only option you have, or lack of real coping skills and mechanisms to change were never introduced to the former offender while in prison.  It becomes a terrible and dangerous cycle of neglect for one’s self, while pressures of daily life and the tools in which to deal with it while stagnating in prison were absent.

Most gangs in prison are permitted to operate without being stopped by officials at the prison.  Divides in racial lines runs so deep in prison, prisoners are often refusing to room with people who are enemies of their “race” because of gangs.  How is such a thing allowed to go on and why is it happening?  Because no one really cares about criminals once they get their sentence and are put away.  Even if that person was later exonerated by DNA evidence, society at large fails to care.  The average person in America never stops to think that a black guy in prison is being stabbed right now by the Aryan Nation.  Once the jail cell door shuts, that’s the last time anyone thinks of that person.  The average prisoner is forced to join a gang once in prison and may be asked by that gang to commit criminal acts in prison generally unchecked by prison officials.  They keep track of who is in what gang, but do nothing to break up that gang in an effective manner or even curb the gang’s exploits in prison except to run preventive measures to maintain the “peace” in prison if you could even call it that.  They have a special gang unit that studies the behavior, tracks members, and keeps a close eye on operation of the gang; without providing other alternatives that could be effective in changing them even if they commit crimes in prison.  Only the well behaved are given bonuses like working, group counseling or even individualized counseling.  While that’s applauded, the other percentage of prisoners who are not good ones don’t get an opportunity and often fall through the massive cracks of non-rehabilitation.  However, I also believe there are those prisoners who will never be rehabilitated and that such things might be wasted on them; but the lack of even trying to help them with tools to fight the criminal behavior and triggers isn’t helping anyone.  While the famous Joe Arpaio might be making prisoners wear pink and is tough on prisoners, his lack of doing anything to rehabilitate them is maddening along with his attitude that prison should be nasty and hard.  It doesn’t really stop the career criminal from committing his next robbery or whatever because he has no other life skills.  It doesn’t help anyone but is successful in making them unduly miserable and forlorn which is what they are feeling anyway down the track to criminal behavior.

Give everyone a chance to do a job, even if it’s in their cells working on making crafts or in a shop building caskets, it would help if everyone is given a job.  Let them farm some of the prison land for food to sustain themselves.  Let them do something other than sit in a cell for 23 hours per day with an hour of outside time.  Poetry.  Artwork.  There are a million things they could be allowed to do to make money for the prison and eventually for themselves.   With the money they gain from that, they must pay room and board, that way they have an incentive to work and are given a positive life tool to be able to survive in life.  Get counseling for those who are violent offenders and even those who are not.  It not like they aren’t worth it somehow, because they are.  Groups to fight drug addiction in prison should be happening and outside sponsors who can follow them after release should be happening too to give them options on how to live their lives.  Teach them a trade, I know that GED classes are available, but so should a trade class.  Let them learn how to do something that they can do after release, no matter when that release date might be, no matter what the sentence, no matter where they are housed.  Sure, there’s always going to be those people that continue to exhibit negative behavior.  Those people lose the opportunities or are suspended from them and meet room and board anyway.  They have to learn something, sometime and if they don’t, then they are where they belong…in prison.

It’s your tax money.  It’s your responsibility to see that it works for you, no matter who the person is or where they come from.  If everyone took a little time to volunteer and actually do something about it, we might produce more responsible and conscience residing ex-felons instead of career criminals.  The “Thug Life” and it’s need to continue in our culture needs to dissolve and further, if we want the shootings, drug dealing, and criminal behavior to stop, we have to take on our own responsibility to help someone in need of help.  Life in prison doesn’t need to be miserable, it needs to be productive.  I would buy prison made artwork, tee shirts, china…anything they produced as a way of supporting these people who need our love, commitment, and help.  The people who don’t rehabilitate, like pedophiles and violent offenders, perhaps need help that we can’t offer and maybe their suffering should be necessary if they continue and offend over and over.  Those are the people that need the prison time and deserve it; but what if we could do something special for them that would change their whole life?  What if just 15 minutes of saying, “Hey you can change and I’m here to help” would make a difference?  One doesn’t know until one tries.

In 2011, Jared Loughner went to a local Tuscon, Arizona grocery store.   He shot then Representative Gabrielle Giffords, killed six, and wounded 13 other people.  As he was arrested and kept in police custody, it became very apparent that Loughner was not in a sane state of mind.  He seemed to be motivated to hurt himself and others, suffering from delusions and disordered thoughts.   A psychiatrist evaluated Loughner and diagnosed him with Schizophrenia, suggesting that medication would help him.  What the state prosecutor wanted was a man competent to face the court on murder, attempted murder and firearm charges.  Since Loughner refused to take medication while incarcerated, he remained incompetent to stand trial or understand the case against him.  The State of Arizona then heard the case of Loughner and decided since he was a danger to others and himself, they forced him take medication while in police custody or the county jail.  His lawyers argued that medicating their client would disallow him from presenting as not guilty by reason of insanity, but the judge granted the State the right to medicate him.  A year has passed and now that Loughner is found competent, he is expected to put in a guilty plea in order to resolve the case.  The problem remains:  Can a state force medication on someone who was obviously incompetent and unstable at the time a crime was committed in order to achieve competency for a hearing.  A person who cannot understand the charges, participate in their defense, and is unable to understand the consequence of one’s actions defines what incompetent to stand trial is.

