After reading this opinion, I have to say: it’s so interesting to me that religious leaders who do something horrible and then settle to shut them up and then says to his church “Time to move on”. It’s always the same. Forgive and move on. Forgive and forget. Forgive and go on. I am amused that the congregation does it too. After their tithes go for millions in settlement to those he abused. “Bishop” Eddie Long waves his hand like a Jedi and the mind tricks flow forth. The question that boggles my mind: Why do Christians tolerate this type of “excusable” behavior? Why do they make it that way? Why do they look the other way? The destruction it causes on the victims is terrible. So they throw money at them and they take it. Why?

Religion destroys everything. It destroys childhoods, rational minds, independent thought, free will, and now it destroys accountability. This man doesn’t have to be accountable for his actions. Priests are absolved from their transgressions and moved to a different parish so they can do it again. Those who do oppose it blame it on homosexuality, sins of the flesh, celibacy, and the frail nature of humans. Excuses are made. Fingers are pointed. People are outraged. Yet they still go to that same church with the new Priest or the pastor that plays his mind game. They still subscribe to the one thing that is making them sicker and sicker. Religion.

They put a price on victimization, we’ll say a couple of a million dollars, and hand it away like that is supposed to make it all better. Isn’t greed a sin? “For the love of money is the root of all evil”? So, after your “holy” person victimizes a person sexually, you forgive the church and tithe so more money can be dispensed to solve the problem. It sends the message that money solves everything, yet it is often preached that loving money is bad? Money make every thing all better, but really, it doesn’t. A destroyed life after being victimized sexually by a person they put spiritual value in that they trusted to take care of them doesn’t have a price. Erase accountability with a monster check. Next time it happens, the cycle is repeated.

When are Christians going to hold abusive people within their clergy accountable for their actions? Of course, it’s not their place to judge them. That’s god’s place right? Yet the judgements are dispensed when it’s a woman looking for an abortion, when two men or two women love each other, when it’s someone who is looking for freedom from religion who doesn’t want “In God We Trust” on money, when someone who is a free thinker points out there’s no proof god or Jesus ever existed, when someone believes the creation museum is a crock, when someone put’s up a billboard about atheism, when one person says they don’t want prayer at their graduation. It’s the same old line: it’s immoral. They forget to say what they really mean: It’s immoral to us, so it should be immoral to you.

Religion will constantly judge everyone else they deem to, when they want to, how they want to, and will restrict people from enjoying their own version of what a happy life should be because they have the power to. They just don’t judge the people that really need to be judged. No. No. It’s okay Eddie, we’ll go on from here and be just fine with you violating young men. No. No. It’s okay, Father. You did what you had to do now let’s get on with communion. What? Is that a plank in your eye?

One day, when the actions of the “holy” person are judged as they should be judged, there will be a lot of “holy” people in jail. One day, Christians will stop attending the churches that turn a blind eye to the victims they create. One day in a rational world that exists only in my hopeful atheist mind. One day.