Through the 1990’s, two cases before the United States Supreme Court brought up that medicating a prisoner against his will in order to enact the lower court’s sentence is perfectly allowable and does not pose a threat to the constitutional right against suffering cruel and unusual punishment.  Since then, most notably, the case of Steven Staley which can be read about here showed that the state of Texas should not be allowed to execute him on the grounds that he is incompetent to understand his grounds for execution.  Medication was ordered by the court to make Staley competent so Texas could execute him using that means that he was a danger to himself and others.   The stay of his execution happened on May 14, 2012 though there was no ruling comment on whether or not it was acceptable to force medication on Staley.   Staley has a long history of mental illness and has been diagnosed as Schizophrenia Paranoid type.  He was being treated with Haldol, a antipsychotic medication, which he has refused to take since 2006.  It should be mentioned that Staley has a bald spot on the back of his head from laying on the floor of his cell and he was considered as incompetent to stand trial.  One Texas judge ruled that Staley was incompetent to stand execution, but also ruled that forced medication was necessary because the state was very interested in levying his execution for the crimes he committed.  It should be noted that two states, Louisiana and South Carolina, have ruled that allowing medication to be administered for the sole purpose of executing a criminal violates their state constitutions.  It should also be noted that both the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association are in complete agreement that no one person should be medicated in order for them to be executed.  It should also be noted that, in short, Staley’s crimes were that he went on a four state armed robbery spree that resulted in the taking of a hostage and then murdering that hostage during a high speed race involving the police.   It should also be noted that Staley believes polygraph machines are torturing and controlling him.

So it begs the question that if someone is incompetent to stand trial in a capacity that was directly exhibited while committing the crimes and is forced to be medicated in order to be able to stand trial, how is it that the defendant gets a fair trial and enters a plea based solely on the fact that now they are competent?   How is that Loughner is unable to enter a plea of innocent by reason of insanity when the state has forced medication upon him that erodes such a defense?   Well, it could be as easily answered as it could be easily debated:  someone who is a threat to themselves or others to such a degree of murderous aggression, like shooting and killing 6 people, does certainly need medication in order to be a less of a danger to the prison population around him.  Is it necessary in order for that person to stand trial and understand the charges and consequences while participating in legal defense?  No, it shouldn’t be.  If he is competent today, but was incompetent at the time, the reflection of such a state should be made clear in the defense’s trial representation.  Is it cruel and unusual punishment to medicate that person for competence at trial and at the time of one’s execution?  I do believe it is.  It disallows the mentally ill their fair day in court and if it is terrible to execute a mentally challenged individual, it should be just as terrible to try that person now they are mentally well and stable via forced medication.  The minutia that defines such a state are easily debatable, but it should be also known that should someone be incompetent to stand trial, entering the prison system instead of a mental health facility to treat the psychosis, is terribly incompetent as well.  Prison will not treat the crux of his issues, nor will it be productive to his possible rehabilitation.  Of course, should he not be able to experience rehabilitation, then commensurate punishment most likely to be fitting of his mental illness.  However, I strongly doubt such productive means of rehabilitation would be enacted considering the variety of stigma attached to psychosis, mental illness, and capacity in which someone with Schizophrenia Paranoid Type is shielded from society because of the common view that all if not most result in murderous crime.   All of which is not necessarily true considering I haven’t went on a four state robbing spree ending with murder of a hostage or shot my representative while out and about with the general public and randomly murdering others guilty of association.  True, I am medicated for my mental illness and receive hospital treatment should things degrade; but that isn’t the truest assessment.  If one is homicidal, unstable, and acts on that mental abhorrence, then perhaps it is time for them to be treated for their illness and not simply discarded into the penal system to become a dispensable statistic staining the floor of some cell block.







The jewel Narconon, a rehabilitation facility intended to end addiction to drugs and alcohol without more drugs or other “chemical” treatments, situated in Canadian, Oklahoma has been in the media spotlight after three deaths at the Arrowhead campus. Three deaths, including one in the last week, has brought attention to the center and its treatment of addicts in their facility. Narconon expresses that their success rate is 85% to 95%, which is unheard of considering other rehabilitation centers report success rates at 20% to 30%. The main problem with the program is that it is a front group for Scientology, using “tech” such as the purification rundown to treat patients. The website for Narconon can be found here and the pages that oppose and expose Narconon can be found here and here. It should also be noted that a Narconon facility in Canada had been closed by the equivalent of the US Department of Health because of serious concerns that it provided health risks, not benefits. The center, which was in Quebec, closed its doors abruptly causing an anonymous woman to retrieve her son without explanation even though she paid thousands to get him rehabilitated from an oxycontin addiction. It all begs the question: What is Narconon doing that is terribly wrong, so wrong that it kills?

Getting some basics out front, one must realize that when any addict (even alcoholics) are placed in a rehabilitation center, they are not given the drug of their choice to use while detoxification takes place. During this time, addicts will go through withdrawal, for some addicts like alcoholics, that withdrawal period can be physically dangerous resulting in death. When a person goes through such a detoxification, the body will do whatever it takes to get the user to use, often causing pain, difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat, sweats, shakes, and a variety of other symptoms. During this period, many rehabilitation centers will administer prescription drugs to ease their discomfort, anxiety, and symptoms. If a period of days goes by where the user has not used and a visitor brings them drugs that the addict uses in a dosage that was normal before entering the center, the user can experience an overdose due to the body’s drug tolerance lowering in absence of the drug of choice. This can lead to heart attack, respiratory distress or failure, or other organ failure and the like; often resulting in the death of the user. It is not an uncommon occurrence in rehabilitation centers, however it is very unusual that three patients would die within seven to ten months. This is what has happened at Narconon Arrowhead.

At Narconon Arrowhead there is a lack of medical professional employees. The employees are usually Narconon “graduates” and there is one doctor on staff. In only rare circumstances are patients given drugs needed for other medical issues unrelated to their addiction, as Scientology as a whole is resistant to the use of doctor prescribed medicine or psychotropic medication provided by psychiatrists because of L. Ron Hubbard’s adverse opinion that doctors are unnecessary and psychiatrist were behind the destruction of mankind. Using training tech that is applied to “preclears” in the Church of Scientology called TRs, the user is expected to learn how to communicate and take command of their bodies. Some of these TRs involve staring at someone without blinking for hours, not reacting to being screamed at, and issuing a Scientology accepted response to a barrage of questions. Instead of treating the addiction with medication that can ease withdrawal, “touch assists” are administered. A “touch assist” is akin to laying on hands, but the administrator asks consistently “Can you feel my finger here?” at various points of the body until the person feels well. L. Ron Hubbard’s main concern for addicts were that they were out of communication with the world around them and needed to learn how to communicate properly. According to hundreds of Hubbard authored documents, the addict was stuck in his or her “past”. There are no case studies, proper double blind studies, or any other scientifically acceptable methodology of proper tested proof that any of Hubbard’s claims actually work beyond the assumption of placebo success. Imagine, just for a moment, that you are an addict suffering with terrible withdrawal without so much as a anti-anxiety medication or other medication trying to stare at someone for an hour without blinking. It seems terribly inhumane, yet the program of rehabilitation only grows worse from here.

There are times in a Scientologist’s life where he or she is required to undergo something called the “Purification Rundown”. It is believed by Hubbard that toxins flowing through one’s body makes it difficult to achieve a better if not happier state of existence. It is far better for the Scientologist to purify one’s body from years of prescription drug usage, eating food that may have been unclean, metallic compounds, and other various and sundry toxins floating about in the body. In order to purify the body, extremely high doses of niacin, also known as B3, are taken orally and the Scientologist would spend hours every day in a sauna. Hubbard believed that niacin cleared the body of toxins stored in fat cells that can be released at a later time. The extreme dosages of niacin can cause one’s hair to fall out, drying or cracking skin, increased liver enzymes, yellowing of the skin, higher levels of abdominal fluid, liver damage or liver failure, circulatory collapse, possible heart disease, blood clots, low white blood cell counts, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, muscle and joint pain, loss of muscle strength, fainting, headache, seizures, irritability, mental instability, confusion, fatigue, cloudy urine, and frequent urination. Vitamin and mineral supplements are given to the addict in order to assist with the purification. Over exposure to high heat and humidity experienced in a sauna can cause heat issues such has heat stroke and dehydration. The “Purification Rundown” is not medically proven to assist anyone with detoxification, but has been rather successful in causing more health problems than health improvements. Narconon does have added to the program for the addict that if kidney or liver problems or anemia exists; the purification process is not suggested.

The Scientology tech known as “study tech” is taught to the addict next, which primarily teaches one to use a dictionary to understand every possible meaning of any given word the addict doesn’t understand. This is called an m/u in Scientology. Hubbard strongly believed that people could not excel in learning if they got stuck on words they were unable to understand. Then Hubbard’s concept of “social” and “antisocial” people are taught. This is the belief that 20% of the population is “antisocial” and they are responsible for wars, drugs, psychiatry, and any other ill striking the world as we know it. Scientology ethics are taught, without any kind of obfuscation. The linear connection between Scientology and the treatment of patients at Narconon are one and the same, Hubbard’s failed and faulty “tech” is brought to bear on those struggling through the program without proper medical care to address the issues of general health, ease of suffering, conducive and productive means in which to productively combat drug addiction, treatment of issues unrelated to drug addiction, emotional and psychological tools to produce successful responsibility for one’s actions, or the psychiatric care for other mental instability or illness that may develop. The real question remains: Why did these three people at Narconon Arrowhead die? What happened?

Stacy Murphy, 20, died of an overdose after returning to the program for assistance with a prescription painkiller addiction. Due to Narconon’s lack of knowledgeable and well trained medical staff or even a physician, Murphy was left in a room by herself without any supervision or treatment, such as administration of the drug Narcon which would combat the effects of an opiate drug by nullifying the effect. Not only did Murphy test positive for opiates upon her return, lack of supervision of medical staff trained in dealing with addicts or even medical issues surrounding them led to her being able to overdose in the privacy of her own room. Patient neglect and woefully inadequate medical attention is directly responsible for her death and ignited an investigation into the facility. Stacy Murphy was in the program for a total of six weeks before being found dead Thursday, July 19th at the facility. Gabriel Graves, 32 and Hillary Holten, 21 were also found dead at the facility, Graves on October 26 and Holten on April 11. Another woman, Kaysie Dianne Werninck, 28, died March 3, 2009 after being transported from the facility to a hospital. Werninck’s family sued and it was settled out of court for a confidential amount; a Church of Scientology most preferred method for dealing with cases they are responsible for. Of course, the Pittsburg County Oklahoma police are investigating the three deaths right now and are awaiting a toxicology report on Murphy.

In related news the roommate of Murphy, Destanie Ramsey, 19 said she was held against her will at the facility when staff told her mother that she could not leave. Her mother, being bright, called the sheriff’s office who were dispatched to Narconon. Upon asking Ms. Ramsey if she would like to leave and getting an affirmative reply, sheriffs escorted her out and her mother was reunited with her. Ramsey asked to leave after Murphy was found dead in their room at the facility and was given a negative response. It has also come to the attention of local papers that the facility does not have staff covering the patients 24 hours, leaving a wide berth for unsupervised activity to occur during those hours.

If a facility is designed to rehabilitate addicts, why wouldn’t a patient who no longer wanted to be there is not permitted to leave? Further, why have three deaths occurred there in a matter of seven months? It will be interesting to continue to report on this developing story as the investigation matures.

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20 million children around the world are prescribed psychiatric drugs.
40% of all children taking psychiatric drugs worldwide are American.
8 million American children take psychiatric drugs – that’s one in every ten children in America. There are 75.6 million children in America (i.e. ages 0-17), 8 million are on psychiatric medication = 10.6%.
America is one of only two developed countries in the world where pharmaceutical companies can advertise prescription drugs direct to consumers (the other country is New Zealand). The U.S. legalized “Direct to Consumer” (DTC) advertising in 1997. Spending on DTC advertising increased from $220 million in 1997 to $2.8 billion in 2002. “By 1999, the average American was exposed to nine drug advertisements on television every day.” (Quote from the book, “Overdosed America” by Dr. John Abramson)
Psychiatric medications have been estimated to cause over 700,000 serious adverse reactions a year and 42,000 deaths.
The drug industry spends $22 billion a year marketing to doctors to increase prescriptions—that is 90% of its marketing budget.
An estimated 50% of all Americans who commit suicide are on psychotropic drugs.
Once on an antidepressant, the suicide rate jumps from 11 for every 100,000 people to 718—over 65 times more.
There are over 300 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs written every year. Over 70% of these are written by general practitioners, i.e. doctors.
Antipsychotic drugs, powerful chemicals designed originally for only the most seriously mentally troubled, are now a $22.8 billion industry.
Half a million children and teenagers were prescribed at least one antipsychotic drug in 2007.
“I saw Dead Wrong and that did it. I did not want my daughter to be one of the statistics and end up burying her.” Mother of 3-year old put on psychiatric drugs. CA, USA
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I received this email today. First thing I would love to mention is that I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE IAS, yet I continue to receive emails like this one on a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly basis. Secondly, I am NOT A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY in ANY aspect, not even receiving any services, certifications or whatnot from this organization in ANY manner. Finally, I DO NOT SUPPORT ThE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY MONETARILY OR WITH MY PRESENCE AND HAVE MADE IT ABUNDANTLY CLEAR TO THEM as well as you, dear reader. So why have I received this “spammy” email from them? I will tell you why. My name is still on their lists. I have had no activity with this CULT since 2009 and have been happy ever since. My repeated requests to unsubscribe me from this mailing list have obviously been ignored in light of what is called “plumping”. Plumping is when a company or organization keeps names on an email list so that reports of active membership can be adequately inflated to meet certain marketing needs. It is used as a method to show there are more customers than there really are, thus “plumping” their numbers. The numbers are phantom numbers, which can be shown to people to say “we have this many people in this organization” when in all actuality they do not. It is despicable, but it is a useful tool to show people on the inside that there are these many members, when in actuality, there are not.

My interaction with Scientologists and Independent Scientologists has significantly dropped. This is due largely to the fact that I disagree with both parties and their unquestioning dedication to L. Ron Hubbard to the point that I do not hold the man in level with the importance they level him with. Why? There is a staggering amount of real evidence, real documents, and real accounts that the man lied about his war history, his war injuries, his war medals, his natural history, his trips abroad, his relationship with eastern religious sects or philosophies, and the list goes on. There is substantial proof that he did not receive medals he stated he did, that he was not rendered blind by injury in war, and that most of his reflective life stories are little more than inflated lies to dazzle the masses with bullsh!t. After agonizing over the decision to continue on in Independent Scientology where most revere L. Ron Hubbard, I have decided to detach from the community. I simply cannot revere a liar as the bringer of the new age woo of Scientology, but as a man who had some good ideas and built his fortune around it. Therefore, respectfully, I remain the eternal skeptic and quite rightly so. After being told that the history of L. Ron Hubbard was muddied by people who love to ruin him and adequately debunking that theory by spending hours pouring over documents from the United States Navy proving my point, I have decided to not drink the Kool Aid and settled for a nice coffee with plenty of logic and cream.

The points of interest on the IAS email are largely false. The fact that only 10% of children are medicated by psychotropic medication is not some terrible travesty manufactured by the “Psyches” or psychiatry. It is the fact that illnesses like autism are on the rise, as well as instances of Asperger’s. Unknown to the psychiatric medical field until the last decade of research and proper diagnosis, the truth of the matter is that children who get medicated for these issues are more productive than those who are not. While advertising for drugs on television may be an affront to Scientologists, the need for medication that actually solves problems and creates well people is actually a good thing. However not so in Scientology. The Psyches (or the practice of psychiatry and psychology) are tied in a constant conspiracy with Big Pharma (pharmaceutical companies) to make money on the hapless public “wogs” (those who do not practice Scientology) too stupid not to mirror the paranoid ramblings of their deity, L. Ron Hubbard. Paranoid they were, as well symptomatic of schizophrenia or other related psychosis. The “truth” of it to Scientologists, and some Independent Scientologists, prompts me to dilute logic and engage in fantasy. If it were not for medical science and theory, I would not be here ten times over by now. If it weren’t for antipsychotic medication, I would not be alive six times over. The irrational notion that there is some great medical conspiracy behind medication, its production, and prescription is wild and insane logical assumptions I am unable and unwilling to suppress my logic to subscribe to or throw money at better spent elsewhere. I cannot cognate and agree with this utter tripe nor its perpetuation via Scientology or Independent Scientology.

The constant lies perpetuated by the Church of Scientology, my favorite being that they do not practice “disconnection” anymore which alludes to the ideal actively practiced to cut off people who are declared Suppressive People or family that does not tow the Scientology line, are revolving from utterly insane to completely ignorant “facts” manufactured to keep Scientology working. The quotes of LRH are often wrong in the Church of Scientology and they only ever produce quotes supporting their tripe from mysteriously initialed entities. While I agree to certain extent that some illnesses are in fact caused by vitamin deficiency, not all illness are and not all illness is psychosomatic like the book Dianetics illustrates. Scientology uses the means in which to manipulate followers the same as any other religion. Different and often manufactured terms are used to create the insular society, disconnection between loved ones forces one to become the Church and unthinking, lacking independent thought and as means to instigate societal consequences for not believing. Tenets of the religion force people to neglect real medical issues for “auditing” to rid one of problems that cause more problems that causes more problems ad infinitum. Then beyond that, is created the need to be “clear” which is the tenet of control causing more money dispensed for church treatments to gain the coveted label which only is further mired by the fact the truest definition of “Clear” by LRH is unattainable in any collective reasoning that is logical and based on reality that is not manufactured by the church and its adherents. It manipulates the same as Christianity, Islam, and any other relative cult of personality looking to make a quick buck on the codependency of others. By far the most rudimentary facet of the Church of Scientology is a constantly changing money making pyramid scheme, manipulating using fear, tenets and societal consequences that are not only surreal but completely manufactured for the sake of twisting $500,000 out of followers for the false Bridge To Total Freedom, which is more like the Gallows of Slavery and Singularity. Ridiculous at best, I am done. I am done with trying to work to my potential while being held down, mired by a false prophet who rambled half-truths, lies, and paranoia at people willing to give up everything to be their version of sane and healthy.

I would sooner die than surrender my logic, skepticism and self for the greater good of David Miscavige or any number of the adherents drinking the idiocy laced Kool Aid.

Long, airy, and often repetitive, this article summarizes that atheists are so because of poor relationships with one’s father. The three page article makes the claim that popular and socially active atheists were investigated and the report resulting reflected poor relationships or even missing father figures from those atheists’ lives. The entirety of the article hawks a book called “Faith of the Fatherless” written by psychologist Paul Vitz of New York University. While the repetitive nature of the article mentions very famous people, it seems to be one large advertisement for the book. So the question remains: Do issues with one’s father, such as a poor relationship, create a likelihood that one will be an atheist? What does it all mean?

Perhaps it is time for some background. My loco parentis father figure and I got along infamously. He was very patient with me when I struggled with learning to read a clock, math, and spelling words. His instruction and guidance included conservative Christian ideals, morality, and values. He was supportive. He often took my brother and I on “jobs” with him, as he was a master electrician and keen to have one of us follow in his footsteps. Our relationship was caring, nurturing and affectionate. When our family went through tough problems, he was always there assisting us when we needed it. He was strong, ethical, and intelligent, often encouraging us to live to our potential. While I could have done with less “god”, “Jesus” and the “holy ghost”, his guidance is still reflected upon. In no way was my parenting completely appropriate to prepare me for adulthood, I did manage to mature and succeed as a responsible member of society.

My biological father, whom I did not meet until I was in my teens, and I struck a very deep and personally gratifying relationship right at start. My father and I are very close, we call each other once a week and check in with one another when very positive things happen to one of us. He and his wife, whom I call “Mon”, are very important people in my life. My father’s love, and my mom’s love, have more than made up for any time lost. My father and I have much in common, our relationship is healthy, and he is supportive. He is a good friend, provides sound guidance, and does not actively impose religious ideals, morality, and values down my throat. He is a prideful hippie, liberal with his political views serving as a polar opposite my loco parentis. I enjoy spending time with him and actively enjoying each other’s company, sharing opinions, and generally sharing each other’s lives with one another. The relationship with my father, while absent in my early years, is strong to the present day.

The basis of Vitz’s book, that atheists develop out of faulty relationships with their father figures, is erroneous. It is but a sample of the stretching of the imagination in order to attempt to give some “reason” why some people lean away from the notion of “god” and lack any belief in any deity or deities. Those who are unable to cognate why or how atheists become faithless and lack any belief look for the rationality of it to be something tangible, straining terribly to place the atheist in the box with the appropriate label as that is all they can comprehend. There must be a predefined reason that atheists would be atheists, a profound and stirring reason, something that one without proper acquaintance can point to as the foundation of the faithless. The inability of the religious to see atheists as responsible, reasonable, rational, moral, and healthy leads to the grasping of straws labeled with reasons, rationality, and probable cause that would result in a lack of the belief in “god”. Failure to understand that atheists are faithless and without belief is due to evidence or lack thereof that logically disallows the deity or deities proper probability of their existence. There remains the question of “why?”

One who enjoys the illusory “god” protecting, forgiving, and loving them from some unseen place have manufactured for themselves an alternate reality based on perceived notions, textual declarations, and the masterful manipulation of the person in the pulpit. This world, created from religious tenets and texts, is one where everyone is required to worship the all knowing, all seeing, all creating, all loving “god”. Their societal organization depends solely upon the acceptance of “Jesus Christ” as one’s “personal savior”, the worship and acknowledgement of “god” and “his” power, and that all people (especially those who are without any “god” faith or belief) must also conform to their world, their reality, and their faith; for it is “god’s” will that all people come to “him”. Any variant or complication of their status quo is labeled in a manner for their understanding, no matter the logical and realistic nature of the “disturbance”. There is always an answer for the abnormal in their perception, be it “evil”, “sinful” or “perversion”, all the answers are tailored to fit preconceived notions nicely arranged in the boxes of absolutism. The absence of these comforts, to them, is alien, therefore lacking an absolute definition for immediate sorting until one can assign meaning and understanding, resulting in misunderstanding, mislabeling, and manipulation of true facts to fit their needs.

The newest development, fatherless “faith”, is the latest absolute box for proper sorting of atheists. Even though the box is inaccurate, bordering on the absurd, and outright ridiculous; the radically weird application of “faithful” intellect is typical of religious “reasoning”. The lack of proper understanding that atheist families are functional as religious families (to some, more healthy families are atheist families) to the most basic degree dominates the article and its unreasonable labeling for an appropriate box. The question of the religious is “How can one not believe in god?” They do, in an attempt to rationalize things, go to great lengths to bend logic and reason to their will in answering this question. Without any real definition, the religious assign reason that is applicable to them; in order to fit their dysfunctional societal view into faulty, illogical resignation of reality which is a surreal normative status quo. The true definition of an atheist is one who lacks the belief in a deity or deities. It is not a mystery or unexplained phenomenon, requiring some sort of dysfunctional labeling. It is simple. One person does not become an atheist for any reason other than a lack of belief. The simplistic nature of being an atheist is complicated by the religious perception that it is dysfunctional, immoral, incorrect, and defiant of the control of religion’s far reaching arm of influence that confounds their absolute societal norms.

Schizophrenia: Fact Vs. Fiction

From my previous post, I quote Bryan Fischer from

“This kind of schizophrenia is certainly a sign that Chaz Bono is not the only one with mental health issues. Our entire society is suffering from a severe mental disorder on the whole subject of human sexuality.”

Mr. Fischer has once again demonstrated his ignorance and inability to accurately define real, substantial issues from the imaginary, surreal, delusional cocoon he has encased himself within. By all means, Fischer uses the term “schizophrenia” to hype his followers and like-minded ignoramus audience to the sensational land of confusing diagnosis he in not qualified to conclude. Also, in the imaginations of the willfully illiterate, “schizophrenia” is a frightful word, a connotation to induce fear and ply his manipulative works of fiction. Without due diligence, Fischer’s literary work is comparable to the thrashing of fish hoisted out of the water and flailing about in attempt to survive. Fischer also likes inflammation of the facts into obviously manufactured fiction in order to achieve his well-earned title of Comical Christian Commenter or CCC for efficiency. So what is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a mental illness which presents in males during one’s late teens and early twenties or in females in one’s late twenties or early thirties. It presents itself as: failure to think clearly, disorganized behavior, flat affect or inability of facial expressions of an appropriate kind, failed management of emotions, making appropriate decisions, relating to others, visual and auditory hallucinations, delusional thought, and the inability to live to one’s potential. Schizophrenia effects 2.4 million adults in America. With proper medication and psychosocial therapy, one who suffers from schizophrenia can lead productive and satisfying lives as well as being productive to society. “A Beautiful Mind” is a movie that portrays the life of a mathematics professor who is afflicted with schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is often misunderstood to be a dangerous illness, as there are famous murderers and serial killers suffering from what was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia, which along with the typical presentation is the presentation of paranoia that is laden with delusions. Some people with schizophrenia are violent, but they are the minority of sufferers, not the majority. Some schizophrenics are delusional in manner where they do not see themselves as suffering with a mental illness, making it extremely difficult to treat medically. Some suffering with schizophrenia can have a profound effect on family and friends that is negative in nature. It is also more likely a schizophrenic person will commit suicide, as it occurs more often in schizophrenic people than the general population. Medication, normally anti psychotics, are used to treat the mental illness and not much success has been found in dietary supplements or vitamin therapies, bogus Chelation therapy, or by psychiatric treatments alone.

Schizophrenia carries a stigma, as well as mischaracterized, as a untreatable disease with violent behavior which has become a sort of stereotype. It also bears the stigma that one experiences multiple personalities, which is wholly untrue. It also is presented by those who misunderstand the mental illness as one that is constantly delusional, disassociative, psychosomatic, causes erratic violent behavior, unpredictable outbursts of violence, murderous tendencies, and irrational behavior such as babbling incoherently or using words in a manner that is nonsensical. While some of those suppositions are marginally correct, none of them are typical for any one person suffering with schizophrenia. While perceptions of reality might be delusional, it does not mean that one is completely unable to discern reality on any level. Schizophrenia is a much different mental illness than schizoaffective disorder, which many presentations are often misdiagnosed because there are similarities between the two. Schizoaffective disorder sufferers are more likely to recover from the illness, whereas schizophrenics do not. While being diagnosed as schizophrenic is a serious mental illness, schizoaffective disorder is less debilitating diagnosis. There is no cure for schizophrenia known to medical and psychiatric science despite the numerous literary allegations that there is. Colloquially, the term schizophrenic is often misappropriated and a misnomer. Knowledge of the truths of schizophrenia can easily be researched using the internet search engine of choice. Misused, broadly misunderstood, and habitually incorrectly defined; the term schizophrenic or schizophrenia gets its dark reputation from the ignorant unwilling to educate themselves with truthful and reliable scientific information widely available to the public.

Fischer’s use of “schizophrenia” in the above quote is telling of his ability to cognate on a reasonable level and the very depths to which his bigotry and prejudice are seeded. Schizophrenia does not mean “deadly”, “dangerous”, “delusional”, or “psychotic” to the degree that he uses it. The reality is there are not “kinds” of schizophrenia save for paranoid schizophrenia, schizophrenia, and schizophrenia undifferentiated. The reality is that perhaps, if one would apply conjecture, one could easily define Mr. Fischer as delusional, paranoid, and erratic as his literary pieces reflect that to a degree of abject reasoning. One could also appropriate surmise that the work is a fictional piece written by a self-proclaimed, Christian “guru”; as Christians conservatives and evangelical extremist tack to “atheist gurus” of the ilk of Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and PZ Myers. A sad testament to the state of the religious fervor and extremism expressed by woefully ignorant, uneducated, lots weighted down by the mire of their unintelligent doctrine and dogmatic principals while wasting their lives living for an imaginary being nowhere to be found.

In the articles above, note that the NAMI link is provided for your informational purposes, there are discussions of the “truths” of psychiatry. A museum, dedicated to “revealing” the “truth”, is run and propped up by the Church of Scientology’s pet movement, CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights). In this museum, it points out a vicious lie that Nazis were actually products of psychiatrists, that torture and electric shock therapy has been given to people against their will, and that many have died at the hands of psychiatry. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology discusses psychiatry in many discourses to followers in the 50’s and 60’s. In his book, Dianetics, he explains that many illnesses are psychosomatic and manufactured by engrams caused at various times in one’s life. He claims mental illnesses such as schizophrenia can be “cured” in so many sessions of “auditing”, the church’s method for removing and dispelling these engrams. Tom Cruise says in a video to Matt Laurer that he knows the “real history” of psychiatry and contends that actress and model Brooke Shields could have taken “vitamins and supplements” that would have cured her “baby blues”. He also goes on to state that a drug to treat ADHD has become a “street drug” and that psychiatric medication is not the answer. In another video, the “Thud Experiment” shows that a certain number of people entered a psychiatric facility all claiming to hear the word “thud” in their head and that the institutions “misdiagnosed” them. It also claims that a psychiatric facility found “40 imposters” that were never sent by the experiment overseers.

What is the truth about psychiatry?

In the early years of the science, there were institutions that treated people with psychosis in deplorable ways. Many of the younger treatments of mental illness have been abandoned like the barbaric lobotomies and electric shock therapy. There are cases where electric shock therapy is still used, but according to psychiatrists I have spoken to, this is not a common treatment as it was in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s. Most mental illnesses are treated by anti-psychotic medicines, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and other medication that deals directly with chemical imbalance. The treatment usually coincides with psychological counseling either with a licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychological doctor. “Talking therapy” cited by psychiatrists is also a good way to develop coping strategies, work through symptoms of a mental illness, and effectively treat people who would not seek help normally. Can serious psychosis such as paranoid schizophrenia, schizophrenia, psychotics, and dissociative mental illness really be dealt with using “auditing”? Are vitamins and supplements and adequate treatment for these illnesses? Well, no. They can’t. More psychiatric science has proven early theories that such diseases are biological and can only be treated with proper medication regiments prescribed by a psychiatrist.

( A good example that Dianetics’ treatment of schizophrenia fails is the death of Elli Perkins. Her son began hearing voices in his mind in 2001. Since Scientology does not support psychiatry, they believe psychiatrist are “evil”, she sent her son to the Sea Org in an attempt to help him. He continued with “auditing”, which failed, thus resulting in his classification as a Level III PTS (Potential Trouble Source). He was banned from any further Scientology courses because he exhausted the church’s treatment plans. I find this a gross mishandling of his case. Why? The man obviously needed medical science’s intervention on his case. He was committed to a psychiatric facility and she convinced them to release him to her custody. She began to feed him vitamins and minerals. She took him to a doctor of osteopathy who claimed he had toxins in his system which needed to be purged and that he had digestive problems. A vitamin regiment was prescribed. He did not improve. Instead he became suspicious that she was poisoning him. She tried several methods of treatment recommended by Scientology. Jeremy, her son, stabbed her 77 times when his illness became out of control due to lack of psychiatric treatment.

Schizophrenia is described in Scientology as: 1. a mental disorder characterized by indifference, withdrawal, hallucinations, and delusions of persecution and omnipotence, often with unimpaired intelligence. 2. in alethanetic terms (alethanlogy is the study or science of truth, a system of natural laws which allow a person to discover for one’s self those personal truths that bring about a life of peace, abundance, success and balance; the science and the study of the nature of truth and error, and of the highest laws for their discrimination; and doctrine of truth, that part of logic which deals with the subject of truth) terms, a departure from rational thought with no basis of reason in which the person goes into assumed personality from engrams(An engram, according to Dianetics, is a mental image picture recorded in the reactive subconscious mind of an experience containing pain, unconsciousness, and a real or imagined threat to survival.) so completely that one sharply and distinctly changes personality features when one jumps between one to another. This is wholly inaccurate. When one switches between different personalities, one has Dissociative identity Disorder, also called DiD. It used to be known as multiple personality disorder, but it is in fact defined as a dissociative disorder. The person has more than one identity or “personality” that is called an “alter” and often cannot remember what happens when an “alter” takes over. Schizophrenia interferes with one’s ability to think clearly, manage emotions, make decisions or relate with others, and impairs the ability to function productively. It is very rare that a Schizophrenic person becomes violent, though often media refers to Schizophrenia as a violent person who has multiple personality disorder or is inconsistent, often variably random and nonsensical. This is a misconception that will probably never be rectified without educating one’s self to the real psychiatric truth. Each case of Schizophrenia is unique and some are associated with paranoia, delusions, auditory and visual hallucinations; sometimes treatment is refused because of all the symptoms, or most of them, complicate the decision making process. (

However, the Church of Scientology’s mental health watchdog group CCHR puts “The Truth of Psychiatry” on their website ( adds sensational elements to their articles, being sure to connect bizarre facts to a delusional conclusion. An example: CBS “48 Hours” did a special detailing that Schizophrenia is a real, physiological mental illness that requires psychiatric medicine to treat. CCHR makes the bold claim that CBS only forwarded the claim that such medicines work based solely on the fact that they make money from the sponsor and the drugs. Another example: “A recent State Auditor review of expenditures from Texas Community Mental Health and Retardation (MHMR) Centers found that at two of the states’ 39 local MHMR Centers had used $60,000 in tax dollars (€47,100) for pizza parties, employee incentives, staffs’ food and entertainment and company picnics. Other findings included: There
were 581,213 dates where services were billed for periods exceeding 24 hours in a single day; in one client record, the person was said to have received over 1,454 hours of
service in a day. Treatment was also billed for 68 people whose social security cards showed they were dead.” Seeking out the report via Google search ( only reveals the publication issued by the CCHR. A search on YouTube reveals no such report ( by anyone named Keith Elkins. One more example: “Dekalb, Illinois – February 14, 2008: 27-year-old Steven Kazmierczak shot and killed five people and wounded 16 others before killing himself in a Northern Illinois University auditorium. According to his girlfriend, he had recently been taking Prozac, Xanax and Ambien. Toxicology results showed that he still had trace amount of Xanax in his system.” All supporting articles for this particular story are connected to Church of Scientology sources. While not fully explaining the reports they line their website with, they do inaccurately manipulate information to make it look like what they need it to look like.

The Church of Scientology is not new to this type of thing, making something look more acceptable to them for their nefarious purposes. ( The death of Lisa McPherson and the subsequent cover-up ( and manipulation of officials ( is telling about the way the Church of Scientology handles its business. Why would opposition of psychiatry be treated any differently? Well, really, it wouldn’t. One can easily conclude that the offensive opened up by the Church of Scientology, mother to CCHR, is on direct par with conspiracy theorists who look for the Illuminati behind governments and poke out newly raised fears of “socialism” taking over the United States. All of it is meant to be a manipulative source for minds prepared to lock step and file behind an abusive ( and leader of dying organization he assisted to meet it’s untimely death at the hands of a true Suppressive Person ( look for my post about Miscavige and subsequent explanations for a SP, please).

Not unlike most religions, the Church of Scientology is not immune to manipulation using fear, tenets, and societal pressure. Let’s not ignore that while the Church of Scientology disclaims core tenets (such as Xenu), societal pressure (disconnection) and fear (justifying use of the “Fair Game” policies enacted to make opposition mute), they blur the line between a corporation and not-for-profit tax exempt status. Their leader misappropriates funds for private investigators used to harass and intimidate people unwilling to “shut up” about the negative metamorphosis of the church under his rule. Of course, by writing this blog entry, I open myself up to the use of “Fair Game” on me. The corporation jumps at shadows at manufactures enemies in a delusional way. Yet, beneath this oppression, many have left the Church of Scientology and started the Independent Scientologist movement which creates all kinds of problems for the Church. There are the brave people that speak out against the Church like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder who strike boldly out on their own and are able to find happiness as Independents. The whole of the Freezone also does. As more and more leave, the obvious becomes truth while the oblivious stay in. This is a truth that can be applied to any religion, regardless of what denomination, sect, creed, and tenets.

I invite you to review the sites I cited and find out for yourself. The attack of psychiatry is just that, an attack. It has become essential for extremists in any faith to attack to preserve their control. A growing trend that is not only distasteful but steeped in crazy conspiracy theories that simply don’t hold up to logic, clear reasoning, and rationality.